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Off road Cargo Truck SIM 1.0
*** WARNING TRUCK DRIVERS !!!Warning to Rashly and Bad Truck Drivers ! Fully 3D featured HeavyTruck Cargo delivery is a new challenging Cargo delivery game atAndroid gaming Planet. This will test your sharp driving skills inhard and limited time. So if you think that you are good highwaydriver then this is best driving simulator for you to play for freeat the Play Store.*** TIME IS SHORT : TASK IS MORETruck has several Packages to deliver after regular intervals ofdistance. An interesting and challenging racing game within timelimits is available. This is challenging racing game due to thelimit of time. You have to drive fast and safely. Goal is to reachat destination on time without losing any package.*** IGNITE & STEERING & ACCELERATEAre you ready for this challenging tour !Sit on driving seat, Fasten seat belt, Ignite Engine and pressAccelerator to complete this task. On the way, towards destination,You have to pass away from different challenging tracks. Tilt yourdevice screen, use brake to stop immediately. Avoid from packagelosing, as it can reduce your score points.*** MORE CHALLENGING TASKNo rocket science is required to finish task, just act like aCargo agent. Use user friendly UI and controls accelerator, Brake,Forward and Reverse Gear. Cargo truck is fully loaded and ready tostart its journey. Navigate through sharp turns and twists. Whenyou apply brakes, must care about loaded Packages. Try to not todrop them anywhere during traveling as it is yourresponsibility.Like on Facebook:*** TIPS & FEATURES+ drive and control Cargo Truck+ Compatible to all Mobiles and Tabs.+ Fast speed Accelerator to move forward.+ Sharp angles, turns and twists to thrill game task.+ Powerful Immediate and instant brake to stop truck.+ Easy and fully functional Tilt detection to control truck.+ Control the speed of the truck using the brakes at turns+ User friendly interface.+ Real physics control racing game+ Easy to handle+ Cargo delivery and rally style racing levels+ Amazing graphics and interactivity+ Cool background music+ Drive with precision and accuracy like a pro+ Multiple camera views to enhance your gaming experience+ Smooth steering and gear control to drive vehicle+ Always keep in mind that time is short so be fast and carefulwhile driving
Drive Extreme Train Simulator 1.1
Extreme Train Simulator is the latest trainsimulator that will allow you to become the best traindriver!Detailed animated train 3D model, 3D Railway stations and all otherwonderful features will make you feel like driving a realtrain!Complete all the routes on time, by delivering freight orpassengers on time! You will be able to drive steam, diesel orelectric locomotives!Download Extreme Train Simulator now, the best Train Simulator onthe market!✰✰✰ Pick Passengers at StationAt station, you must stop train to pick passengers waiting atstation for train.You might have play and drive bike and car driving games, but nowbecame station master. Enjoy excellent new Train Simulator game hasarrived!Be #1 Train driver and prove your driving skills on giantvehicle.Game is in two modes:Cargo ModePassenger ModeYou can play in two different modes including Cargo delivery andPassenger train.If you decide to drive in Passenger mode, then you must have tocare about passengers waiting for train at Railway station.But, if you are driving Cargo Train, then drop packages and freightat each station.✰✰✰ Game highlights3D Multi-view CameraCompletely user friendly UI contains camera button which has threedifferent views to view train from up, left, right and front.Day/Night SceneEnjoy Train driving in day and night- two different environments.Use light button to turn on/turn off lights.Head LightExperience real train driving by turning on front light.✰✰✰ Advanced FeaturesWeather customizationWith fully 3D gameplay, enjoy weather customization. Enjoy rainy,cloudy and sunny weather, whatever you like to play.Speed BarUse speed bar to increase and decrease train speed. Make sure tostop at Train station to pick passengers or packages.SpeedometerView Speedometer to maintain train speed. Ring horn at each stop toalert and pick passengers.✰✰✰ 3D- Features✔ Have you ever wanted to be a Train Driver? Now you can!✔ Make your drive using a unique, swipe-based control system!✔ Let the tightly tuned physics engine create the most thrillingrides of your life!✔ You can play without internet connection!✔ This game is complete fun to relax your mind or while waiting forsubway and surf all the way to work!✔ The control are easy that kids and adults can enjoytogether!✔ Amazing graphics, and smooth control feelings!✔ Keep yourself entertained with our array of costumed passengerdummies!✔ It is 100% FREE, runs smoothly on your devices!✔ Dynamic music won’t let you get bored!✔ Exciting adventure – you’ll find everything you want!✔ Never-ending Gameplay with new twists and turns!✰✰✰ Kids to Elders- SuitableAmazing train simulator game fun for both adults and children whohave a passion for trains, steam engines, rail and all thingsrailroad. There are even passengers waiting in stations as youdrive your train along the track.Play and bless with kind and honored suggestions
Commando on Mission 1.8
One Commando and only one war. Show yourcommando skills as an elite army captain.You are dropped on the way of base camp of enemies at midnight.First of all you have to reach the base camp of enemies by gettingdown all the enemies which are attacking on you. Then your mainobjective is to kill all the enemies of base camp which arepositioned at different places of the base camp and heavilyequipped. You can view the enemies positions in the radar and thenattack on the soldiers to kill them. There is no chance to get backfrom this war so keep yourself cool and relax to take accurate aimof enemies. At the end you have to reach safely on aircraftcarrier.A great test of your intelligence and commando abilities.Features:- Use the scope to take accurate aim- Different guns e.g M4, short gun,pistol and grenade- Radar system to view the positions of soldiers- Unlimited ammo and bullets- Easy to control and addictive game play- 3D real environment with excellent graphics- Amazing music/sounds
Drive Extreme Roller Coaster 1.4
Enjoy World Top FlightTake a thrilling ride through the city that never ends with 3DRollercoaster!With the revolutionary Roller Coaster tour, you cannow play your favorite Rollercoaster game competing against yourfriends!Play and enjoy slope, ups and downs with 3D rollercoastertracks- full of steep, sky-scraping peaks, huge drops andgut-wrenching.Fly in Air: Crush GravityHold down your breathe tightly, InhaleExtreme Air, Crush Gravity in just seconds and perform insanestunts as you overcome challenging breakable tracks.Boost yourexcitement meter.Roller-coaster simulation is a free-to-play gamewith an addictive mixture of strategic planning and simulation.Game includes many of the fan-favorite features.No more Wait in LinesThe very detailed animated 3G roller-coaster will have you tied toyour seat for the ride of your life.There is no waiting in linewith this interactive theme park super roller coaster application.Arollercoaster game that goes as fast as you want to make it!Willyou be the best? Can you be a roller coaster tycoon?Like and share on Facebook: Features✔Have you ever wanted to be a rollercoaster conductor? Now you can..✔Drive wild rollercoaster rides using a unique, swipe-based controlsystem. .✔Let the tightly tuned physics engine create the most thrillingrides of your life. .✔ The additives theme roller coaster theme park game. .✔ You will run like crazy over the roller coaster in the themepark. .✔ You can play without internet connection. .✔ This game is complete fun to relax your mind or while waiting forsubway and surf all the way to work . .✔ The control are easy that kids and adults can enjoy together..✔ Amazing graphics, and smooth control feelings. .✔ Enjoy with your friends. .✔ New content and features released all the time. .✔ Keep yourself entertained with our array of costumed passengerdummies. .Join your friendsReady to play this! Enjoy holiday in fun land.Game is completelysimulative task, sit with your friends. Enjoy top flight tour withyour friends.Roller Coaster is skyscraping. Touch sky and clouds,birds are flying in air around coaster.Experience Graphics andArtwork complete package and enjoy full Amusement and thrill withworld top fast and furious drive.Suggestion & ReviewsWith your help and feedback, we are excited to be working on ournext project launching for you till next month.Just listen to whatsome of our awesome users had to say about this super-fast flyingroller coaster game.Having any problems or any suggestions to makeit better for you next time?We would love to hear from you!Download, try and Leave your supportive reviews.LIKE ON FACEBOOK! HighlightsEnjoy its stunning feature!+ Advanced graphics!+ Play it anytime, anywhere!+ It is 100% FREE, runs smoothly on your devices!+ Real physics – don’t overbalance!+ Dynamic music won’t let you get bored!+ Jump into our trolley and let’s start the ride!+ High-speed, coaster loops!+ Exciting adventure – you’ll find everything you!+ Never-ending Gameplay with new twists and turns!
Elite Clash : Proxy War 2.0
Agent Black have commanders strike so counterthe commanders to escape from jailAgent Black is full of commanding strike, so counter thatcommandors with new destructive weapons to escape from jail.Agent black facing strikes but he must counter commanders to reachdestinationAs all the old stuff from Developers team is sincerely packedespecially for top class gamers,Once again Team is proudly presenting completely thrilled and fullof suspense non-stop game play.Artists passionately have put life through their immersiveinnovative ideas.Great artwork,great simulation.Especially for beloved fans fully 3Dfunctionality has been added.Like and share on Facebook: STEP AWAY FROM ESCAPE . .Spy,you are really near to victory.This is the last corridorresisting your escape plan.Be courageous and brave.Remove these Militants from here and step into last section ofJail.BE AWARE . . WARRIOR IS IN FRONT OF YOU !After your previous challenges,now get ready to face all otherCommanders which exist everywhere in  the boundary of Jail.CALM, QUIET AND SILENT . .In the corridor there are two more commanders,doing their dutycalmly.Be quiet and silent.Cross them to continue your escape mission.TRICKY & CHALLENGING!As you go through in game,Game is completely filled with bundle ofTricky andChallenging tasks to engage its fans in non-stop everlastingfun.TAKE KEY OF MAIN GATE LOCK...Really spy is too much near to its success. Take key of Main Gatelock and move forward . .BEST OF LUCK SPY!At your way to escape, there are many of the warriors areposted.Be brave and daring, fall all of the Commanders down and take thisIntelligence Spy out of this locker. .GET READY TO FIGHT IN NIGHT VISIONHere I would like to offer special thanks to Developer for addingsuch a splendid feature,Spy has Night Vision Goggles to fight in darkness. .MILITANT HAS COME. . ATTACKAs militant pass near you,immediately stand up and  grab his neckuntil he is choked to death.Well done gamer. You got it now, now you just little bit away fromyour escape.HIDE SPY FROM ARMY MILITANTAs Spy move forward to cross Jail main gate,at the way he faceanother warrior posted there for security.Once you kill this militant, way to success will be nearer to Spy.Hide spy from him and attack. .SET YOUR TARGET!After running from locker,First of all spy has to face a Commandoat Jail inner exit gate.Align laser at commando and Target him. Fire first shot and killhim to proceed further on your way.FIRST STEALTH GAME FOR ANDROIDFeeling little bit thrill and fear to tell you that one of the bigcommand agents has been broken locker ofcentral jail and now trying to escape from jail boundary.ArmedForce Commanders try to stop him.Jail has many stealthy rounds and turns,mysterious ways andhurdles.What you think that either Intelligence spy will be set escapedfrom jail or will be caught by armed force.Get ready to experience realistic suspense and lots of daringmissions. .
Drive Super Train Simulator 1.6
Drive Super Train simulator is one of the bestadventurous game and to enjoy the different features of the trainsimulation. Fun for everyone and those who love to drive train orjourney on train. As you know that railway and trains have one ofgreat inventions in the history of world and this mankind for thetransportation of goods and people.While playing ‘Drive Super Train Simulator’ your train drivingskills will be tested throughout the complete railway track whichis long and zig zag. Pick up the passengers and freight fromstations and drop them other stations.Control the train perfectly on smooth track having realisticenvironment along trackLike on facebook: Features:. Addictive gameplay. 3D realistic train having real control. Different train camera views and angels. Pick up and drop passengers or cargo. Day and night mode of environment. Alarm system to alert the passengers on the stations. People entering or leaving the train. Different places stations, mountains and desert. Different weather conditions to enjoy. Completely free game. Challenging track
Helicopter Enemy Base Attack 1.4
At a lovely sunny day commandos are lying downand enjoying in their camp, suddenly their bad and worst enemyattacked on their base camp with their helicopters.Terrible anddangerous enemies are ready to crush and fall commando base camp.At the moment army has deficit and absence of commandos andmanpower because lot of its armed force is on the country frontierboundary line outside the camp.Unfortunately lead commander hasbeen fallen, so it’s a very crucial time to take force lead. Ok! Wegive you a chance to lead and survive the camp and army.Considerthat now you are the main commander of military. So get ready! Actlike a brave warrior. Arouse your leading and fighting skills,sharpen your hidden leading capabilities and intelligence and getready to face enemies attack.You have to fight and survive for along time. Every new wave gets you to deep and deep in thebattlefield and has its own different features and difficulties.Guns with harmful explosive materials are provided to you. Faceyour enemies bravely and take them on the way to hell.Following guns make your power and attack more reliable andhorrible.>Missile launcher>Machine gunSpecial Features:-- Lead the special Military and take them to conquer.- Dive into full dreadful battle.- Pick up most advanced and strong weapons.- Uproot the enemies and bring honors to your military.- Awesome graphics and sound make you game addicted.- Go into depth of realistic battle and prove yourself the best andbrave command leader.
