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edjing Mix: DJ music mixer 6.25.00
Introducing edjing Mix - the brand new version of the famous DJ app- reworked to ensure even greater performance level. Designed inpartnership with pro DJs, edjing Mix transforms your device into areal DJ setup and stretches the limits of djing on mobile, offeringunlimited creative freedom. Access millions of tracks coming fromDeezer, SoundCloud and all your local folders and remix in aninstant with more than 20 DJ fx and features. Not to mention theall-new sampler and the hardware integration to push even furtherthe boundaries of the mobile djing. * ‘edjing Mix offers the samecapability of a pro DJ software except with the convenience ofbeing on a device that fits in a pocket.’ - DJ Tech Tools * 'Asuper portable digital setup' - DJ Worx Remix +50 million tracks -Music library (access to all your local music) - Soundcloudintegration (requires a Premium account) - Deezer integration(requires a Premium account) - create multisource playlists withsongs from both your local and streaming sources - smart searchfeature that displays results for all your music sources on thesame screen - queue system to prepare the upcoming songs - advancedsorting: browse by alphabetical order, BPM, or Time A new majorfeature: the sampler - access 16 free samples to trigger when youwant on top of your music: siren, gunshot, kick, snare... -possibility to link the sampler to the crossfader to cut the pads'samples sound depending on your crossfader's position. - +20 samplePacks (EDM, Hip-Hop, dubstep...), created by Pro DJs, inpartnership with Future Loops All the must-have DJ tools -automatic BPM (Beats per minute) detection for all your songs - TapBPM feature to manually adjust the BPM of your tracks - continuoussync between your two tracks - a little audio spectrum to navigatein your music - a wide audio spectrum for optimised beats detection- pro audio FX: Echo, Flanger, Reverse - audio FX expansion (in-apppurchase): Roll, Filter, Steel, Color Noise, Beatgrid...and more! -automated audio FX sync on the beats (loop, cue, seek) - loops:from 1/4 to 8, or customizable through 'in' and 'out' point - setup to 4 Hot Cues on each deck - EQ three bands and Gain -Pre-cueing with headphones (in-app purchase) - Automix mode to letedjing mix and do seamless transitions between your tracks - ultraprecise scratch - a "Slip" mode that can be activated for Loops andScratch - HD recording of your mixes and scratch routines in .wavformat - 4 skins to customize your turntables (in-app purchase):Diamond, Gold, Neon, Metal Turntables designed by pro DJs -intuitive interface that gives you a direct and quick access to allthe essential features to gain time during remix live sessions -optimized turntables: you are only 1 click away from the essentials- possibility to reorder the audio FX lists to customize the panelCompatible with Mixfader - remix with edjing Mix and the world'sfirst wireless crossfader ( - Mixfader becomes yourcrossfader for you to scratch on edjing To detect and connect toyour Mixfader, the app needs permission to activate your Bluetooth,and access your location. This is required by the Android BluetoothSystem. Mixfader requires Bluetooth LE and Android 4.3 onwards.Remix from songs your Android Wear - access your set keyinformation - sync your songs - manage 4 DJ effects About edjingMix To keep up-to-date on our latest news, follow us Facebook: Twitter : Contact our Team:
Drums: real drum set music games to play and learn 2.15.02
Play like a real drummer in no time! Drums is super simple to use,with ultra realistic sound and feel. Everything has been made foryou to feel like you're playing on a real drum kit, whether you area beginner or a pro drummer. Just tap and instantly hear the kickdrums, cymbals, or snare drums! Drums app let's you play on a realdrum kit and learn thousands songs in no time! You did not thinkplaying music was that easy right? Learn thousands of song from alldifficulty levels thanks to awesome drum lessons, play games topractice and perfect your drumming skills. Get all notes and rhythmperfectly to reach high score. Various musical genres available,and new songs added on the songbook every week! Want to get wild?Start jamming with the free play mode and create your own songs.Pick the drums that suits your style: Djembe, Rock, Electro...alldrum kits have beautiful and real design and HD sound, everythingfor a perfect drum freestyle session! Learn songs, practice andplay for hours! Have any question or suggestion regarding Drumsapp? Our support team is ready to help Details: *real drum kit *various musicstyles available *ultra HD music sound *awesome games and lessonsto learn songs *free app
Guitar - play music games, pro tabs and chords! 1.12.00
Best guitar game on the Play Store! Playing the guitar has neverbeen this easy! Learn thousands songs, tabs & chords, andcreate awesome music directly on your device. Play just like youwould with a real pro guitar: chords of all difficulties,arpeggios, guitar bending, picking, riffs ...enjoy awesome feedbackand ultra realistic sound! Feel like jamming? Try the free playmode interface and create your original music songs. +2000 prochords available to get crazy! The app offers tons of songs witheasy lessons, and we add new tabs every week! Don't waste moretime, start playing now! Main features of the app: *Guitar types:classical, acoustic, electric, 12-string...and more *Left Handedguitar *Right Handed guitar *Lessons mode for easy learning *Freeplay mode for jamming *Music games to practice *Awesome andbeautiful design *Ultra realistic and pro HD sound *Suitable forall levels, from beginners to pro guitar players *Tons of tabs tolearn *Free download With Guitar app, you have a real virtual promusic instrument right in your pocket ! No need to carry yourinstrument all the time, you can start jamming at any time, playriffs tabs and chords anywhere, anytime. Not a confirmed guitaristjust yet? No worries, here is a free way to learn how to play witheasy lessons of various music genres and from all difficultylevels. Playing virtual games has never been this entertaining, itfeels like a real guitar! Thousands player came to learn how toplay directly from their pocket, join them in this awesome virtualfree adventure! Have any question or suggestion regarding the app?Our support team is ready to help at
Beat Maker Pro - music maker drum pad 2.14.01
The easiest way to master the art of beat-making in no time! You'rea music maker / a beat maker? Meet Beat Maker Pro, your newfavorite drum pad app to make music and create beats directly onyour device. This pro app will teach you all the secrets to createyour own songs on the go and play tracks from all genres (dubstep,trap, EDM...). Super easy. Super fun. Play with thousands of soundsand get tutorials for quicker learning in this mini studio to remixmusic! Simply tap on the pads to create sounds and make music withthis cool drum machine. Like in a pro studio, perfect your skillsas music maker and beat maker thanks to tons of lessons to play andlearn awesome songs! Beat Maker Pro will also help you train yourrhythm skills. The lessons provide a rhythm feedback: the moreprecise you are the more points you'll get. Make sure to learn allsongs if you want to be a true beat maker!! FEATURES: *NEW soundpacks added every week *pro beat maker app *all musical genres:EDM, pop, funk, dubstep, electro...and more *colorful drum padsdesign *rhythm feedback *thousands songs with lessons to learn onthe go *HD studio audio quality *easy-to-use With Beat Maker Pro noneed to play on an expensive drum pad machine, it's like a ministudio in your pocket to remix music anywhere anytime. The appsuits both pro beat makers and beginners thanks to our detailedlessons that will teach you step by step how to play songs. Haveany question or suggestion regarding the app? Our support team isready to help at