MagicDreamPro Apps

MagicPuzzlePro 5.9.4
More than 30 different twisty puzzles types: 🔥 Classic Cube andPyramid 🔥 Square-1, Square-2, Square-3, and Square-4. 🔥 MirrorCube, Ghost Cube 🔥 Mirror Dodecahedron, Ghost Dodecahedron Tocontrol puzzle: touch-and-drag on puzzle. To rotate: touch-and-dragoutside the puzzle. To zoom in/out: 2-fingers scale.
MagicSudokuPro 3.3.0
The Classic Sudoku, as well as more than 70 innovativeconfigurations: 🔥 Different types: Classic, Diagonal, Hyper,More-or-Less Sudoku 🔥 Different shapes: Single, Double, Triple,Zigzag and Samurai Sudoku 🔥 Different sizes: 4x4, 6x6, 9x9, 12x12and 16x16 Multiple difficulty levels: for beginners, and for themaster-class players. Specially designed simple but spectacularconfigurations will introduce your kids into the amazing world ofSudoku. It develops thinking, improves intelligence and the abilityto calculate in advance the options. Great intellectual game forall ages! Compare your results with the results of players all overthe world.
Vistalgy Sliding Puzzles 3.5.1
2-dimensional and 3-dimensional puzzles with pictures of yourchoice. Cracker - classic plane design. Lasagna - double-sideddesign. Burrito - 3D cube. 🔥 With Moving Pictures. 🔥 Use Picturesof your choice. 🔥 With Pictures or Numbers. Multiple difficultylevels: for beginners, and for the master-class players. Tooperate: touch on puzzle. To rotate: touch-and-drag. To zoomin/out: 2-fingers scale.
Vistalgy Flip Puzzles 1.5.8
At each stage, flip a couple (or three) tiles to solve the puzzle.Tiles are marked with numbers, parts of the image or parts of amoving image. 🔥 You can only flip tiles in groups (two or three). 🔥When the tile is turned upside down, you do not see the picture. 🔥The orientation of the tiles can be changed as a result of turns.To solve the puzzle, all tiles must be in the right place, face upand oriented in the right direction.