Drive Mountain TukTuk Rickshaw 1.1
Drive Mountain Tuk Tuk Rickshaw Brighten yourweekend by driving Rickshaw on mountains.IT’S FUN Rickshaw also named as Tuk Tuk is a traditional ride inPakistan. It is a three wheeler drive.It’s really popular in many countries of Asia. It is really fun toride and drive on it.NEW EXPERIENCE Now imagine you are a driver of a rickshaw and youhave to drive in most difficult hilly areas.Drive passengers round these dangerous mountains.STAY AWAKE These mountains have very dangerous roads with sharp andnarrow turns.So drive carefully or you can end up in very big trouble.DRIVING EXPERIENCE Master your driving skills around these hillyareas by driving this three wheeler vehicle.Keep an eye on your speed meter. Don’t go too fast. ACCEPTCHALLENGE It’s really difficult to drive in these areas.You can fall off from the mountain. So do you have guts to acceptthe challenge??REAL HILLY AREA Enjoy the sceneries like real hilly areas. Withgrass, rocks, large mountains etc.DRIVE PASSENGERS Pick up your passengers from one stop and drivethem to their next stop.It is real funto drive the rickshaw loaded with passengers.REAL SIMULATOR Enjoy the experience of real rickshaw driver in ourbrand new rickshaw driving simulation game.Feel what real rickshaw driver feels. CAN YOU HANDLE Can you handlethe rickshaw on these roads?Do you have enough power to become the pro rickshaw driver? Testyour skills in this simulator game.COMPLETE MISSIONS Survive through different mission and completethe tasks to unlock the next missions.Like and share on Facebook: TO PLAY? In tilt mode tilt your mobile left and right to control themovement.? In GUI mode tap throttle to race. ?Tap brake button tostop.? Tap reverse to reverse the bus.? Tap camera button to change the camera view.FEATURES? Experience the driving on realistic hilly area.? Enjoy driving with different camera views.? Drive with three different driving modes.? Controls are very simple and smooth.? The game play is very comfortable.? The physics of this game is really good.
Drive City Tuk Tuk Rickshaw 1.1
It's real simulator enjoy the experience ofreal rickshaw driver in our brand new city rickshaw drivingsimulation game. Fun Rickshaw also named as Tuk Tuk is atraditional ride in Pakistan, India etc. It is a three wheelerdrive.and really popular in many countries of Asia. Stay awake this cityhave very dangerous roads with sharp and narrow turns. Keep an eyeon your speed meter. Don’t go too fast. Accept challenge It’sreally difficult to drive in these areas. You can fall off from thenarrow turns area enjoy the sceneries with grass, trees, largeparks etc.Drive passengers pick up your passengers from one stop and drivethem to their next stop. It is real funto drive the rickshaw loaded with passengers.Like and share on Facebook: TO PLAY? In tilt mode tilt your mobile left and right to control themovement.? Tap camera button to change the camera view.? In GUI mode tap throttle to race.? Tap reverse to reverse and break the rickshaw.FEATURES? The physics of this game is really good.? Drive with three different driving modes.? Controls are very simple and smooth.? The game play is very comfortable.? Experience the driving on realistic city area.? Enjoy driving with different camera views.
Drive Mountain Tourist Bus 1.3
Are you getting bored? Don’t worry the new bussimulator game is here. Bus simulator is a real bus driving gamewith high graphics and quality game play. You drive the bus throughthe hilly areas. You have to choose between5 different buses , pickup passengers from one station and dropthem on another station while driving on the most dangerous anddifficult tracks. Accept the challenge and improve your drivingskills by driving on these difficult roads. The road is reallydangerous with sharp turns and some places it gets narrow. This Bussimulator gives good driving experience of real time driving onhilly areas. The game play takes you through the mountains, hilltop, rocks and beautiful natural scenes. Be careful with yourdriving on the sharp turns and narrow roads. Otherwise you will putyour safety and safety of your passengers in danger. Passengerswill get into bus by themselves. Then you have to follow the trackto their destination. When you will reach there the passengers willget off by themselves. The game play is really simple. This BusSimulator game is one the best bus driving games of 2015.Like and share on Facebook: TO PLAY:- In tilt mode tilt your mobile left and right to control themovement.- In GUI mode tap throttle to race.- Tap brake button to stop.- Tap reverse to reverse the bus.- Tap camera button to change the camera view.FEATURES:- Drive with 5 different buses.- 3 different camera views.- Experience the driving on realistic hilly area.- Drive with different views of camera.- Fully modeled 3D environment and vehicles.- Controls are very smooth and comfortable.- The physics of this game is really good.
Drive Army Check Post Truck 1.1
Enjoy your weekend with our brand new armytruck simulation game.Now it’s time for you to setup for your country and play your roleas a army truck driver. These are the war times. Because of the wareach and every channel of transport was destroyed. The only way toreach the army posts on the hills is Army transportation truck. Youare the driver of that truck. Now fulfill your duty for which youwere recruited. Pick up soldiers from the army base and drop themon the posts so they can defend the front lines. Feel like what areal army driver feels in the real war times situation whiledriving the truck and transporting the soldiers from one place toanother through the rain of bullets and bombs.Be the furious and fast driver of the army transportation truck andtake the soldiers to their designated posts on time so they canstop enemies and defend the motherland. Show your ultra drivingskills on these most difficult and narrow hilly roads. Yourslightest mistake could get you and your fellow soldiers killed. Sopresent your mind and keep your eyes on the road every moment.Because the roads are dangerous and there are steep turns on theway. Army never compromises on the mistakes. So with our Army TruckSimulation game you can experience this closely.Like and share on Facebook: TO PLAY:- Tilt your mobile to control the truck movements.- Steer/Tap left and right buttons to go left and right.- Tap throttle to accelerate.- Tap brake to stop and go reverse.- Tap camera button to change the camera view.- Tap settings button to select controls mode.FEATURES:• Realistic hilly area view.• Controls are very smooth and comfortable.• 10 different levels to play with different objectives.• Drive with 2 different camera views.• Real army base environment.• Physics of this game is very good with cool sound effects.
Toy Car Simulator Kart Racing 1.1
Toy City Car Simulator is a new and amazinggame with realistic control.Now enjoy the simulator game ondifferent tracks with good 3D graphics. You can drive differentvehicles like cars, bus, ambulance and helicopters. Collect moreand more coins to unlock the new vehicles.Toy City Car Simulatorhas three different types of game play with interesting modes oneis free mode, second is highway mode and third is the arena mode.In free made you can drive freely and test the control and physicsof the vehicles. In highway mode your objective is to collect moreand more coins to buy new vehicles. Arena mode is challenging andamazing to play.Toy City Car Simulator is unique game to play because you can driveand fly in it.Game Features:. Excellent Graphics. Smart AI for cars and vehicles. More than 10 different type of vehicles. Best physics of vehicles. Lovely sounds. Three modes ( Arena, highway and free mode). Play in day and night environment. Buy different vehicles. Fast and furious cars. World of physics and driftsA free android for everyone to enjoy the simulation ofvehicles.
