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Chunky Cat 1.0.8
Beat your objectives with new cats! Play with them to clear alllevels!There’s a reason this cat is so chunky! There are so manydelicious critters roaming around the city roofs, not even a fatlazy cat like Chunky can ignore them! Help him catch as manysnacksas you can, but beware! There are many dangers lurkingaround. Dangerous falls, mice traps, guard dogs and other perilswill try to end Chunky's quest for mighty food. Don't letthem!Fight for Chunky's flab, be the roundest feline hero that hasever been! Features:- The only game where you play a fat cat… whois proud of his flab.- Enjoy the excitement of being a cityhunter.- Each prey needs its own unique tactics to be hunted.-Avoid the dangers of the city rooftoops.- 30 exciting levels fullof fun, danger and calories.- Classy as heck jazz music.- Smoothand easy gameplay for all ages and level of skill.- Unique and highquality art.- Playable both horizontal and vertical.- Available fortablet and smartphone.- It’s a game about a fat cat, what elsecould you possibly want?Reviews about Chunky Cat:-"The gameplay isreally good and the artistic style is outstanding" via XatakaAndroid-" We can't miss this interesting game created by an indieSpanish team, whom had known how to offer us a really funexperience." via Xombit Games-"A ton of people will like ChunkyCat. We can predict the furor this game will cause at the GoogleApp Store..." via ParatuAndroid.comChunky Cat onfacebook:
MegaMinimals the differences 1.0.0
Mandarina Games
"Megaminimals Differences" is a game for the youngest of the house.With this classic puzzle game, they will improve their observationskills while having fun with their favorite characters from theshow.Look for the seven differences between the two pictures shownonscreen, and touch to mark them as found.Show you are the best atspotting the differences and find all the differences!FEATURES:- 30puzzles to solve.- Easy and intuitive gameplay.-High Qualitypictures straight out of your favorite show.-Sound and Music fromthe show to create positive feedback for children.-Available fortablet and smartphone.Help make the experience better. Give us youropinion about the game.For more info, visit
The Ugly Duckling Differences 1.0.0
Mandarina Games
In collaboration with Neptuno Films, we bring to you one of theirbest cartoon shows. One of Hans Christian Andersen’s classics wasadapted into a cartoon TV show and movies, and now we’ve made avideo game for you.Find the seven differences in the illustrationsshowing the adventures of our beloved protagonist.“The UglyDuckling Differences” is a game for all the family, made to beenjoyed both by the younger ones and adults alike. With this game,your child will develop and improve their observation skills whilehaving fun.To play, simply spot a difference between bothillustrations and touch the screen to mark it up as found. Unblockall levels and show you are the best at spotting thedifferences!Find all the differences!FEATURES:- 30 puzzle tosolve.- Easy and intuitive gameplay.- High Quality picturesstraight out of your favorite show.- Sound and Music from the showto create positive feedback for children.- Available for mobile andtablet.Help make the experience better. Give us your opinion aboutthe game.For more info, visit our website:mandarinagames.comYou canalso enjoy this wonderful cartoon show on Neptuno Film’s youtubechannel: