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Unblock 2 Escape
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Unblock 2 Escape is a simple and addictivepuzzle game, that will exercise your brain!! The goal is to escapewith the white piece by sliding other blocks out of its way. Itcomes with 8639 free puzzles and five difficulty levels so there issomething for every skill level, and it will provide you with hoursof free entertainment. Try to solve the puzzle in challenge modewhere each move counts, and a perfect solve will earn you threestars or go for the relax mode, where you can just focus on gettingthrough the puzzles one by one.• Ultra smooth graphics with full tablet support.• Leaderboards via the Google Play Game Services.• Achievements via the Google Play Game Services.• 8639 free puzzles. 100 extra difficulty ones can beunlocked.• Five free difficulty levels: novice, beginner, intermediate,advanced & expert.• One extra difficulty levels can be unlocked: Professor• Play in either challenge or relax mode.• Solve/hint system to help you, if you are stuck.• Solve a level with the minimum number of slide moves and earn anextra solve.• Undo & quick restart available.• Quick jump between levels.• Customize the game with multiple backgrounds and pieces to choosefrom.• Quick difficulty change via the in game menu.To enable leaderboards and achievements you need to login via thered G+ button in the menu.To get you started novice & beginner level 1 acts as atutorial, and you can always access the help screen from the ingame menu.The sound volume can be adjusted in the options menu.