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Tennis Manager 2.44
This is a free online tennis manager game where you take on therole of a world-class tennis player. If you have always dreamed ofstanding at the top of the tennis world ranking then you areexactly right here. Fight your way through small tournaments on theATP level, and measure yourself with real human opponents fromaround the world. All players have the same goal, number 1 in thetennis world to be. Collect as much ranking points as you canduring the season. In addition to the tournament and league system,in this tennis game you are able to play against your friends infriendly matches every day. Further you are able to play unlimitedinstant matches which have no influence on your ranking or skills.In this tennis game you are able to form a team with your friendsor other managers for fighting against other teams in a leaguesystem. As you can see this manager game gives you manypossibilities to demonstrate your manager skill. The online tennismanager 2015 is a must have for every tennis fan in the world. Didyou ever dreamed to experience a carrier like Roger Federer, RafaelNadal or Novak Djokovic? Then this is the right place for your.None of the other tennis games are able to compete with this one.Have fun with this great online tennis game, the best free tennismanager game you have ever seen before!
Kickoff Soccer Manager 1.13
Play the free online football manager game. Set up your tactics,training and formation. Transfer the best players to your team andbecome the best manager of the world. Play in differentcompetitions like league, cup and friendly matches and compete withyour friends.
Kickoff - Soccer Management Game 2.10
Play Kickoff, the free online soccer manager game. Set up yourtactics, training and formation. Transfer the best players to yourteam and become the best soccer manager of the world. Play indifferent competitions like league, cup and friendly matches andcompete with your friends. Futher you are able to become a nationalcoach and access the world cup with your national team. Playagainst other managers with their soccer eleven teams and provethat you are the best coach of all. Football games and footballmanager games in particular is a genre you love? Then build up yourDream Team with the ultimate football manager game, your rivals arewaiting for your top eleven!