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Asteroid Defense 3 Free 2.6.3
Asteroid Defense 3 is the evolution of the first two generation ofthe game, entirely developed based on the player's feedback byadding new items, weapons, enemies, championship game mode and evenbetter graphics and sounds. Now it comes free on GooglePlay! Checkit out!+ Mixture of tower defense and action game play+ Movable stations+ Vivid awe-strucking graphics that will amaze you!+ Great gameplay, develop your own strategy and tactics+ Campaign mode (Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune andKuiper's Belt)+ Championship mode - Compete for the weekly highscore with otherplayers+ Your game is automatically saved so you can play againlater+ Advanced options to fine tune performance on your device+ For those who enjoy challenging games with good graphics andgameplayIf you have suggestions or are having problems with the game notrunning on your device, send us an e-mail so we can find asolution:
Guess Word 1.0.1
Swipe your fingers over the letters to buildwords and phrases! You may find the puzzles very easy in the firstfew levels, but it becoming much more challenging quickly! Enjoy!- The game features 280 puzzles, and many more to come!- The solution to each puzzle is either a word, or a meaningfulphrase, or multiple phrases- Watch videos to earn crystal balls for free! you can then usecrystal ball to get hints- Note that you have to solve the puzzles in the right order.Sometimes there are multiple ways to form a word, however if theletters are not selected correctly, the puzzle might becomeinsolvable. In such cases, simply restart the level and try anothercombination. This is what make the game challenging! ALL THEPUZZLES ARE SOLVABLE!Ready to challenge your brain? Have lots of fun!
Falling Aliens 1.0.1
Aliens are falling from the sky, piling up andstealing energy.Use your laser blasters and power ups to fry them all, one colorat a time to beat the many missions and time challenginglevels.- Have fun blasting cranky colorful aliens- Beautiful graphics and special effects- Unlock special items- Lots o missions to keep you busy- And of course, a Slot Machine
Asteroid Defense Classic 2.1.0
Save the earth from the asteroid rain in aninnovative Tower Defense approach. Equip your space station withblaster, laser, solar panel, shield, and freeze cannons. Defense isvery important, so protect your command center and let it blastaway all incoming asteroid waves.Beat the best players and put your name on the Leaderboard! Wecurrently use Beintoo, so you can get rewards from yourachievements in the game. Be part of the player community andchallenge your friends. It's addicting to build the best earthdefense!Features:+ FREE GAME from gamers to gamers+ Infinite mode gameplay+ Highscores+ Load saved game+ Fun and challenging
Oyster Time - Bubble Popper 1.0.3
Free / Ad supported versionIn a relaxed underwater atmosphere, Oyster is droppinghispearls. Lay back and collect all of them just by draggingyourfinger over the streams of the same color. Great for all ages,playwith your kids or granny. Easy and addicting!+ Casual gameplay+ Make combos by popping bubbles of the same color+ Just don't be too slow, time will be getting shorter+ Use the bonuses: Multipliers, Bombs, Chain Reaction, TimeFreezeand Conversion+ Collect coins to play the Slots Machine and win bonuses forthenext level+ Keep busy trying to complete the objectivesIf you have problems and need some