Drone City Air Flight 3D 1.1
Welcome to the new world of simulation whereyou drive neither your car nor motorbike but in this free game youdrive your own drone to collect checkpoints.If You looking for a fun and Amazing flight then congrats to you.Your desire game is now here on android play store.Download this free game today and enjoy drone flight on your mobilephones.So Let's fly your drones and reached the checkpoints to unlockthe new levels. This is real drone flight simulation game where youcan polish your driving skills.This fun and addicting game has a real fun and controlling is sameas the other flight simulator games of MAO APPs.Make sure to avoid crash down in a big building of 3D city andreach your checkpoint in a limited time to brake the record onscore board.Download your drone vehicle on your android smartphone to enjoythis new way of flight. So keep your eye on timer.And also be careful while passing through the check point by nottouching it otherwise you will crash the drone.And then land drone on the other platform by swiping down the rightjoy stick. Remember this is not just a simulator as well as it’salso a fun game.Play it and enjoy.Features- 3D first person view simulator.- Realistic Flight And Addictive gameplay.- Smooth and easy control.- Variety of levels with variety of task.- Clock is ticking so reach to checkpoint on time.- Excellent dynamic position.- Excellent 3D graphics.- Fly with four different type of Drone Quad Copter.- Realistic environment with sound effects.- Real game play experience.- Controls are easy and very comfortable.- 12 different levels with different tasks.- Physics and dynamics of this game is very smooth.HOW TO PLAY:Swipe The Right joy stick up to take off.Swipe it left or right to set the directions.Swipe it down for landing.Control the movements with left joy stick.MAO APPs Will love if you give us your reviews with high 5.Connect With US,+Army,+Sniper,+Action,+Games)
Hoverboard Segway Stunts SIM 1.0
Experience the ride of flying hoverboardthrough a racing track full of jumps and stunts. Feel to roll onthe segway physics!Test your skills to ride hoverboard with a various obstacles. Justperform tricks and stunts on the most extreme levels with thisunique free wheels balance segway.A Hoverboard crazy stunt is entertaining and addictive hoverboardgames ever publish on the store with lots of tricks to do. Just gofor higher place and just cruise to the finish line.This segway game is top Hoverboard simulator game of 2016. It isone of those games which you have to handle by the self balancingwithout help of any handle.It is also known as the hovercraft, free balancing scooter,monorover, and also by many other names.Your basic aim is to balance yourself on the segway like you arelevitating in the air and ride it by shifting your one foot weightaround on your feet to maneuver it.This game is created with the aim to let user experience the ridingon a real hover board in freestyle riding with differentmissions.Play these mini segway games in simulation arcade. This game isfull of fun, thrill, addiction, adventure to ride yourhoverboard.Master the skills of self balancing on this roller skate board likeyou are riding it in your real life.Do the acrobatics tricks while feeling flying on this.Clear the given task to get to the other levels.Do the extreme crazy stunts you have ever imagined of.HOW TO PLAY:Tap left and right to hover left and right.Press up and down to hover forward and backwards.Tap camera button to change camera view.FEATUREs:Best hovering board physics.Comfortable controls.Awesome 3D view movements.Roll on different ramps.Best camera animations.
Commando Battlefield Elite 1.2
In great war, play a Role in Proxy War, Killmore and more and run away - hit and run!Commando Proxy War a thrilling action game full of moderntechniques - A third person shooting game to fulfill your desires.Knock down your target with intense shooting action.Invade the enemy forces with AK47 and M165 levels with varying difficulty to increase your interest.Shields and secure areas to take cover and shoot withstrategy.Modern warfare techniques usedConsole quality graphicsLike on Facebook:
Crazy Bike Simulator Drive 1.3
Use your driving skills, Drive Brilliant Bikeon peaks and valleysMotoGP- Pro Stunt VersionDo you love to ride fast bikes and Crazy about Bike Racing stunts??Than this is a Real gift for energetic and young bike racers likeyou !As this game is the perfect bike racing game . .This MotoGP racing game provides unique Motorcycle controls andexciting game play to get best from extra-ordinary racers.Only for Pro Daring Stunt BikersChallenge other talented Riders, Friends and Pro Stunt Bikers inthis fun Super bike Extreme racing game.Surf user friendly UI- Super fast Race make your stunt journeysplendid.Download and experience Real 3D Mechanical functionality- AMasterpiece of 3D innovation.Make drift, twists and slips to prepare yourself as a real MotoGPracer.During your journey bundles of Wood Cylinders and many otherhurdles try to stop your World tour.Wear helmet, ignite your super fast Honda Heavy Bike and accelerateto finish Track line.More Realistic physical effects, exciting game music!Prove yourself as hurricane of Stunts. Make larger score recordsand challenge your friends to break them.Control Your MotoGPRacing Moto is a fast paced racing game. You never dare drive sofast in the real world! Control your moto with incredible fastspeed!Enjoy beautiful view during the journey - Mountain, Rocks, Bridge,Sea !Lead or LagBike racing at racing track is a big fun at huge and world highestbridge, many of hurdles and difficulties are awaiting to end yourgame in lose. Really, it’s time to make your dreams of driving andstunning on a Super sports bike.Control your bike orientation. During your whole journey lots ofchallenging missions and environments are given to you.Boost your bike to become the real hero at the planet ofstunt.Have you considered to dare ever before on a stunning driftingbike,So now hold bike handle and go towards your destination with yourfast and furious jet bike.Kids & Teens & Elders- Don’t MissGame is best non-stop fun for kids - teens and adults -elders.If you want to be a highway rider, enjoy the feeling of realracing, like 3d racing moto or other action and racing games, youshouldn't miss this one! Try to be one of the fastest drivers inthe world !You can write us for any improvements or suggestions as we want tohear from you and honour your feedback. key Features+ Feel the thrill of authentic moto racing!+ Dash into the mountains and make yourself crazy!+ Game give you the pleasure of traveling around themountain!+ Moto Racer is a real based moto bike racing game!+ Explosive music arouse your inner passion!+ If you think bikes racing games are always easy - thinkagain!+ Breathtaking visual and amazing tracks!+ Real dynamic game feeling with extra fun!+ Bright 3D panoramic racing view!+ Breathtaking visual and amazing tracks!+ Compatible to all Mobiles and Tabs!+ Real physics and Mechanics to control racing game!Tips to win high score:Bouncy Spring: Full functional bouncing Spring to jump bike.Simple UI: Forward and backward buttons to control your bikeorientation.Race-Brake: Use extra functional Race and Brake buttons.Keep accelerating moto so that the score will be boosted.Hot and exciting background music must impress you.Now you can get it free from Google Play!Perfect game design and the most stunning game experience.
Lion Hunt : Deer Survival 1.8
Animal Survival: Lion Hunt is a full ofaction, adventurous lion hunt game in eye-catching simulated 3Denvironment of jungle. Idea is to save innocent animals like deerfrom dangerous hungry lion attack using your sniper skills.Starving predators (lions) see group of deer’s and attackimmediately. Be alert and hunt the wild, angry lions before theyattack their prey (deer) to death. In this adventure you will haveto save deer and yourself from lion attack because lion can attackyou to death as well.If you are a dead eye sniper and have craze of animal hunting, getyour best sniper gun and get ready for real action in stunningenvironment of jungle in Africa.Disclaimer:We are against any kind of animal hunting. This simulatedenvironment is developed for lovers of animal hunting so that theycan fill their desire here and avoid hunting actual animals,especially precious lions.Game Features:- FPS simulator game, specially designed for android devices- Stunning 3D HD sniper shooting in amazing environment ofjungle- Realistic AI and animations- Mesmerizing graphical user interface- Addictive game play- Inspiring sound tracks- Innocent animals as lion prey- Five levels for each animal (from easy to difficult)- Amazing 3D environment of jungle with realistic effects andresponsive action- Aim & zoom ability (from low to high)- Ultimate control and eye catching scenes
Cargo Plane War Machines 1.1
The winning of war is not depending upon thequantity it depends upon your passion, courage and your mind moves.The best move of war is that attack on enemy from there, whereenemy didn’t expect to be attacked and it’s always from behind theenemy’s lines. It is your chance to fight for your country. Takeoff!! Fly high into the skies! Fly on highest altitudes and feelbeing a pilot of Cargo plane. Smoothly fly through the sky.Drive and load all the war vehicles on the plane perfectly on theindicated spot. After loading all the given vehicles you need totake off safely into the air. You need to steer, takeoff, guideyour plane through the sky hiding from enemy’s eyes and radars andland safely behind the enemy’s lines on your base camp and unloadall the vehicles.There are three stages of transporting. First you have to drive andload the jeeps into the cargo and get them to the base in theenemy’s area. Then in second phase you have to deliver the tanksand in last you have to load Scud launchers into the cargo planeand take them to the base. Remember time is the key. So keep youreye on the timer and complete the mission on time.How to Play:Drive the vehicles:- Tap left or right button to steer left or right- Tap throttle to drive- Tap brake to stop the vehiclesFly the Plane:- Tap circle button to start the plane- Pull right lever up to fly the plane- Use joy stick to control the movementFeatures:- Realistic environment with mountains & rivers- Controls are smooth and very comfortable- Dynamics and game play is very simple- Play with three types of war vehicles- Fly real time cargo plane
Helicopter Gun Strike 1.5
Get ready to counter your enemy and be theking of this clash.Play as a trained Commando and take control of a Gatling gun todefend your country from the enemy's attack and invade the enemy'sbase camp through a helicopter in the far ruins of a dangerousdesertEnjoy most incredible game at your fingertips. Get ready for theEpic action of trained commando,defend your country from enemy's attack and ruined there camp withyour helicopter.Now enjoy the new gunship battle on your commando helicopter withstunning graphics and lots of enemy's strike.Let's counter there camp to fullfill your mission and be the heroof your country.Yes, you are the hero of this action fight.So load your gun start your heli engine and be the part of thischallenging war.So let's crush your enemy with the powerful machine gun and protectthe desert with enemy's attacks.So your strategy is to protect and safeguard your country fromenemy strikes as it is hell difficulttask to shoot the enemy when he is moving.So being the expert commando counter the camps and complete yourmission.Key Features- Excellent Bse Environment.- Beautiful game graphics and stunning visual effects.- Realistic control and easy to play.- Sensational Sound effects.- Optimized for all android devices.- Optimized for 3D flightLeave your review with high 5.Stay connect for more,+Army,+Sniper,+Action,+Games)
Drive Snow Taxi Legends SIM 1.1
Drive realistic taxi to pick up passengers onsnow mountains with tourist. Play as a cool driver and enjoy aroundthe live snow fall mountainsIf you crazy about driving games then this taxi game fill all yourneeds.Snow Taxi Driver is free new game in Simulation. You always use ataxi but you never been behind the taxi wheels.Improvise your driving skills by driving the fastest taxis. It’syour taxi, your speed and so is your rules of driving.Drift and skid on tight corners, overtake the other cars, slide onthe snow. It is your chance to drive like a real taxi driver sodrive likes a maniac faster as you can.Pick up the passengers and drop them off at their locations on timeso you can pick more up and drop and more earnings.Drive on the most difficult hilly areas tracks at full speed! Getprepared for most addictive taxi driving adventure!Pick the passengers up from their stops and drop them at theirdestinations. Don not hurry, drive around the mountains andcomplete tasks.Follow the map as to reach at your desired location. Find the bestpossible track and save your time!This taxi ride is worth taking! So fasten your seat belts, andstart to make money and also show off your cab driving skills. Yourearning is dependent on your driving speed so be safe and drivecarefully!Those days are gone when taxi drivers are supposed to drive likecrazy! So step up into the new type of taxi driving game in whichtaxi drivers should have to be furious and careful.With this addictive 3D Taxi Driving simulator, you should be thatkind of cabbie driver who would accept any challenge and provehimself the best better.Begin your fun on driver's seat! In this taxi simulator you willenjoy the best time of your life and natural scenes on the snowymountains.Keep the blood warm in this adrenaline given taxi driving game of2016.You are the only taxi driver who is brave enough to take fast andfurious cars to drive. Being a taxi driver was not so easy beforethis game. Now you can fulfill your dreams.HOW TO PLAY:- Use tilt controls, steering or the buttons to control themovement.- Use throttle to speed up.- Use brake paddle to stop.- Tap camera to change camera view.- in internal camera view enjoy a different amazing musicFEATURES:- Realistic snowy mountains view.- Controls are very easy and comfortable.- Tuned physics is applied on the cars.- Drive many missions of endless fun.- Drive Porsche as your cab.- Show your skills.- Improvise your hardcore driving level.Like and share on Facebook:
Drive Winter Tourist Bus 1.1
