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PowerGrasp file manager 3.3.3
A sleek and convenient archiver and file manager with ZIP, RAR, 7z,and tar support.Features: - Two independent pages - Unpacking ZIP,RAR, 7z, tar, and also tar.gz - Creating and editing ZIP, 7z, tar,and tar.gz - File manager with the usual functions like copy,paste, delete, share and so on - root operations - Drag and dropsupport - Nice looks together with material designAboutpermissions: prevention from sleeping is required to keep thedevice awake while doing something with the files (some people werecomplaining about it).If you've found a bug or want to make afeature request, that's great! Head over to the site given below inthe "Developer" section and add a comment to an existing issue oropen a new one. You can also drop me an email.If you report somebad archive which doesn't open in my application though it should(not corrupted or with some unsupported algorithm), don't forget toattach it to your issue or email. Otherwise, guesswork isn't reallyreliable, you know. If the archive is too large, upload it to afile exchange service and leave a URL.Oh, and thanks for using myapplication! Hope you like it.
Living Cells (Game of Life +) 2.2.1
Remember Conway's Game Of Life?Well, this is a collection ofcellular automata - fields of cells which live by certain rules. Atthis point LivingCells is able to simulate not only the famous GameOf Life, but also its colored variant, a family of cellularautomata called Generations, which includes widely known Brian'sBrain, and also Turmites family, the best-known example of which isLangton's ant.This is not a game per se because it doesn't requireany input from the player. But it is possible to affect how cellslive by adjusting rules, creating new cells or dragging groups ofexisting ones.This aplication is designed to run on any device withAndroid 2.1 or higher, including tablets.Features:- Four types ofcellular automata- Possibility to set a rule for each type and alsoto enter your own rules- Interactive field allowing to create anderase cells or to drag existing cells. Switch between adding anderasing with a longpress. Simulation pauses by default, but this isnow adjustable- Customizable look and feel for the cells: eitherselect one of the preinstalled themes or create your own-Application can be used as a live wallpaperTry Star Wars rule inGenerations - my friends liked it a lot!Due to requests from theusers, live wallpaper functionality has been added. Settings forthe wallpaper are set separately from the settings of thestandalone application. I should note that the computation of everynext grid state requires CPU resources depending on the speed andthe grid size. I advise not to set small cell size or fast speedfor the wallpaper to avoid power drain.You can also set the gridtype to Turmites, this is the only automaton which doesn't demandmuch resources regardless of the speed and cell size settings.Moreover, Turmites look better when cells are small and speed ishigh.You can leave your requests at my blog (see developer'sinfo).In the case you want to read about Game Of Life, Brian'sBrain or Turmites, here are a few Wikipedialinks:'s_Game_of_Life's_Brain
Edym audio tag editor 1.1.2
Audio tag editor which supports MP3 and MP4 files. Key features: -Support for ID3v1, ID3v1.1, ID3v2.3, and ID3v2.4 tags in MP3 files;- Support for iTunes tags in MP4; - Multiple file editing mode; -Attached picture editing; - Full Unicode support; - Can fixmojibake if a tag uses some non-Unicode encoding; - Built in mediabrowser: allows to see audio in the file system, by artist, byalbum, or individual tracks. Any feedback is always welcome! Pleasewrite in comments to the app or ping me at the email.