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Amazing LOL - Hunting Game 3.3
This third-person action game with rolecharacter is back!The game last - hit treatment of enemy minions and championsusing fighter (characters) to appear on the roll.Avoid the enemies with the best controlRegions of character with minions, please hunt Champion!# Features #- Character System (updated soon)- Enchant Weapon System - You can upgrade to buy strongerweapons- Third person shooter- Automatic fire system- Zombie Map- Boss Mode- Survival Mode# This is the game for fans with 100% free fan game. Pleaseenjoy fun ~
Pixel Dead 3.2.5
Pixel Dead!!Hunt zombies through easy control(Automatic shooting)and various weapons!And craft powerful weapons gathering materialsfrom zombiesThe materials are able to be collected from eachmap(Machine Guns, Bazooka, Pistols, Axes and Grenadesetc..)#Features#-Weapon Crafting System-Automatic ShootingSystem-Various Maps-Various Monsters-Ranking System#UpdatedContents#1. Challenge to new threat!-Defeat added ‘Bosses’ at eachstage-Kill the bosses, and you will get lots of gold as a reward2.Significant discounts of starter pack-Select 70% discount starterpack3. No limits of weapon upgrade-Buy and craft guns by gatheringgold-Defeat the extreme boss with one shot4. Challenge to extrememode-Massacre crazy zombies of new extreme mode
Amazing LOL - Run game 3.4
Avoiding obstacles as far as possible by scoring minion upThe gameemulates the rankings.Hunting minions with Legendcharacters!Through Google Play your competition with people allover the world -# Features #- Various character system - teemo,corki, vayne, master yi, lee sin ahri, ezreal, Tristana, Graves,Katarina, khazix, ashe- Strengthen the system stats(Please competewith people all over the world via Google Play) competingsystems(The update schedule.) Boss Mode- Boss Mode this game is fangame
Teemo Rush 1.3
Run game with simple controlEverything has its eyes uponyou.Compete with people all over the world and buy skins throughcollecting gold# Features #- Various Skins- Ranking System- EasyControl# This game is 100% free game