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Mega Zoom Camera with Effects 1.0
Mega Zoom Camera with Effects applicationwithhandy zoom scroller simple and easy to use, and you can edityourlong distance created photo with cool annd stlylish effects.So, let you take photos even with zoom x100 with maximum zoomasyour hardware model.You will be able to set maximum hardwarezoomvalue while taking photos.You will be able to take quite clear, stable and well qualityphotosof very far objects.After reaching maximum manufacture values, you can useadditionaldigital super zoom.Features :- Now capture long distance photo will be more easily.- Support front camera and Flash if your device havefacility.- It can works on every phone with a built-in camera.- So now you can take pictures with optical zoom x100.- Access to maximum hardware optical and digital zoom.- Use it as zoom camera or as a zoom-mirror- easily take a photo of the zoomed picture- It's FREE!- Super cool and wonderful 20+ effects for your photo and makeitmore beautiful.- Save and share your long distance photo with fully zoom withyourfriends on social sites.Enjoy Mega Zoom Camera with Effects, it's free for all.Mega Zoom Camera with Effects application gives you an abilitytouse maximum values of digital and optical zoom withcooleffects.
Twins Camera - Multi Photo 1.0
You can create realistic multi photographwithdifferent types of effects and beautify your photos withTwinsCamera.Take realistic multi photograph with Twins Camera.How to Use Twins Camera - Multi Photo application :-- You can take photos from camera as well as gallery.- Take any 2 new photos which you want to modify usingTwinsCamera.- Application will automatically adjust all photos togetherinsingle photo.- Twins Camera will automatically merge selected photosinone.- If you want to customized your camera like flashlightsettings,camera timer, front camera then easily here you can dothis.- Lots of customized effects like Brightness, Contrast,Saturation,Blur, Temperature, Shadows/Highlights, Sopia and manymore.- Share your clone photo with your friends and family onsocialnetworks.It's easy to clone yourself, don't move the camera between theshotsand take clone shots easily.
Whistle Selfie Camera 1.0
Selfie photos have never been so easy andfunto do, Just use the front or rear camera and whistle your selfieisready for editing.After that countdown start so set your perfect position or lookforselfie photographs which gives extra look on your selfies.Whistle Selfie Camera is an automatic handsfree selfiecameraapplication that can take pictures automatically usingwhistlesound detection. Just whistle and pose, your selfie isready.It is also very useful for taking group photographs, as no oneisexcluded from the photographs, just by placing the camera atthedesired distance and whistling, you have all the photos youwantwith friends and family.Features you get :* Free and easy to use for all.* Best whistle selfie camera.* Whistle detecting camera.* Selfie pictures using camera countdown while set your perfectposeduring countdown.* Easy to capture group photographs.* Remote control using sound detection.* Share Whistle Selfie Camera photos on social sites.Whistle Selfie Camera lets you to take lots of picturesofyourself from a distance without having to go back to the phone,bysimply whistling, the camera automatically detects the soundandtakes the lovely and beautiful shot.
True Caller Id &Number Tracker 1.0
True Caller Id and Number Trackerapplicationfor tracking anyone number while somebody calling you onyourphone, you can easily get information that who is calling youandshow caller location easily.True Caller Id and Number Tracker Search the callingpersonnumber and easily tracks the location of caller.True Caller Id and Number Tracker displays location of callerwithCity, State information of the caller over call screen.Features :-=> Simple, Easy to use, anyone can easilyuseapplication.=> Get Contacts Location in that View all your contactslocationsorted by Caller Name.=> Get All Calls by Locations in that locations aredisplayedsorted by City or State.=> Get Call Logs in that all call logs displayed by CallTimeincluding Call Location.=> Searching can be more easily and find the location ofmobilephone by City or State.=> Easily Search ISD and STD Number Code forvariouscountries.=> True Caller Id and Number Tracker application is totallyfreeand very useful too.True Caller Id and Number Tracker can track almost everymobilenumber from almost every service provider. True Caller IdandNumber Tracker also displays the information about theincomingcalls on the calling screen.Mobile Ported numbers are not Traceable by True Caller Id andNumberTracker application.
