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Magic paint ABC 15.7.14
They can learn the alphabet by accuratelypainting lovely drawings of different characters, animals andeveryday objects with the letters from A to Z.Features:• Children will have fun playing with the colors’ combinations andit will also increase their creativity.• With the magic marker they will be able to automatically paintthe picture with a wide range of colors.• Each letter has its own alphabet-card, so that your children canpaint the capital as well as the small letter by following thedotted line.• Learn the alphabet and also practice calligraphy or learn how towrite.• This app can be used as a calligraphy book or even as apre-training in order to get them started in reading.• Strengthen their psychomotor development, and recognizing theanimals helps to stimulate their memory.• An educational game for painting, suitable for kids who go to thenursery school or to school. It's perfect for a preschoolphase.• You can also send your kid’s drawings to friends, relatives orwhoever you want.Install this app for free and share it via Facebook, Whatsapp,Twitter, SMS or any other program that you have in your cell phone.If you've liked the app, value it because it helps us to improvethem.We have used pictures acquired by this enterprise for exclusiveuse. These pictures hold all rights reserved and belong to itsauthor.
Princess coloring 16.09.08
Color and discover beautiful princesses withthis fun app. The best drawings of princesses to paint, play withand have fun. It has a simple design, perfect for tablet PC. Forbabies and children under six years old.This app allows the children to enjoy colors and to paint theirfavorite X. They can fill every drawing by choosing the colorpencil that they prefer. Help your children discover the colors’combinations and increase their creativity.Features:• Educational game with infinite possibilities. Sure that you canfind one that suits your child's educational needs. It is perfectfor children ages 0-6, toddlers, preschool children or elementaryschool children.• Children will use their fingers as pencils or crayons. They willlearn to combine colors.• Wide color palette with a lot of color pencils and crayons.• Share the app via Facebook, Twitter or text message.• Save the picture on your image gallery.• Simple design, perfect for tablet PC.• You can also send the picture that your kid has colored tofriends, relatives or whoever you want. Your children will be veryproud of their little masterpiece!We're specialists in creating apps for the imagination'sdevelopment. We’ve drawn these images especially for this app andhold all rights reserved. If you are going to use them withcommercial purposes, ask us before, please.
Animal sounds 1266
Animal Sounds is an amusing app so thatchildren learn to identify animals and the sounds that they emit.Download this app for free and enjoy this app with your kids,through which they'll discover the animals' names visually and byhearing them.With these amusing pictures accompanied by auditory and visualstimuli, kids will recognize the different animals and their sounds(cat, cricket, dog, pigs monkey, lion, duck...)Simple design, suitable for babies and for children under 6years.Help them to improve their mental attention and concentration, todevelop and stimulate their brain, memory and learning, and it'llalso contribute in their visual and auditory development.A teaching method used in nurseries and schools, now it's availablein your tablet! It's perfect to learn playing!All images are drawn especially for this application and hold allrights reserved. If you are going to use them with commercialpurposes, ask us before, please.
Mazes for kids 14.10.29
Explore 50 different mazes with every possible round and find thesolution more quickly in order to escape from the difficult routesof our labyrinth's games.Here you've got an amusing app with whichyour children will be able to improve their memory and motorskills. With this educational game, your kid will have fun findingthe exit of the maze.Help the characters of Your Story with LittleRed Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs to find the exit of thelabyrinth. It's a very educational game and it’s very useful forlittle kids in preschooler age.He/she will be able to draw his/hertour with different colors to achieve the goal. If there's amistake, the drawings can be erased and you can even save or sendthe maze once it's finished.Find the way out of the maze
Inglés: Vocabulario 15.12.09
Con esta aplicación puedes empezar a estudiar inglés aprendiendovocabulario. Esta aplicación contiene un listado de palabras paraempezar con el idioma. Es perfecta para todo los públicos que seestén iniciando. Además cada palabra viene acompañada con undibujo, para que sea cual sea tu idioma nativo comprendas elsignificado.También podrás escuchar la pronunciación de cadapalabra escuchando su pronunciación todas las veces que quieras. Deesta manera si ya conoces algo o tienes un nivel intermedio, podrasperfeccionar el inglés aprendiendo a pronunciar mejor cadapalabra.Las palabras están divididas en categorías para facilitarla memorización.La aplicación incluye una serie de juegos para queademás de aprender mucho vocabulario te diviertas con ello.Si te hagustado la app, vótanos y ayúdanos a mejorar. ¡Gracias!Todas lasimágenes han sido adquiridas por esta empresa para uso exclusivo.Estas imágenes tienen los derechos reservados y pertenecen al autorde las mismas.With this application you can start studying Englishvocabulary learning. This application contains a list of words tostart with the language. It is perfect for all public who arestarting. In addition, each word is accompanied with a drawing, sowhatever your native language understand the meaning.You can alsohear the pronunciation of each word listening to his pronunciationas many times as you want. Thus if you already know something orhave an intermediate level, you can improve your English learningto better pronounce each word.The words are divided into categoriesto facilitate memorization.The application includes a series ofgames to learn a lot of vocabulary as well have fun with it.If youliked the app, Vote for us and help us improve. Thank you!Allimages have been acquired by the company for exclusive use. Theseimages have the copyright and belong to their author.
