Manguni Creator Game Apps

Highway Rider Extreme 1.0
What is the definition of freedom? For some people it is riding onamotorcycle on a wide mountain road in the middle ofnowhere,listening to good music. What a coincidence that we offerexactlythat in this wonderful highway-riding,freedom-enjoying,coin-collecting racing game. Jump on one of themany availablemotorbikes and hit the streets in this highway racinggame. Yourgoal is simple: just make it to the next checkpointwithin the timelimit. Along the way try to collect as many coins aspossible. Theywill enable you to upgrade your bike and to buy newand faster (andmuch cooler) bikes while you progress. It’s realold-school arcaderacer fun with lots of tracks and differentmotorbikes. You canalso stretch the time limit by overtaking carsas close as you can.If you’re close enough you will receive a 0.25second bonus foreach car you overtake. If you’re too close, youwill crash. Justlike in real life. If you have earned enough coinsyou should visitthe garage and upgrade your bike. Buy a new engine,better tyres orstiffer suspension. Anything that makes your bikefaster in thisasphalt racer will help you on your way to eachcheckpoint. Or ifyou feel like spending a big amount of in-gamecoins at once, whynot buy a completely new bike? From off-roadbikes to real racingbikes everything is there. And you will needthem to reach thecheckpoints in later levels. As you can see on themap there aquite a lot of levels with different courses for you tomaster. Andit will get a little more difficult every time youadvance to thenext. Put on your leather jacket, turn on some goodmusic and hitthe country streets in Highway Rider Extreme.Features: - A fullmap with lots of levels - Various bikes andtracks - Upgrades forbetter performance - Racing game for bikeenthusiasts - 3D racingon open roads
Tabble Tennis World Tour 1.0
Make your way through the ranks and lead your country to thetopspot of the World Championship in this 3D table tennisapp.Features: - 3D Ping Pong - Table Tennis World Tour - RealisticPingPong Physics - One of the best sports games - Choose yourowncountry - Become the Ping Pong Master
Billiard Blitz Challenge 1.0
Billiards Pool is a nice little game of pool and It's agreatbilliard game. It is support the free movement support oftheviewing angle. Game screen effects and mode of operationarecommendable, including the operation of the club will bepulledback after a certain distance on the representative oftheintensity and direction of the trajectory.
Monster Truck 1.0
Monster Truck Rallies Are Described And Explained In ThisBook.Readers Learn How The Trucks Are Made, Who Makes Them, AndWhyPeople Love This Sport. Its tires are over five feet tall. It isasheavy as an elephant. And it can jump, race, and crush likeamonster! It’s a monster truck! Whether racing over ramps,plowingthrough mud, or crushing cars, monster trucks are thebiggest andbaddest trucks out there! The bestselling andaward-winning teamthat brought you Choppers! and Motorcycles! showreaders how thesebeasts came to be, how they work, how they getready for a show,and some of the exciting tricks that only monstertrucks can do.This action-packed Step 3 Step into Reading beginningreader isfilled with you-are-there color photographs! Informativeandfast-paced, this book is perfect for boys and girls wholoveeverything on wheels!
Drag Racing Club 1.0
The first of its kind racing game built on a physics enginewithelements of game constructors. Build your dream car anduseunlimited personalization options, what style to choose is uptoyou In the game, waiting for you: • Competitions with realplayers• Different tracks, ranging from racing tracks and endingwithcountry roads • Huge selection of parts • RPG tuning •Dinosettings, gearbox settings • Beautiful graphics • Realisticmachineand engine performance • The ability to fine tune thesuspension •Ability to use both automatic and manual transmissionwith clutchpedal • Weekly tournaments with great prizes • Activecommunity ofplayers Hit the Drag Strip with Race Clubs battling forTerritory,Gold and Glory! The best racing game with new features,improvedgraphics and expanded game play.
Drift Cup Racing 1.0
Compete with other drivers on many tracks, learn to drift likeapro, form a team and become a legend with your team mates!We'llgive you a car to start your racing career and there's aniceselection of cars for later. Every car is different, find outwhichone is best for you!
Gold Miner Tom 1.0
Come with us on a free gold miner adventure. Gold Miner Tom is100%free. Features: - Play Gold Miner Free - Unlimited levels-Different Upgrades - Colorful graphics and funny music - Notexts!Suitable for everyone! - Gold Miner Offline - Free download
3D Basketball 1.0
Basketball 3d, is a smash hit of basketball games loaded withfullof dunk shots and fun in this kind of ball games. One oftheultimate basketball arcade game to participate in tournamentsandyou can be the top of these ball games. Prove yourselfasbasketball stars with your dunk shots and smash hits and defeatallyour basketball friends in this basketball game. Grab the ballandplay this ultimate basketball shots in this virtualBasketballgames. Feel the best of basketball games on your devicewith this3d basketball game. It ís time to dribble, shoot, score,WIN!Choose the ball and head to the basketball court for someawesomeshoots. Flick the ball towards the basket to take a shot andfeelthe fun on playing real basketball. Basketball 3D is anawesomereal feel game which can really challenge your shootingskills.Participate in this basketball challenge, suggen death modesand bethe top of the rankings to get surprises.
Bubble Spirit 1.0
Get ready to pop some bubbles and beat all 50 levels in thisfreeMatch 3 bubble game! Go on a journey through five mysticalworldsand try to earn all stars! Awesome challenges and trickytasks arewaiting for you! Bubble Spirit is easy to play: combine atleast 3same-colored bubbles to explode them in a colorful fireworkofconfetti. Play strategically - you will receive bonus points ifyoudrop large clusters of surrounding bubbles. Complete eachlevel'sgoal to continue to the next level and make use of specialbubbleson the field to fulfill your tasks. Can you achieve a highscore?This fun bubble shooter is the perfect game for the wholefamilyand puzzle lovers and strategy fans alike. Get the freedownloadfor your mobile phone or tablet and start the ultimatebubblepopping experience now!