Weather & Clock Widget 1.0
Weather & Clock Widget let's you showtoday's weather of any city.Simple and fast weather widget.Replacing the default clock with new one updated with weather.Decorate your home screen with "Weather & Clock Widget"application. A single stylish widget with multiple functions.How to use it - First Touch and Hold your Home screen to setwidget, here you find "Weather & Clock Widget" widget just dragand drop on your home screen after that you can use all functionsof weather widget and make your screen more stylish.Function of Weather & Clock Widget :-- Free and easy to use and show daily weather.- You got here many different widget skins to choose from givenhere.- You can customize it as you want with background and date, time,weather text.- Display weather and time with date on your home screen.- Show Temprature in Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin of anycity._ For wheather widget on home screen you can set theme for it.So hurry up, here you get unique opportunity what you havealways needed for free. Enjoy!
Indian Railway Time Table 1.0
Indian Railway Time Table lets you findamzingand useful information about railway time - table, searchtrainname and numbers, and arrival station details of trains easilyonwithout internet connection.Now no need to remember train nae or train time table,searchtrain number and station details of any train with just fewclicksat home with Indian Railway Time Table application.Searching train railway information is the majority questionforall, finding train information is more easy, no need tointernetconnection.Here you can find all information with free and easy way.Features :* Easy to find indian train railway information.* Free for all person,so anyone can use it easily.* No need an internet connection.* Find Train List in that you can search all available trainwithname and number any time.* Find Train TIme Table in that you can get all details oftrainbetween station with arrival time at a particular stationwithinspecified period of time.* Find Train Station in that you can find train list atparticularstations, find train between two stations.* Auto complete options available for all the Indianrailwaystations.Notes : Indian Railway Time Table application is not affiliatedtoirctc or indian railways and there are no warrantiesassociatedwith the application.You are self responsible forthis.
Up Hill Climb Racing Motor Car 1.0
Do you like car racing games?Do you want to drive car on hill ?Want to climb hill with amazing car ?Up Hill Climb Racing Motor Car presents an amazingandchallenging racing game for all car racing lovers.Here you can drive your racing car through amazing anddangeroustracks with hills, jumps and bridges. An awesome hillclimb racinggame you can drive your car up a bunch of hills andlevels for abunch of fun!Different types of land backgrounds, need to be careful nottofall down the cliff will beplay with carefully till theend,reverse facility available for new deriver, amazingsoundtracks.Features:- Free and easy to play all of.- Control your racing car to climb hills with mostrealisticcontrol.- Amazing accelerate and break combination.- Excellent gameplay.- Amazing graphics- Real turbo sound when you climb hill with racing car.- Easy controls, even for kids.Easy one touch racing game to climb hill. Let your kids feeltheexcitement with climbing hill.
4D Lord Krishna Live Wallpaper 1.0
Lord Krishna is a popular Hindu God. He isthemost worshiped God in India, when compared to other Gods.Lord Krishna is a must have live wallpaper who believes in thepowerof Gods.Worshipers of Krishna and people who like cool blue deities ontheirphone screen.4D Lord Krishna Live Wallpaper is a beautiful high qualitylivewallpaper of God Krishna.Here you can set different types of 4D lord Krishnawallpaperwith Cool 4D Effect with Sound, High quality livewallpaper WithDifferent Sound.So, go to your Home Screen, Set live wallpaper and Choose "4DLordKrishna Live Wallpaper" as your live wallpaper.your Phone looks very beautiful and resplendent withLordKrishna.
Lock Screen OS9 : Photo Lock 1.0
Are You looking For OS9 Photo Lock Screen ?Switch to latest Lock Screen OS9 - Photo Lock application onyourphone, It make your phone looks like an real phone 6s.Using Lock Screen OS9 - Photo Lock lets you customized yourlockscreen, here you can set your photo on lock screen, withphotoanimation on lock screen.Here you can access shortcuts of your setting easily likewifi,flashlight, auto rotate, bluetooth, camera, play store andmanymore on your Lock Screen OS9 menu.Features of Lock Screen OS9 - Photo Lock application :-- OS9 Photo Lock Screen.- Slide to unlock facility.- Full Support gallery for LockScreen.- Support 12-Hour and 24-Hour format.- Animated Slide Text (default is "> Slide to unlock") youcanedit here it or set your name.- Just Open the application settings, For Enable your OS9lockscreen.- Pin required for ease access and second option foranymistakes.- Set Wallpaper or select from your Gallery Photo which is forLockScreen.- Message and missed call notification.- Apply Firefly animation on lock screen.- Open lock screen sound.- Show instant preview in that how's your Lock Screen looklike.