Additions game to improve Maths 15.7.10
The best math game app with which you will amuse yourself as youpractice additions and subtractions. Download this math app forfree!This app will teach you to recognize the numbers and themathematical operations, it will help your concentration, yourmemory and also to resolve problemsThere are different levels ofdifficulty: additions with one, two or three digits. Furthermore,you can also make additions by sending the Tens to the Tenscolumn.It has a simple design, so you can choose between threedifferent color pencils in order to change the color and thuscorrect or add up. If you make a mistake, you can correct theresult clicking on the bin. Once the addition is done, you have toclick on the result’s icon. The question mark gives the correctanswer and the arrow icon gives a new addition.All images are drawnespecially for this application and hold all rights reserved. Ifyou are going to use them with commercial purposes, ask us before,please. If you’ve liked the app, vote it, please. It helps us toimprove them. If you want, you can buy a version withoutadvertisements. Thank you!
Lousy Heads 15.11.24
Download Lousy Heads while it's free! Thebestlice game to have fun in your free time.Smash as much lice as you can with your finger! Try to killlicefrom the lousy heads of these characters.The butterfly will also complicate your task. These green licearefaster than ants or any other bug, and you've got them onyourhead...smash them!Get rid of every lousy that's on the different characters' head.Bevery fast and don't smash the butterfly or you'll lose alife!Smash the lice that jump from the heads with your finger!Anamusing app to spend time with...FOR FREE!The game consists of 12 levels (heads). As many heads asyouovercome, the gamer will become more difficult. An simple,excitingArcade game that you can't miss!The best game for all ages! This game with different modesandlevels is very entertaining for children. And isjustabout to start! Don't let any get away!If you've liked the app, vote us because it helps us toimprovethem. Thank you!
Substractions Math game 15.10.06
You will amuse as you practice subtractions. Download this math appfor free! It’s perfect to practice This app will teach you torecognize the numbers and the mathematical operations, it will helpyour concentration, your memory and also to resolve problemsThereare different levels of difficulty: subtractions with one, two orthree digits. Furthermore, you can also make subtractions bysubtracting first the units, then check if there’s a ten left overand will be able to write the Ten above the Tens column in order tosubtract all of them together and finally write the result with hisor her finger.It has a simple design, so you can choose betweenthree different color pencils in order to change the color and thuscorrect or subtract. If you make a mistake, you can correct theresult clicking on the bin. Once the subtraction is done, you haveto click on the result’s icon. The question mark gives the correctanswer and the arrow icon gives a new subtraction.All images aredrawn especially for this application and hold all rights reserved.If you are going to use them with commercial purposes, ask usbefore, please. If you’ve liked the app, vote it, please. It helpsus to improve them. If you want, you can buy a version withoutadvertisements. Thank you!
paint princesses 2253
If your daughter likes to princesses andfairytales, drawing and coloring, this app is perfect for her. Ifyoulike Aurora, you'll love this beautiful princess. Download forfreepaint princesses, the best coloring app to paint pictures. Ithas asimple design, perfect for tablet. For babies and kids under6years old. Lovely drawings of beautiful princesses withgorgeousdresses and princess’ tiaras for all the princesses of theworld.Your kids can paint precisely, play with the differentcolors’combinations and increase their creativity. Your littleprincesswill to love this app!• Paint the most beautiful fairy tales’ princesses, princes,castlesand fairies. It is perfect for girls who love coloringprincessesand their dresses.• Educational game with infinite possibilities. For childrenwhoattend nursery school, children ages 0-6 and also for childreninelementary school.• They can use their fingers as color pencils or crayons.• Train the brains, the imagination and creativity.• Wide range of colors. 14 color pencils and crayons• Share the free app via Facebook, Twitter, text message oranyprogram you have on your mobile phone• Save the image in your phone’s memoryAll images have been drawn or bought especially for thisapplicationand hold all rights reserved. If you are going to usethem withcommercial purposes, ask us before, please.
3D labyrinth classic game 1.0
3D Labyrinth Classic – Maze Games is a 3D maze game where your goalis to guide the ball into the black hole on a 3D classic maze boardby simply tilting the wood board using your device. The ball has toget into the black hole goals to complete the mission and tocontinue to play on another level. Download now and enjoy our 3dtilt game for kids and adults. There are 18 different levels on ourclassical labyrinth maze game. This is a great challenge for all! Agame of skill and dexterity! Play with beautiful 3D graphic effectsand nice music. You can also save and share your final result onthe labyrinth. Do not miss our fun brain game with logic andstrategy.You will love searching for the exit of the maze. If youlike our app, please rate and comment to help us improve!
One Touch Drawing Brain Puzzle – One Stroke Draw 1.0
Ready to train your brain with an amazing puzzle? With morethan200+ different shapes, levels, animated game play andsoundeffects, One Touch Drawing is the best brain puzzle gamewhichcombines visual memory with the ability to draw. Download nowandenjoy connecting dots to clear the given figure. Remember nottodraw on the same line twice; you should complete the shape withonestroke draw. If you like connect the dots games, this appistotally for you.Mind games such as brain training puzzleskeepplayers’ minds sharp and help them challenge their memory.Games oflogic and intelligence not only amuse and entertain butalso theyhelp players exercise their intelligence and test theirIQ.If youlike our app, please rate and comment to help us improve!
Block Puzzle Classic Board Game 2
Download now and start to play without being worried aboutlosingany piece of the puzzles! This jigsaw puzzle is a simple butanaddictive game to release stress, improve mental sharpnessandexercise brain. Specially designed for brain training andstressrelieving purposes, Block Puzzle is a great board game withitscreative design of different shapes. How to play? Choose yourmode:Classic, Plus, Bomb, Survival or Hexa Place pieces ofblockscorrectly and keep on playing Level up and hit the highestscore!If you like our app, please rate and comment to help usimprove!