Mamau Apps

99 Problems 1.53
Dash your way through 99 challenging levels in this minimalistmasterpiece of hardcore fun!Navigate a seamless stream of obstaclesby evading and wall-jumping your way to the next checkpoint."Veryhard, super fun, extremely addictive!"
Duck Roll 1.2.0
Roll, push and blast your way through 100+ levels of purepuzzling.With diverse stages, unique challenges and loads of toolsto learn and master, Duck Roll is the puzzler you've been lookingfor! Have fun :)
Jazz Smash 1.3.3
Tap to Smash!Hit everything and enjoy the sweet music ofdestructionLevel up to unlock more items and new bats
Undersea 1.0.0
Race through the depths and experience the breathtaking atmosphereof the undersea.Let the pumping soundtrack, stylish visuals andchallenging gameplay push to the top.Action Arcade gaming at itsbest!
Bouncy Break 1.0.6
Enjoy the sweet summer-vibes and Bouncy Break your way to anepicHigh-Score!