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NEPA Buzz 8
NEPA Buzz What's the Buzz in NortheasternPA.News, sports, weather, music, socialize!
Dog Pound 2.0
**New High Res Graphics for iPad****20 New Levels****Watch out for the Jumping Frog****New & Newsworthy** on iTunes GamesHelp fun loving mutts escape from the pound. Dogs using theirpowerful jumping skills to scale the fence, enduring the elementsgain points by finding furry friends on the other side. Featureshours of gameplay with 20 new levels, a challenging physics gamewith the touch of music and sound effects. Try different strategiesto fling your dog-friend to freedom, create solutions to escape tonext level.The Dogs are not birdies that are angry, but very happy dogs! Watchout for the new Jumping Frogs!
Ardens Garden 1.0
Arden's Garden is an interactive children'sbook with read to me features that follows a little girl namedArden through a dreamland adventure. Along the way she meetsseveral lovable characters including Jadly the Giraffe. Achildren's bedtime story with beautiful illustrations.*All Features:*Read to Me*Animated moving scenes*Move objects, with sound effects, make disappear.
MarinBUZZ beta 2.0
Check out the latest information in Northern CA and Marin County.The latest sports, news, weather, music, clubs.You can personalizethe tabs to your taste and interests.**Real Estate-MarinProperties-Marin Area, Night Clubs-George's Nightclub-NightlyEntertainment and Music Schedules, The Sleeping Lady MusicEntertainment.
No Agenda Federation 1
The No Agenda Federation.Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak.Achieveknighthood by connecting knights with Crack Pot and Buzz Killwithout colliding paths. High honors and extra points when goldenrings are captured.
Snow Globe 2.0
Snow Globe- shake your device and watch it snow! Choose fromdifferent beautiful winter scenes. Make the Snowman or HolidayChristmas Tree appear or disappear. Shake your device and make itsnow all over again, fun for any toddler.