Safe Call Blocker : Blacklist 1.0
Safe Call Blocker can reject unwantedcallsautomatically which one you can add it to blacklist.If you have been annoyed by spam calls from unwanted person, orifyou want to reject calls from anyone, you can just add thenumberto blacklist and let Safe Call Blocker work for you. Itwasautomatically reject your unwanted calls.You can either block any number from your contacts list, callsoradd unwanted number manually.Numbers from the blacklist are blocked quietly and without anysignsof a call.Here you can easily add and see that block calls list. and ifyouwant to remove it from blacklist then easily you can removeit.Features :- Very Light application.- It uses very small memory and very low battery consumption.- Free for all and easy to use.- Blacklist for the list of calls that you want to block.- Block unwanted calls.- Block phone numbers- Create your own phone number black list- Easy to edit or import from the contacts- Show full list of all blacklist contacts.Now keep it simple without sacrificing features. Quicklyandeasily create your own call blacklist with Safe CallBlocker.
GPS Location Alarm : GPS Alert 1.0
Sometime while traveling in train or bus oranytransport, you miss your destination or you can forgotyourlocation.Don't worry GPS Location Alarm will alert you, at yourdestinationlocation.So, it will make your travelling more easy.Using GPS Location Alarm you became relax, just set GPS alarmatyour destination location and it will alert you when youarereaching out there as you can set alarm.GPS Location Alarm allows you to reading or doing any otheractivityand not to look at road or sign boards for your stopevery-time, itwill alert you.Features:* Very easy to use, free alert for all.* Add multiple locations at anytime.* You can view your saved locations* In case of Many location saved by you, you can eeleteyourunwanted location.* Add your desired location by writing your destination name,orsearch on map or use your current location.* Get notified with alarm on arriving, departing or both toyourdestination.* Search and save locations using network connection.* Activate GPS Alarm for any one of the location and startGPSalarm.* Status bar notification on alarm.* You can edit alarm list.* Power Saver application.* Just set alarm before travelling.So, Relax while travelling!Just enjoy doing what you like to do while travelling likeReading,Sleeping, Gaming, Chatting or Anything with GPS LocationAlarm GPSAlert application.
App Locker : Magic Security 1.0
Now Secure your applications with App Lock,AppSecure, Magic Security. App Locker will secure all ofyourapplication with a high secure password lock with amazingFakeCrash Screen.App Locker : Magic Security is an amazing and useful toolforyopur application security, it will show a fake crash screenwhileopening any application which is secure by it, but after longpresson it you can easily acess it.Easy to use pass code security to securing your apps.While opening any application a fake crash screen appear heresoothers may thinking that this application has a glitch and itwillcrash, not working properly.Features of App Locker :-* Easy and Very Fast.* It Protects privacy installed applications using passwordPinLock.* Privacy Guard Lock for applications.* Easily To use application Hide/lock for Android Device.* Easy to Change Password.* Most Powerful Protection.* Protect your applications, nobody can access yourapplicationwithout password.* Lock any applications install on your phone like Games,Google,Gmail, Gallery and many more.* Don't worry about exposing your privacy and private datatofriends!* Protect with password.How To Use :- Set your password for it, set your password forsecurity.- Lock your application, Add applications after loadingiscompleted. Select the application that you want to protect.- Open your private application, First open any application thefakecrash screen will be displayed. Please hold down to "OK"button toopen locking screen.and now you will be asked to type your password. entercorrectpassword to gain the permission to access to yourapplication.App Locker - Magic Security is working all mobile devices.So,nowyour privacy is protected and secure your applications withit.
