Madhu Bheemagani Apps

Discount Calculator App 0.0.1
This app have few fields they are:1.Enter Price2. Enter Discount Percentage3. Discount PriceOnce enter the any enter atleast one value Price orDiscountpercentage or Discount you will get the result that AfterDiscountPrice.
Simple Interest Calculator 0.0.1
This App will help you through the processofcalculating simple interest using the formula I=PRT, where I=interest, P = principal, R = the interest rate, and T=time.,simple interest calculator,SI calculator
India Awards 1.0.0
This app provides you the following indiaawards:1.Bharat Ratna Awards2.Dadasaheb Phalke Award3.Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna4.Gandhi Peace Prize5.Indira Gandhi Prize6.Jnanpith Award
Stock Average Calculator 1.0.0
shares average calculator,shareaverageprice,stock shares average calculate,stock marketaveragecalculator,calculator,stock average,stock averagecalculate,stockcalculate,average calculator
Interview Questions 1.0.0
PHP,Java,HTML5,JavaScript,BootstrapandAngularJS technologies interview questions and answersareavailable in this app. Without internet this app can providetheinterview questions and answers. No need to enable your mobiledatait is purely offline app.