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Scuffle Myth 1.1.3
Have you ever thought about experiencing atime travel combat? A world famous 3D RPG action mobile game,adapted from a novel, brings you to combat by combat, has you heldthe sword and powered up. A KING is coming into power!=====================================================================——Supervised by the Author of Fantasy MasterworkThe author worked together with the game planners to rewrite thescripts. It was adapted based on the original novel to recreate theworld and rewrite the leading roles' adventure as well as otherclassic scenes, characters and plots.——High Quality and Cool Visual Feast with 3D EngineU3D engine together with hand drawing style builds the aestheticscenes that fully representing the visual shock of destruction andskills in the novel. Each skill is well-designed based on thenovel, bringing the strongest and coolest visual feast to all.——Free Action for Combo against MonstersLock-free battle mode enables cooperation with hands, eyes, andbrain, providing real battle experience. With pre-judgment andmovement, the more difficult it gets, the more superior it will be!Bravo!——Cool Talisman Transformation Deals a Deadly StrikeOnce the creative Talisman System and 5-Element Talisman areenergetic, the smart and cute apprentice with strong talismans willbe unlock. It is appealing for such a diversified battle.——Create Factions to Fight for SupremacyPlayers may create factions to fight against others for supremacy.You can also work with faction members to kill the Boss, andexplore tomb treasures together with them.Website : : : :