My Photo Zipper Lock Screen 1.0
Beautiful and amazing My Photo ZipperLockScreen with HD backgrounds and Cool zipper lock.My Photo Zipper Lock Screen application is a zipper screenlockapplication that could help you to secure your phone.My Photo Zipper Lock Screen help you to lock and unlock yourphonescreen by zip.So you can just pull down the hook to unlockscreenwith amazing unzip effect.Set Your own photo or loved one's photo on lock screen with nameandset amazing zipper lock screen for your phone.You can select your favorite photo to be placed on yourzipperlock screen.How to Use it :* Simple and Easy to use.* Secure your phone with My Photo Zipper Lock Screen.* "Enable" My Photo Zipper Lock Screen after openapplication.* Choose camera and gallery for set photo on lock screen* Set your name on lock Screen* Look cool and effective lock screen with Smooth and fast.* View status of battery on lock screen.* Highly and Best HD Design theme.* Set pin password for lock security.* Beautiful and Multiple HD Wallpaper for backgrounds.* Optimized Battery Usage.* Set name on zipper lock screen and color for name.* Set custom setting for Date and Time to make beautiful sliderlockscreen.* Show name text, Date, Time on Slide to unlock.* Just one touch to on/off lock screen* HD and smooth effect of zipper.* You can pull down the hook to unlock screen with amazingunzipeffect.My Photo Zipper Lock Screen is an app which provides a locktoyour mobile screen with photo images on the lock screen.
Bottle Shooting Game 1.0
Bottle Shooting Game is bottle shooting asmanybottles as you can break in the fixed amount of time bythrowingstone on each bottle.Everytime you can get challenging task here, so achieve targetinfixed timing.Bottle Shooting Game is a simple, addictive and fun gamewhereuser will shoot the bottles to achieve more score.learn how to blow up glass!Easy to play with more fun.
File Manager and Explorer 1.1
Amazing user interface and design foryourfiles, images, music files, documents, videos,applications.File Manager and Explorer lets you manage all files and keepsafewith it.Here you can view all details for your music files, videofiles,documents and etc...Features here you get :-* Free, Easy and Smooth interface.* View All details of your files on screen witheffectivetheme.* You can Cut, Copy, Paste, Move, Share files on your memory.* Easily create folders.* Storage Details with used-unused storage details.* HD Image-Video Gallery View all your images and videos infile& folder view.* File sharing became more easy.* Detailed file info.* Backup is more important for all user, so here you can getamazingfunctionality for backup all files.* Easily backup your files so anytime you can use it.* Easy Data Backup.* Easy Appliction Backup.* Easy SMS Backup.* Easy CONTACT Backup.* Smooth & Fast Performance .* Compress and decompress (extract) support (ZIP).* easilt file navigation.File Manager and Explorer is the best File Explorer on Android.Itallows you to browse your SD card, create directories,rename,copy, move, and delete files.
Caller Id & Number Tracker 1.0
Caller Id & Number Tracker applicationfortracking anyone number while somebody calling you on yourphone,you can easily get information that who is calling you andshowcaller location easily.Caller Id & Number Tracker Search the calling personnumberand easily tracks the location of caller.Caller Id & Number Tracker displays location of callerwithCity, State information of the caller over call screen.Features :-=> Simple, Easy to use, anyone can easilyuseapplication.=> Get Contacts Location in that View all your contactslocationsorted by Caller Name.=> Get All Calls by Locations in that locations aredisplayedsorted by City or State.=> Get Call Logs in that all call logs displayed by CallTimeincluding Call Location.=> Searching can be more easily and find the location ofmobilephone by City or State.=> Easily Search ISD and STD Number Code forvariouscountries.=> Caller Id & Number Tracker application is totally freeandvery useful too.Caller Id & Number Tracker can track almost every mobilenumberfrom almost every service provider. Caller Id & NumberTrackeralso displays the information about the incoming calls onthecalling screen.Mobile Ported numbers are not Traceable by Caller Id &NumberTracker application.
4D Lord Shiva Live Wallpaper 1.1
Shiva is a popular Hindu God. He is themostworshiped God in India, when compared to other Gods.God Shiva is a must have live wallpaper who believes in the powerofGods.4D Lord Shiva Live Wallpaper is a beautiful high qualitylivewallpaper of God Shiva.Here you can set different types of 4D lord Shiva wallpaperwithCool 4D Effect with Sound, High quality live wallpaperWithDifferent Sound.So, go to your Home Screen, Set live wallpaper and Choose "4DLordShiva Live Wallpaper" as your live wallpaper.Use 4D Lord Shiva Live Wallpaper and Shiva blessed you.
