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MagicBricks Agent Smart Diary 3.9.2
Smart Diary is an application by exclusively forproperty agents. It gives you the power to ‘Carry your business inyour pocket’. Now, you as an agent no longer need to rely ondiaries & pencils or excel files to manage theirleads/properties/meetings, etc. You can manage your business usingthis extremely simple & easy-to-use app. Start using the SmartDiary app now & close deals 2x faster than before. Real estateagents would be truly delighted with the wide variety of usefulfeatures offered by Smart Diary app. It is a blend of virtualadvisor as well as an all-time assistant. Here is a sneak peek intothe capabilities of the Smart Diary app: 1. All data from yourMagicBricks account – all your properties and leads - areautomatically added into the app – you don’t need to feed anyinformation again. Just login using MagicBricks account & Voila– all set! 2. It can collect leads from multiple sources likeonline portals, walk-ins, referrals, etc. into a single app. Youcan thereby track progress of their transactions in real timeconveniently on a single platform. 3. It can automatically find outall properties in your inventory which match the requirements ofthe leads. You no longer need to search among your scribbled notes.4. Share the property details directly with the leads onmessenger/e-mail. You can also mark leads based on priority. Thishelps in concentrating on most important customers & otheraspects of your business first. 5. Shows a summary of a lead’srequirement whenever the lead calls the agent. This enables you toprepare yourself with essential details before taking the call fromyour clients/customers. 6. Prompts you to take notes after everycall. This will help you remember all the conversation details. Youcan refer to the notes any time as needed. 7. Allows you to set upmeetings with your clients/customers. Smart Diary app will remindyou exactly before the meeting, so that you will never miss anotherdeal. 8. Keeps a track of calls/SMS/meeting history with all theclients – you can thereby check the entire conversation history ofany client. 9. Works 100% offline – No internet required. You canuse the app seamlessly – anytime, anywhere. 10. Completely safe& secure. All your data is stored on a separate database withstate-of-the-art security features – No one else other than you cansee your data. And the best part is, all these benefits are forFREE!! Start using the Smart Diary App today & become a SmartAgent. Download the App Now!! We also have a customer support teamto help you use the app effectively. If you are facing any issue,you can always reach out to the customer support at 0124 – 4869330.You can also write to us at . Please provideyour valuable feedback so that we can add awesome new features tothe app. About MagicBricks: MagicBricks, the No.1 real estateproperty portal in India, provides advertising services to realestate agents. With over 2 lakh property agents on its platform,MagicBricks has pioneered several software & mobility solutionsfor property agents, which help them in closing their deals faster.