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Bass Booster - Music Sound EQ
Bass Booster will amplify your bass at amaximum and provide you with a better quality sound wherever youare! Just turn on your music player and open Bass Booster. Click onthe “speakers” icon and adjust the bass level as you like. Youimmediately get a clearer and stronger bass sound. Bassboost yoursound and boost your music volume!You can customize your music listening experience even more thanksto two additional sound effects (in option):• a virtualizer to give you an audio live concert feeling in justone clic.• and an equalizer to adjust bass and trebles frequencies of allyour favorite songs.Click on the icon, control and enjoy! In order to have an optimizedmusic listening experience, use headphones or externalspeakers.You can also change the color of your Bassbooster (in option):- galactic blue, on fire, army... choose the color that matchesyour style!- create your own color thanks to the special customizationtool!Features:✓ a Bass Booster: click on the speakers icon to boost your bassvolume at a maximum and enhance the quality of your sound✓ the Dooper Virtualizer: Dooper will transform your sound givingit more depth and echo and make you feel like you’re at a concert.(in-app purchase)✓ the Wave Equalizer: Play with your music frequencies thanks tothis equalizer. Adjust both bass and trebles as you like and enjoya customized music listening experience. (in-app purchase)✓ app customization: change the background color of your app as youplease (in-app purchase)✓ A very simple and intuitive interface for powerfulsensations.✓ Media volume control✓ Widget available for the three effects (bass boost, virtualizerand equalizer) to help you improve the quality of your listeningwith your favorite music player.✓ Can run in backgroundBass Booster: a Music Equalizer & Sound Volume BoosterMore Bass, More Sensations1GB RAM minimum recommendedContact: support.bassbooster@djitapps.comWarningWe are not responsible for anything that might happen to yourphone, your audio device or yourself! Do not listen at full soundvolume or with bass boost for too long. This app can damage yourdevices or hearing. Use it wisely!This software is provided by the copyright holders and contributors"as is" and any express or implied warranties, including, but notlimited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitnessfor a particular purpose are disclaimed. In no event shall thecopyright owner or contributors be liable for any direct, indirect,incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages arising inany way out of the use of this software, even if advised of thepossibility of such damage.When downloading this app, you agree that we decline anyresponsibility as regards as the consequences arising of the use ofthis software.
Equalizer music player booster
Discover Equalizer+, the best all-in-one MusicPlayer, Equalizer & Bass Booster for Android that offersbrilliant HD sound quality.Improve your music using the pro 7-band equalizer and enjoy apowerful bass volume booster. All that for free.And for a perfect music listenning experience, Equalizer+ willachieve smooth transitions between your tracks for you.Quality-focused, free, and easy-to-use, Equalizer+ offers andbeautiful and friendly interface for you to enjoy unique musicmoments.*Mix, edit and customize the sound of your tracks. Take control ofyour audio experience*THE BEST ALL-IN-ONE PRO MUSIC PLAYER- 7-band equalizer (from bass to high): tailor your audio to yourtaste- 10 pro sound presets based on various genres: acoustic,classical, dance, electro, flat, hip-hop, jazz, pop, R&B, androck for the best audio experience- possibility to save and edit your own custom presets- powerful bass volume booster: control the depth of your trackwith the booster level control- visualizers: link audio with visuals. Watch your sound movethanks to 5 differents awesome effects- DJ mode (fade): the app will take care of the transitions foryou- queue system: prepare your tracklist in advance- background play mode: listen to your favorites songs whileconsulting other apps- 3-status'repeat' function: repeat 1 song, repeat a playlist, norepetition- shuffle function: play your songs in random mode- music progression bar: for an easy navigation within yoursoundACCESS ALL YOUR FAVORITE TRACKS- local music: automatically retrieve your local songs on theapp- local folders access- create playlists directly from the app- access in a clic: recent tracks, songs, artists, albums , genres,and playlists- contextual pro search feature that gives results sorted by songs,artists, albums, or playlists- edit the metadata of your tracks directly from the appMORE THAN JUST A PLAYER- 2 widgets available: access from your main screen the presets,and/or the player controls- sleep mode: set your timer...and fall asleep listening to yourfavorite tracks!- clip finder: free yourself from searching music videos, the appcan automatically find them for you- network visibility option: when activated, users connected to thesame wifi network can access each other musical library fromEqualizer+. No download necessary, just local streaming.- cover arts option: we can automatically find covers for yourtracks if needed- possibility to share your favorite tracks to your friendsdirectly from the app- compatibility Android TV, Android Wear, Android Auto- all features are free! The only inapp purchase is the 'no-ad',that removes the ads, but don't worry awesome discounts areavailable every week :)ABOUT US- website: facebook: twitter: question? A suggestion? Needs help with something? Contact ourteam at :)
Music Mate - Find music videos
Music Mate is the only app for Android thatfinds music videos directly from Spotify, Pandora, Play Music, andmore.Simply listen to a song on your favorite player, Music Mate willautomatically find its official YouTube video for you!Beautiful, complete, and user-experience focused, Music Mate letsyou watch a preview of the YouTube video or save your found videowithout even leaving your current player!You can also access the Top Charts of your country, or the Topsongs of your favorite musical genres like Pop, Metal orRock.Music Mate is fully compatible with Spotify, Play Music, Pandoraand a lot of other streaming or MP3 players!You have music, we find videos• Find the music videos of the song you are listening to withoutleaving your player• Watch a preview without even starting YouTube• Discover trending songs with the daily top charts• Directly access the top tracks of your favorite music genre: HipHop, Metal, Pop...and more.• Save your favorite videos to watch them at any timeMore for you• Search among millions of YouTube music videos for free• Choose between 3 different modes to display the found video:notification, bubble, manual• Share the music videos you like with your friends• Keep track of what you listen to overtimeSpecial Spotify permissionSpotify support - Music Mate needs the "Notification access" onlyto listen for music. This permission is optional and you will beasked explicitly to activate it when required.About Music MateMusic Mate is NOT a video downloader, nor an MP3 downloader.Music Mate is NOT a YouTube player.A question? Suggestion? Simply want to say hi? Write us, the team can't wait to receive yourfeedback on the app :D
QuizTube - music quiz 1.7.0
Think you know music? Challenge yourself withQuizTube, the first music video quiz for Android!Watch music videos and guess the artists or titles as fast as youcan. Be quick, you'll get more points and reach greaterlevels!*free, fun, easy-to-use*Play thousands music videos: trendy to classics, rap to rock, 80sto yesterdays your skills on every themes and try toreach the top of the Leaderboard.Gotta master 'em all!Get awesome bonus to boost your points, gain experience to unlocknew songs and make it till the end of the quiz!Ready, set, watch!The best video quiz- Watch the video, guess the artists or titles- Check the Leaderboard to see who's the best between you and yourfriends- The more quickly you answer, the more points and experience youget- Use your experience to pass all the levels and unlock newsongs- Having trouble guessing artists? No worries, awesome bonuses arehere to help you when needed!All the music you love, and more- Access all music styles: Rap, Hits, Dance, Japanese Anime, Pop...there is one for every taste, and more to come!- Challenge yourself with hits from all decades: 2016, 2015, 2010,2000s...- Unlock new categories for free with the special draw- Discover new categories & themes, the quiz is regularlyupdated!About QuizTube- A question? Suggestion of new categories or themes? Contact us follow us on facebook: feedback are everything to us, let's build this app together:D