Easy Screen Recorder - No Root 1.1
Recording your Android Mobile Screen isnowvery easy with Easy Screen Recorder. No Need to Root yourphone.just install application then start to capture video withhighclarity with audio sounds.Secure your phone if anyone can use your phone, just startthisapplication it works in background and it will capture alldetailswhich can done on your phone.It will record video and audio easily.Recorded all videos you can watch in application itself.Features:- Free and easy to use.- NO ROOT required.- Audio + Video Recording.- Set Bubble as home screen for shortcuts to easy access.- Set your own record video name.- You can set Video quality .- Share videos Directly.- Fast, Optimized and Powerful tool.- Unlimited video recording.- Enable, disable audio recording.- Notification while screen recording.Easy Screen Recorder application require no root youor phone anditworks easily on all devices.
SelfiCity:Candy Selfie Camera 1.1
SelfiCity is an amazing and beautiful Camera,Filter & Selfie is a clean, simple and magical SelfiecameraApplication, with it's brilliant live filters, you canpreviewevery moments before using selfie stick!Make awesome pictures using cool photo effects!DownloadSelfiCity,Candy Selfie Camera & enjoy!Here you can perfect selfie camera editing application so,nowsearch for the best photo effects and live camera filtersisover!Candy Selfie Camera is a beautiful designed simple andintuitiveinterface Photo camera application to capture the momentswith realphoto filter, effects, picture frames and lot offeatures.To make your experience more exciting downloads CandySelfieCamera and share with others. In this free photo editorapplicationyou will find:Features :-* SelfiCity - amazing photo editing tool here you can getmorefunction for create stunning photos.* Select photo from camera & gallery as you waant toedit.* Take gorgeous photo with more than 20 real filters.* Beautiful Selfie Photo Frames collection.* Camera Option - Timer option for selfie city.* Flash on/off/auto/torch.* Smooth adjustment & fit into phone frame.* All basic features like: Brightness, Touch mood, Zoom in zoomout,import pic from gallery, camera flash etc.* You can rotate photo in your way.* Easily set mirror view on your photo.* Write color text on pictures with 25 different fonts.* Easily Change Text Font, Size, Color and Style.* User can also select the camera preview to be squareorrectangle.* Live Filters Effects : Preview your beautiful momentbeforecapturing through camera.* Realistic and user friendly application design.* Support many stickers for photo decoration which gives extralookon your photos.* Add sticker while preview and take picture combinewithsitcker.* Zoom-in, zoom-out, drag and drop, rotate sticker on screen.* Take a beautiful photo with the available uniqueartisticfilter.* Edit the photo with simple and easy selfie photo editingoptions,double click to remove it.* Share your creation on social media such as Instagram,Facebook,Twitter and etc.* It includes option of sharing your moments to all type ofsocialwebsites.SelfiCity is a beautiful designed simple and intuitiveinterfacePhoto camera application to capture the moments with realphotofilter, effects, picture frames and lot of features.
Love Photo to Video Maker 1.0
Create a love photos video with songs andediting, music, frames, effects and animation.Love Photo to Video Maker application gives opportunities formaking your love more and more lovely and beautiful to create lovephoto video.Create Love Video Stories from photo video editor with songs.Love Photo to Video Maker with songs provide a facility to snapyour particular moment from gallery videos or recording videos foryour love.Features to make Love Photo to Video Maker :-* Love Photo to Video Maker very is easy to use.* Select Love Photos from gallery or camera to create video.* Choose amazing HD backgrounds for video.* Select romantic music from your storage for love video.* Here you get free and wonderful frames which gives extra look onyour video.* Effect Filter to edit images appear to create video.* You can manually give time interval to create love movie.* Amazing video animation which create your love video in momentsof time.* Save HD quality Love Videos and share to social network.It is really wonderful and surprise when you can create your ownlove video for lover with Love Photo to Video Makerapplication.