Winter is at its peak. Snow is everywhere. Thesnowy mountains are extremely slippery and covered with a thickblanket of snow.Some of the tourists are stuck in some hilly areawhile heavy snowfall. Be a Pro Driver of the Bus and drive to thetourists spot for their rescue. Drive the Snow mountain bus andpick the tourists back to their safe resorts. Deep and heavy snowhas made it very dangerous and challenging to drive the Bus in thehilly area. Be a Pro driver and drive the bus in extremelydangerous situation. Tourists are stuck somewhere in hills andwaiting for someone to get them back to their hotels. Be the bestsnow bus driver and experience slippery conditions.Remember: Use acceleration to speed up the bus and brake accordingto the conditions. Drive very carefully and keep in mind the timelimits. Sine you will be the only driver providing services tobring back our tourists back to the resorts.Multiple levels are there to play. Prove your expertise as a BusDriver in tough snow conditions.HOW TO PLAY:- Use the steering to drive the bus.- Tap on accelerator to speed up.- Tap on brake to stop the bus.- Keep press the brake paddle to reverse the bus.- Use camera button to change the camera view.FEATURES:• Real snow tourist bus driving experience• Explore hilly off-road environments with heavy snow• Real snow fall simulated driving• Smooth controls, Acceleration and braking• Three Way Controls (Tilt/Buttons/Steering)• Three ways Camera• Multiple snow transport missions• Amazing 3D graphics and soundsLike and share on Facebook:
Drone Pizza Delivery 1.4
Game with a unique idea, interesting levelsand addictive game play. Have you ever wanted to fly a modern dronein your life? Mao developers offer you a Drone Simulation game withunique idea having no violence and a lot of fun also if you likesimulation game you will enjoy Drone Pizza Delivery Simulation gamewith realistic control system. You have to control these Quadcopterdrones fully moving left, right, up, down and adjust the height ofthe simulation according to target point. Four different type ofdrones having different specifications on the basis of their speed,height and health.Objective:Fly the drone through various environments like city, town, beachand picnic places and deliver the delicious pizza in homes, officesand sea places to earn the money more and more to enjoy your life.A lot of orders are there and you have to deliver pizza intime.Supreme Drone Flight:Use your supreme flying skills to fly in a big city to avoidcrashes into large buildings, trees and towers. To unlock the moreinteresting levels land accurately and avoid crashes.Facebook Link: Unique game idea with exciting levels. Addictive game play. Realistic control system. Fly through amazing 3D environments. Four different quadcopter drones. Simulation game without any violence. 12 different levels having different number of deliveriesKeep on to fly to deliver pizza and make a lot of funGame is free no need to buy
Extreme Hummer Snow Madness 1.1
Here Comes Free Style Open Mountain HummerDrifting for all the Drifting Lovers.Drifting in Snow at its Best…! All drift lovers are welcome toexperience of the best latest game of 2016 Hummer Drifting in SnowMountains. Open Snow Mountains are waiting for you to experienceone of the amazing drifting experiences in best hummer along with alot of others cars. Get on wheels accelerate the hummer and showyou’re best drifting skills. Drive your hummer as fast as you canin open map along with other opponents and drift your hummer. Oneof its own kinds of drift experience with No time Limits and no anyother restrictions.So you think you can drift? Come and Prove in this HummerGAME PLAY:Press Acceleration Button to Move ForwardPress Break/Reverse Button to Stop/BackwardRun as Fast as you Can …FEATURES:Most Realistic 3d Drift Racing game of 2016Amazing Drifting effectsOpen Mountain EnvironmentNo Time Limits3 Ways Control systems (TILT/Buttons/Steering)Like and share on Facebook:
Army Sniper In Arabic City 1.5
Some terrorists have occupied on a base campand head quarters of elite army. You are now dropped on the top ofthe building as an army commando to eliminate or to kill the allthe terrorists to get free army base camp and heaquarters.Terrorists have occupied at critical positions around the base campwith a lot of weapons e.g pistol, gun, tanks and high jackedhelicopter also. They have strong intelligence strategic abilitiesand plan to occupy the base camp and army headquaters for longtime. They will attack on you and will move back to there hiddenplaces so it is the test of your commando and intelligenceabilities to fight with these enemies and get free this area fromthese terrorists.You are the alone army commando here, rest of the army is on war onthe border area.Features:- Real 3D environment- Unlimited bullets to fire- Addictive game play- Effective sounds- Easy control to play- Enjoy as an elite army commandoAbout MAO AppsMao Apps collected the best rating games ever. All games are testedby Android Experts. All rights reserved.Stay Connect,+Army,+Sniper,+Action,+Games)
Tourist RollerCoaster Snow SIM 1.1
Take a thrilling ride through the city thatnever ends with 3D RollercoasterFly in Air: Boost your excitement meter.Winter Roller-coastersimulator is a free-to-play game with an awesome mixture of livemountain snow Game includes many favorite features like livesnowing.There is no waiting with this interactive theme park at the peak ofsnowy mountain roller coaster. Winter roller coaster game that goesas fast as you wantGame HighlightsEnjoy its stunning features!+ Advanced live snowy environment!+ Play it anytime, anywhere!+ Runs smoothly on your devices!+ Dynamic music won’t let you get bored!+ Jump into our trolley and let’s start the ride!+ High-speed, coaster loops!+ Never-ending Game play with new turns!Like and share on Facebook:
Desert Birds Hunt 1.8
Birds hunting is very interesting and enjoyfull task. Let's go for birds hunting with sniper to desert havingrealistic 3D graphics. You can look around the map to find thebirds and then shoot them. Birds hunting is also test of your aim'saccuracy and sniper skills.The higher the level,game will be moredifficult and unlock the further levels. Try your best possible andcome up to the end of the game with the patience.Many flyingtargets so shoot the desert birds- your fingers is the snipergun.If you love the hunting then you will love this sniper birdshunting game.Desert birds hunting is also challenge foryou.Download and take the aim...Features:- Desert birds hunting 3D- Hunt the birds in time limit- Apply scope to zoom- Map shows birds location- Attractive graphics- Good sound effects
New Top Speed Car Racing 1.1
It's your time to shine with a tons of luxurycars to win the race at highest speed in a city traffic. Let'sdownload our new free car racing game in your android device andenjoy the thrill of adventure with a rush of crazy luxury sportscars. Boost your car engine at max speed to unlock your desire carto drive it on a GT roads.Racing game is full of fun. New Top Speed Car Racing game isreal journey which gives you a feel of extreme road trip. Get intoposition and download this game to enjoy the officially licensedreal cars and stimulate a real drive experience. This game play hasa tons of luxury cars and two game mods. You have to choose classicto unlock time trail.In classic mode there is six different cars and three laps.Start engine, max your speed and win the race without any limit oftime. While in time trail mode you have to win this race in alimited time. Earn more cash to unlock more. If you have enoughcash then watch ads to unlock your desire modes.New Top Car Racing game has different camera views which helpsyou to finish the laps on time and win the race with high rank.City map locates your car and help you to find how far is yourchechpoint. So buckle up for this furious race and play more toearn more.New Top Speed Car Racing is a free game available on androidplaystore. Let's download this game and get the addictiveness ofreal road racing. This game has a simple concept but give youmultiple challenges to race more. New Top Speed Car Racing iscompletly free for the fans of car racing, Simulation driving gamesand all the games related to cars.Feature- Smoothest gameplay to thrill the race.