Kitty Bubbles 1.0
Colorful Candy Ball - pop 7 bubbles in a row and the candy ballwillclear a path! Multicolored Bubble Bomb- drop 10 bubbles ormore andthe colorful bomb will explode the surrounding bubbles.Many specialcats will lead you through different magical worlds.You will haveto rescue kitties and defeat the BOSS. Lovely petshelp you tocomplete levels and recover treasures. Features: -Innovative gamemodes, very creative! - Hundreds of unique worlds,located in theWindmill Valley, Secluded Jungle and Golden Island!- Many differentcats will help you easily complete adventure -Cute pets help youget extra bonuses - Ball line, Thunder ball andother props, makegame more interesting - Get big rewards bycomplete daily shoot andachievements!
Candy Bubble 1.0
From the makers Candy Bubble ! Travel the realm bursting asmanybubbles as you can in this exciting bubble shootingpuzzleadventure. Win levels and free Witch Country piece by piece.Playthis Candy Bubble alone or with friends to see who can getthehighest score! Candy Bubble is completely free to play butsomeoptional in-game items will require payment. Candy Bubblefeatures:• New and improved game modes • Enchanting graphics thatwill leaveyou spellbound • Hundreds of magical bubble shootinglevels •Easily sync the game between devices when connected to theInternet• Collect point to unlock special items to help you on yourquest •Special boosters & bubbles to help you pass those trickylevels• Free & easy to play!
Archery World Tour 1.0
If you don’t feel like playing the Archery World Tour you canjusttake on the endless game and try to get as far as you canbyachieving each levels specific goal. If you fail, you’re out.Sotake your bow and arrow and prove your aiming skills to becometheArchery Master. Features: - Bow and Arrow Shooting Game -WorldTour and Endless Mode - Wind Simulation - Balloon Shooting -3DGraphics
Soccer Bubbles 1.0
Play this Bubble Soccer Shooter Games is FREE, Fun andAddictiveshooting bubble blast game!. This classic bubble shootergame willkeep you when waiting bus/train in city, on island, orwaiting forsomething. bubble soccer ball shooter games is new hitbubble shootgames 2015. This free version is the only one thatcontains PuzzleMode and Arcade Mode With bubble levels. you willnever get boredwith this game. Features: 1. Puzzle Mode - 100+ funbubble soccerball levels 2. Arcade Mode - The bubbles will go downgradually soyou need to shoot quickly to avoid death How to PlayBubble SoccerShooter Games: 1.Tap where you want to shoot bubble2.To group 3 ormore bubbles to knock them down. 3.Clear all thebubbles on thescreen to level up and try to get 3 stars on eachlevel. *** Tips:Breaking the bubbles continuously can get points asbonus!! ***This game can be so addictive that it can cause a mania!A mania ofbubbles popping here and there and everywhere!!! Thisbubble soccerball shooter games is content appropriate with kids,toddlers andsupport tablet >>> Download and Play it makeyou can stopplaying it! <<<
Bubble Shooter 1.0
Sea Bubble Shooter is Free download, fun and the most popularcasualpuzzle bubble bobble shooter game. This is bubble shootercoolthemes, is suitable for kids, toddlers, even adutl. Level andgameplay base on a classic game but this game still is a fun,amazingshooting Bubble Shooter game with cool ball, many level.Play gamefor killing time like waitng bus on city or walking onstreetcity,or relax in weekend. Graphic is deluxe and cool withmany colorball like many candy delicious. How to play: - Tap onthe screen toshoot the bubble in that direction. - Make formationsof 3 or morebubbles to knock them burst. - Clear the currentpuzzle level tounlock the next one. - You can even choose to playpreviouscompleted levels. Sea Bubble Shooter, the famous game thatyou alllove, first time for your Android device, Android tablet!Theclassic bubble shooter, same as the original pc version. Dragyourfinger to move the target, aim, and shoot! Every color youclearwill not appear again. Pop all the bubbles!
Bubble Woods 1.0
Although it may look adorably cute, Bubble Woods is a thrillinghighscore game experience. In 60 second rounds your only goal istoreach the highest score possible. Shoot the biggest clusters,usesuper effective power-ups, play strategically and be quick.This isnot your average bubble shooter, this is Bubble Woods! Likein arole-playing game you will rise in your experience level themoreyou play. While climbing up the level ladder you will unlockseveralpower-ups. Fire Bubble Match 10 balls in a row with theright colorsand you will receive the infamous fire ball. Shoot itwherever youwant and it will destroy everything in its path. Verysatisfying, ifyou ask us. Color Bubble Another very helpfulpower-up in a bubbleshooter game. Shoot the ball to any positionon the field and itwill change a big cluster of bubbles to thesame color. Bomb BubbleBeautiful destruction! Shoot the bombbubble and watch an colossalcluster of bubbles explode intonothingness. Time Bonus If you hitthe hourglass it will grant youan additional 3 seconds of time. Andsometimes 3 seconds is all youneed to beat a high score. With everygame you play you will begranted points that you can spend on thesepower-ups (except forthe fire bubble which is dependent on yourskill). So invest wiselyand make every power-up count. Burstbubbles like a maniac andbecome the ultimate bubble shooter.