OS Assistive Easy Touch:Custom 1.0
OS Assistive Easy Touch application is likeafloating icon where you can easy access all tools of phoneliketurn on/off Flashlight, Lock Screen, WIFI, APN, GPS,brightness,bluetooth and many more, as well as you can just dragand dropwhere ever you want on the main screen.Its look like and work like iPhone assistive touch.OS Assistive Easy Touch include like Access WiFi, Bluetooth,GPS,Screen Rotation, Volume UP & Down, Lock setting,AiroplainMode, Flashlight, Recent Apps, Location setting, RingtoneMode andall application on your device. You can set by youruse.OS Assistive Easy Touch is very useful application whichlookslike OS 9 iPhone, here you can customize Touch's backgroundcolor,its icon andmodify shortcuts, Set your own photo on Touch's background asyouwant to show on screen.OS Assistive Easy Touch will help you to quickly accessshortcutsfrom anywhere in the mobile while using otherapplication.So you canlock/ unlock your phone very easy in justone click.Features:* Free and Easy to useful for all.* Fully Customize Touch tool because you can modify it easierthanother application.* Lock/Unlock can be more easy, just one click to done it.* Quick settings like set your own setting.* Open your favourite application in few seconds, no need tofindit.* Clean ram, boost speed, one touch to boost.* Call or send message to your favourite contact.* Go to all setting very quick with a touch* Main tools here you get like Data usage, WiFi,Bluetooth,Location, Screen rotation, Volume up & down andmanymore.Customize:* You can change color of background and transparent withyourfavorite color.* Capture Screenshot (5.0 and up)OS Assistive Easy Touch is completely free and usableapplicationfor all. All tasks on android devices become muchfaster andeasier.
Barcode Scanner & QR Code Scan 1.0
Barcode Scanner & QR Code Scanapplicationcan scan and read all QR / barcode types including text,url,product, email, location, Wi-Fi and many other formats.So you can easily scan your products and read barcode numbers.Scan product barcodes with Barcode Scanner & QR Code Scaninshops and compare prices with online prices to save money, itwillread all details of your products.By using the phone's camera, Barcode Scanner will quickly scanandrecognize the information of barcode.Place your products below on your phone and just startapplicationcamera it will read your barcode on product. you caneasily findbarcodes.Features :-* Free and Easy to use with very fast.* You can easily scan QR barcode/QR codes throughnativecamera.* You can scanning, decoding, create, share the QR codeorbarcode.* You can create your own QR coding like e-mailaddresses,application, phone numbers, contact information andmanymore.* Share your QR codes via social networking sites withyourfriends.* You can show history of scanning data.* Barcode Scanner & QR Code Scan application base on theopensource ZXing Barcode Library.Barcode Scanner & QR Code Scan is the fastest andessentialapplication for QR and barcode scanner.
PreWedding Video Maker 1.0
Want to show PreWedding shooted videos atyourWedding time ?Want to play video with your friends ?Want to shoot videos Of your PreWedding ?PreWedding Video Maker is a professional video Editor that willhelpyou create wonderful stories of wedding.PreWedding Video Maker make video with photos, music fromyourgallery, amazing wedding frames, beautiful filtereffects.PreWedding Video Maker easy to create video of PreWedding.PreWedding Video Maker application makes your special eventmorelovely, more lively and much memories with cute framesovervideo.You can create videos using photos, add music to video,editphotos used for the video, add Wedding frames to video,blendWedding animated video themes with your video and blendWeddingsongs with your video.You will capture many photos with family then PreWeddingVideoMaker will help you maker wonderful movie for thismemories...Features here you get for creating PreWedding Video :-* Easy To Use.* Create Videos less than time.* Select photos from gallery that you can add multiple photosalsofor creating videos.* You can create amazing video with wedding frame, overvideoeffect.* Make your Wedding more memorable for creating video.* Edit each photo with blur effect, bokeh effect, imagefiltereffects.* Amazing filter effects which give extra look on yourphotos.* Select any background music for video of wedding which youlovefrom your local storage or on line.* You can manually give time interval to createpreweddingmovie.* Download amazing effects and wedding frames free for use.* Finally save your professional prewedding video created byyouwith amazing tool.* Export Video with HD quality and share it to on social siteswithyour friends.PreWedding Video Maker application very easy to use but youcancreate wonderful, amazing video quickly.PreWedding Video Maker add beautiful frames for your weddingvideos,save & sharewith your friends.