- Fantastic music to vibrate your mind.- Enjoy with a part of slow motion drifting- Multiple game modes.- Clock is ticking so try to win in a minimum time.- New Curly Maps to enjoy the stunts.- Loads of luxury cars to unlock.- Smooth driffting.- Avoid traffic.- Tons of car racers.- Amazing 3D road graphics.- Realistic driving experience.- Multiple camera view.- No Rules.How To Play- Select car, start engine, boost acceleration and drivefast.- Map showing on screen to guide you.- You can select tilting, steering or arrows to drive yourcar.- Forword and reverse button is on the right bottom of thescreen.- Controlling keys are on the left bottom of screen.Let's install and be prepare for the most thrilling racingexperience of your life!About MAO AppsMao Apps collected the best rating games ever. All games are testedby Android Experts. All rights reserved.Stay Connect,+Army,+Sniper,+Action,+Games)
Mini Monster Car Racing 1.1
The Fast and The Furious Mini Monster CarRacing Game. Best experience of racing mini high wheels monstertrucks. One of the most amazing monster cars racing game availableto play with option to selecting your Flag and racing with othermini cars. Race into action by choosing your Flag and startaccelerating the engine to get first position in start of race.Take your best flag to the end point on the top of the mountain towin the Race. First time option to save anywhere during the raceand resume from saved point. Track Map is available to know yourposition form opponents. We wish we could see you at the finishline. Are you up for the challenge?Like and share on Facebook: to Play:- Three Type Control Mode (Tilt / Steering / Button)- Choose Flag to carry along your car- Press accelrate button to Move Forward- Press Break Button to Stop- Press Reverse button to reverse the carFeatures:- Excellent Graphics- Stunning Environment- Game Saving Option- Rear Camera- Racing Track Map- Three Way Control (Tilt/Steering/Buttons)- Two Type Camera Views
Mountain Dinosaur Hunter 3D 1.6
Jungle Dino Hunt is an amazing game having agood environment. This is the best dinosaur hunting game because ithas a different idea, you have to kill all the dinosaurs to savethe life of animals which are in the cage and yourself also.Now youare in lush green jungle which is full of dangers. Feel that youare a professional hunter and have only a sniper gun in your handsso load your gun, be accurate and careful. Keep your moral high tobecome a brave dino hunter in a dangerous jungle. Dinosaurs willattack on the animals which are in cage and will attack to youalso.You have to hit three fires to kill one dinosaur and in rewardyou will get score to increase your moral level.'Nothing is impossible in this world'. A great test of your sniperskillsJungle Dino Hunt Features:- Real Sniper gun- Five levels having different ideas- Lush green cool environment- Hunt the dinosaurs and get scores- Excellent graphics- Very easy control
Real Hill Sniper Deer Hunter 1.1
Real hill sniper deer hunter is auniquehunting series in frozen environment. Hunt before you haunt.Deerhunter is a survival game you have to shoot deer in a frozenhillsto survive for your life. So get into position, focus onyourhunter and trigger out sniper to shoot deer.Real hill sniper deer hunter is a real hunting experienceyounever been able to get before. Download this free game and getthereal task on a hilly frozen mountain. Your target isreallychallenging for you. Animals are moving, time is limited soholdyour breath and keep calm your patience just focus on targetandshoot all wild animals.FEATURES:Amazing 3D graphics.Free 10 levels to play.Challenging environment.Excellent dynamic position.Excellent sound effect.Clock is ticking so shoot on time.About MAO AppsMao Apps collected the best rating games ever. All gamesaretested by Android Experts. All rights reserved.Stay Connect,+Army,+Sniper,+Action,+Games)
Target City Air Strike 2016 1.3
It is operation for the liberation of ourcitylocated in the borderlands.It is final attack on enemy base.Amongother brothers in arms, you are to blitz the enemy forces.Theyhavecaptured the building.Clear the way into the building bykillingthe enemy soldiers and liberate the hostages in there.Youhave tosave all of them.They are very valuedpersons of top command,heroesof the nation.None of them should die.Every life isprecious.So bequick and careful, do not let the enemy to kill ourbravemen.Operation History:After the success of Operation Desert Storm, we were facingattacksby the enemy.Now they are advancing and becoming bold.Theyhavecaptured a city in the borderlands.Now it is our turn toreplythem.We have to stop their advancing army and shield thenation.Ourspy agent in the enemy forces has reported us about theirtemporaryhide place there.We have decided to assassinate them atthe spot –far away from our lands.Unfortunately, a traitor toldthem thewhole story.Our brave heart spy along with other heroes isin thecustody of the enemy as hostages.Now the mission becomes as sensitive as an eye surgery.So be a shadow and attack them in the dark… no moremistakes…capture them in their beds!About MAO AppsMao Apps collected the best rating games ever. All games aretestedby Android Experts. All rights reserved.Stay Connect,+Army,+Sniper,+Action,+Games)
Target Sniper City War 3D 1.7
A group of alien enemies have destroyedmanycities of the country. Now you are the Lone Commando who havetofight against these enemies to defend the remaining cities ofyourcountry and to save yourself also. Enemies have enteredtheremaining cities and they are highly equipped and have no mercyforthe citizens. Grap your gun in your hands and come out for alongwar.Game Features:- Stunning Graphics- 5 unique and Different environments- Every environment have different missions- 3 different modes of game play- Different upgradable weapons- First Person Shooting Action- Advance AI- Complete one level, next two levels will be unlockedAbout MAO AppsMao Apps collected the best rating games ever. All games aretestedby Android Experts. All rights reserved.Stay Connect,+Army,+Sniper,+Action,+Games)
Real Snow Drifting King 1.0
