Malek mohamed Sakah Apps

UFO GC 1.1
As a flappy type game, This game you will try to get the ufo to theFarthest distance possible. you need to go with the rhythm and tryto make the best score.Challenge your friend and try not to blowyour UFO. This ufo are taken from old anime called (Grndizer).justtap on the right time and you will be good to go. If You're lookingfor a challenge, FLAPPY UFO (GRENDIZER) is one of the bestchoicetwitter:
Gummy Ball 2.0
Run into Freedom with [Elastic Ball]- Jump to dodge traps and chains- Test your reaction and concentration- Ge in Competition with your friends and show them, that youarethe BestFeatures- Too many actors to unlock- Simple Game Controls- Attractive Graphics- Very EntertainingBe an Experience with the new Elastic Ball and get ready for theoneof the hardest Challenge ever: Jump over traps and avoidchains. Tryto jump so far you can to get the most points. Jump,unlock theballs, .This Game needs Patience, Focusing and Reaction.ElasticBall it's not an Flappy Bird Game, but it's can be hookedyou.You can select between 12 Balls but you need to unlockthemfirst. Easy for settle in and hard for theprofessionalGamer.Balls name :[RED , PINKI , ORANGE , BANANA , ANGRY , BOMB , STUB , MOSTO,CHIR (Agent Y) , GREEN , PIRATE , SHIKO][How to Play]*If you tapped and your ball in the upper half the ball willgoupward*If you tapped and your ball in the lower half the ball willgobackwardTry to unlock all balls by increase your maximum scoreENJOY :)
Survive as long as possible and compareandshare your score with other players or your friends.Enjoy the new impossible Tron style game and...become the HUM YAM master!Touch Mode>Try to escape from ghosts and get as much as you canfromfruits> don't touch the boundaryJoystick Mode>Try to escape from ghosts and get as much as you canfromfruitsNote :1) This game is NOT a PAC-MAN Game , although its look likeit,But its NOT.2) This game have two modes (Touch and joystick modes)3) each mode has only one screen , the game basicallyaboutcollecting as much points as you can
Keep it in the circle 1.0
Keep in the circle, like the name says, try to keep the ball insidethe circle.If you like Ping Pong Type of game , then this game isjust like the circle pong.Simple game with simple rules. Just touchthe right side of the screen to rotate anti-clock wise and the leftside for clock wise rotation.Also as your point goes up, i hidesome important world the will be reveal as your score goes higher.Please No SPOILER ;)
Soccer Dynamics 1.0.0
Two-button soccer game!"Soccer Dynamics is a funny footballgame,you can play it alone or with your friends. keep your eyesopen,follow the ball and shoot when you can"Features:-Two players,onescreen-two-button controlsHow to play:Tap the left button toshoot,tap the right button to change the guard direction ofmovement.