Get ready for the thrills of roadswhichdosen't exit anymore! Enjoy the epic drifting withroadlessenvironment. Let's speed off in beautiful winter graphicswith norestrictions.Driving become more fun in winter on hill roads.MaoAppsexclusively presents Real Snow Drifting King where you arethe kingof your luxury car and can enjoy drifting on a clean frozenroadsin your Nissan Jeera. Real Snow Drifting King is aprofessionaldrifting game where you can stimulate your drifting anddriving ina chilly snowy environment. Real Snow Drifting King has avarietyof cars, Play with Nissan Jeera and collect score tounlockMaclaren, Dodge Kheera, Mitsubishi Birju, Lamborgini Mantharandmany more. You have to collect more and more score to unlockmorecars. To be the best driver you have to drift your car on ahillsnowy environment with a lots of strategies.Driving a car around mountain is a real adventure and a bigtaskso let's drift your car on your android device to reveal therealadventure. You have to be skilled diver to drift your car.Beaware! Roads are clean but quite slippery and traffic is jam.Don'tlet fall off the cliff and control your vehicle properly. Soshowyour driving skills to get a max score and unlock new luxurycar.Real Snow Drifting King is a real journey which gives you thefeelof extreme road trip.Goal of the game is to collect score and unlock newvehicles.Score can be collect from drifting around barriers. Thereis a toneof luxury cars, collect score and unlock your desirevehicle one byone. Real Snow Drifting King has multiple cameraviews which helpsyou to drive fast and drift save.Are you ready for a winter drift ? Let's play Real SnowDriftingKing and enjoy the real fun. Download this free game on agoogleplaystore and give us feedback with golden stars.How To Play- Download free game, Select car, start engine,Boostacceleration and drift around score checkpoints.- Forward and revers buttons are on the right bottom ofthescreen.- Map showing on screen to guide you.- You can select tilting, steering or arrows to drive your car.Features- Smoothest Gameplay.- Outclass drifting.- Loads of traffic.- Tons of luxury cars.- Thrilling adventure.- Real driving experience.- Amazing 3D graphics.- Multiple camera views.- Fantastic music.- Earn score to unlock more.- Completely free game.- Challenging track.- Compatible with all tabs and mobile devices.About MAO AppsMao Apps collected the best rating games ever. All games aretestedby Android Experts. All rights reserved.Stay Connect,+Army,+Sniper,+Action,+Games)
Russian Traffic Motor Racing 1.0
Challenge your friend for an exciting racetosee who wins and get double your fun by posting your resultsonfacebook. Time to put your favorite brand car underyourshoes.Knockout street racing is a fancy car racing game with luxurysportscar to drive. You have to drive with Accord to unlockMercedes,Audi, Ferrari, Lambirghing and many more. Knockout steerracing isgorgeous racing game with a fantastic driving experience,deliveringstunning graphics and fast-paced arcade racing.Racing game is full of fun. Knockout street racing gives you afeelof street racing. It is a unique turbo car racing game withamazing3d cars and intense traffic. Avoid to hit traffic and todamageyour licensed car.A free racing game has 3 laps and clean cut road. Let'sstartengine, tap speed and win this race. This game play is alsofun forsimulation lovers and for extreme racers. Let's downloadthis freegame and face off a real challenge.FeaturesThe incredibly polished graphics and outstanding soundtrack thatyouwon’t soon forget.Multiple camera views to show your rank and to motivate you tospeedmore.World class cars to simulate driving experience.How To PlaySelect car, start engine, boost acceleration and drive fast.Map showing on screen to locate you.Controlling button are on bottom of your screen.
Crazy Speed Truck Hill Racing 1.1
Drive truck in a mountain traffic is one ofthemost realistic game. It gives you a feel of extreme road trip.Let'sdownload our new free crazy truck racing game on your androiddeviceand enjoy a thrill of extreme racing.You are in mountain city of high traffic. Select your mostmodifiedtruck to win this race and to compete your opponent. Getintoposition and download this game to enjoy the officiallylicensedreal cars and stimulate a real drive experience. You haveto boostyour truck engine at max speed to unlock more trucks andgamemodes.Racing game is full of fun and when you have to drive yourownlicensed truck it simulate not only driving experience butalsogives you a feel of extreme road trip. This game play has atons ofracing trucks and two game mods. You have to choose classictounlock time trail.In classic mode you have six different trucks and three laps.Startengine, max your speed and win the race without any limit oftime.While in time trail mode you have to win this race in alimitedtime. Earn more cash to unlock more. If you have enough cashthenwatch ads to unlock your desire modes................ has different camera views which helps you tofinishthe laps on time and win the race with high rank. City maplocatesyour car and help you to find how far is your chechpoint.So buckleup for this furious race and play more to earnmore.Feature- Smoothest gameplay to thrill the race.- Fantastic music to vibrate your mind.- Enjoy with a part of slow motion drifting- Multiple game modes.- Clock is ticking so try to win in a minimum time.- New Curly Maps to enjoy the stunts.- Loads of trucks to unlock.- Smooth driffting.- Avoid traffic.- Tons of truck racers.- Amazing 3D road graphics.- Realistic driving experience.- Multiple camera view.- No Rules.How To Play- Select truck, start engine, boost acceleration anddrivefast.- Map showing on screen to guide you.- You can select tilting, steering or arrows to driveyourtruck.- Forword and reverse button is on the right bottom ofthescreen.- Controlling keys are on the left bottom of screen.Let's install and be prepare for the most thrillingracingexperience of your life!About MAO AppsMao Apps collected the best rating games ever. All games aretestedby Android Experts. All rights reserved.Stay Connect,+Army,+Sniper,+Action,+Games) and share on Facebook:
City Streets Drag Racing 1.1
City Streets Drag Racing is a fun,easy-goingracing game where players race along the coast of atropicaldesert, jungle and drag there car in city streets, tryingto hitcheckpoint with there sports car. Don't steer. It's a flatoutdrag-race so the game is won by precise starts, perfectlytimedgear-shifts and a tricked out car.City Streets Drag Racing gorgeous racing game with afantasticdriving experience. The incredibly polished graphicsandoutstanding soundtrack gives you a feel of real adventure in acitystreet to drag your car at extreme speed.City Streets Drag Racing is a clean-cut drag racing game. Youdon'tworry about steering - all you have to do is perfectly timeyourgear changes. Indicators tell when to make your next shift,andassuming your timing is up to snuff and your ride isamplyupgraded, you should pull across the finish line beforeyouropponent, and earn some winnings. Premium currency can be usedtobuy high-end cars, while the standard currency can be used tobuythe others, as well as upgrade specific parts such as the gearbox,engine, intake, and body.City Streets Drag Racing allows users to take the wheel of a hostofreal world cars and take them on a spin across gorgeouslyrenderedreal-world racetracks. Numerous game modes, from classic,challengesand time trails.Numerous camera modes let you enjoy the slick graphics andweatherof jungle, desert and a city streets also.FeaturesSmoothest gameplay to thrill the race.Design your own car.Fantastic music to vibrate your mind.Loads of luxury cars to unlock.Multiple game modes.Tons of car racers.Amazing 3D road graphics.Loads of environment.Adventurous drive in Tokyo city.Realistic driving experience.Multiple camera view.No Rules.How To PlaySelect Car, Start engine, and gear up on a right time toaccelerateyour car.Maximize your speed and get the tracks under your shoes.About MAO AppsMao Apps collected the best rating games ever. All games aretestedby Android Experts. All rights reserved.Stay Connect,+Army,+Sniper,+Action,+Games) and share on Facebook: