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Temple Man Endless Running Challenge 1.5
Temple Man Endless Running Challenge:Jump, slide and run to complete endless running challenge.In the lands far away, there is a mysterious cave. It is said thatthe cave is protected by the spirits of lonely mountains. Ifanybody dares to go in there, the spirits of the mountains killshim. No one has ever came back alive from there. A boy used to livein a village nearby, his curiosity was built with these stories. Hecommitted to go to the lonely mountains to explore the caves ofmysteries. One day he left his village and started his journey tofind the truth about the legends. After sometime, he reached at theopening of a cave and stepped into its darkness. In the next momenthe slipped and started sliding down the cave. When he was able torestore his senses, he was in a broad part of the cave. He foundhimself surrounded with many treasures, gold and gems.In the cave of mysteries the boy found the legendary lava reddiamond. When he put his hands on the gem, doing so had awaken thespirits of mountains. Now the protectors of cursed gem are huntingfor the boy. Help out the boy to save his life in this jungleadventure 3d runner endless game. Start running to escape from mazeof caves in this real jungli running adventures game. You have todo anything to survive from the protector spirits in this realtemple jungle rush running game. The realistic environment andbeautiful jungle view is combined with thoughts of being eaten bydemons. Run as fast as you can in this subway man dash runner game.You have to control the movements of player in this jungleadventure 3d runner endless game. Swipe up to jump and down toslide and avoid obstacles on the track. Swipe right or left to takequick turns in this subway endless super runner- amazinggame.Moreover, the player can also collect gold coins while running fromdemons in this real endless subway runner 3d game. The collectedcoins are very useful in upgrading your character. You can also buynew items in this subway man dash runner game. The power ups andrelics of this temple man endless running challenge game are veryuseful in the time of need. The player can evade hurdles withprotective shield around him in this real jungli running adventuresgame. So play to survive and also explore the natural views ofdifferent environments in this real temple jungle rush runninggame.temple man endless running challenge Features:Realistic 3D graphics.Different natural environments.Smooth running simulation.Different power ups.Simple and easy swipe controls.Different items for character in store.Real in-game sounds.If you have no WIFI, you can play subway endless super runner-amazing game absolutely free.So quickly download this interesting temple man endless runningchallenge game of 2017 offered by Mao Apps Sim Studio from GooglePlay Store on your android smart phones
Doctor's clinic simulator 1.0.4
In this doctor Game you perform the duty of a doctor in the cityhospital. Surgeon is required at city hospital to draw blood frompatient’s body. Apply vein injection simulator to patients arm andbuttock. Collect blood samples in small bottles to test diabetesand other infection diseases. Start the draw blood and emergencytreatment to the patients before them going to clinic operatingroom for surgery. Become a doctor and start understanding the majorproblems of patients. With proper care and medication; the patientcan recover quickly. When you injecting the injection to patientthe fluid of injection going into the body of patient through vein.Take blood samples and send it the hospital lab for test. Thisdoctor clinic check up game gives you a chance to play somethingelse other than the heart surgery games. Play blood draw injectiongames to experience vaccines, blood draw, injections and needlemedication. It is your job to attend diabetic patients for vaccine,injection, draw blood and give medications. The city hospital iscrowded with patients that have various blood related diseases.Check their temperature, blood pressure and draw blood for a bloodtest. Send the blood sample to the lab. Draw blood collectionsample sent to the clinic laboratory to know about patient’scomplete blood report. This helps in proper diagnosis andprescribing medicine or injection. Inject vaccine on the patientbuttock or arm when diagnosis of disease is done. Find the vein andinsert the needle very carefully. This doctor emergency treatmentgame is totally different from the other boring type games. Enjoyrealistic hospital surgeon procedure which is start from wait ofdoctor and end to the injecting injection.
Glow Air Hockey 2 Players Online 1.0
Glow Air Hockey 2 Players Onlinedownload real finger table hockeygame!Finger hockey is a glow style hockey game 2017. Play this newair hockey game with your fingers on your android device. Challengeyourself with the computer online opponents or friends. Highquality graphics are including in this android game. Unique airglow hockey game is the best free hockey game for the finger hockeylovers. Amazing graphics, great effects, easy to learn, hard tomaster game play and a small install size makes it an ice glowhockey game. Choose the best one challenger opponent, show yoursharp hockey skills on them and win the match. In the additionalchampionship mode you can play against only one opponent at a time.Take the hockey pad and score the goal. You can change the colorsand design of your tools. You'll feel the spirit of winning thegame in this glow hockey match. You should try this new generationgame at least one time. This glory game is one of the best tablegames. When you play this deluxe hockey game one time then you willwant to play this glow hockey goal Hd game more and more time. Youcan play this glow ice hockey game with your partner, lover andcouple. In this air soccer hockey game you will find all thefeatures of a perfect hockey multiplayer game. This hero hockeygame gives you a chance to play something else other than theboring type flick air hockey 3d games. Realistic physics controlsand sound effects make this air hockey glow player well. This tablehockey game is easy to play but hard to becoming a master inhockey. Your smooth hockey pad moving so fast and bringing for youexpected victory. If you want to win 3d glow hockey world cup thenget ready to show your perfect hockey skills with your hockey pad.Enjoy the freedom of motion and speed. Play online this glowmultiplayer hockey hd game against your friends. This aero hockeyis a classic air hockey game with incredible realistic physics.This new glory hockey 3d game is a simple beautifully designedhockey game 2017. Game play is absolutely amazing with fabuloussound effects. Graphics design is outclass of this hockey game.This glow hockey war game is different from the other hockeydynasty games. Everything is carefully designed and keeps as simpleas possible. Air star hockey is the new generation portableexciting arcade game. This arcade game is not just looking verydifferent but this is also different. Feel the unique excitement inthis real finger table hockey game. Install this app and play yourfavorite free air hockey multi game on your smart phone. Theconcept is simple but the game play is fast of this hockey championtrophy match. Hit the puck and arrive it; into your opponent’sgoal. Each level is more difficult than the next level. If you liketo challenge your hockey skills then play this glow game and enjoyit. Download this air glow hockey challenge game freely and enjoyit. Are you ready to face all challenging missions of this deluxehockey game? If answer is yes then be ready to survive allchallenges of this android game. Good luck! glow air hockey 2players online Features: ★ Easy to play★ Player vs. player★ Playervs. computer★ Real time hockey play feelings★ Support single andmultiplayer ★ High quality sound ★ Realistic 3d graphics★ Twoplayer mode ★ Smooth and responsive game play★ Challenge yourselfwith difficulty levels ★ Support all android devices★ Single playermodenow play glow multiplayer hockey hd game.It’s totally free toplay.So get it now from Google play store for your androiddevices.Quickly download this interesting game.
Knock Down Slingshot Games 1.0
Knock Down Slingshot Games Hit the fruits with apple and enjoy thesplash juicy adventure! The most addictive knock down game in theandroid mobile market! Use your tricks and win the bubble fruitknock down the game. You will surely enjoy this android game. Youcan also zoom in, zoom out and move the game scene to see fromclosely. So just download and enjoy this interesting fruits wordsgame. Challenge your friends to play this fun and addictive sweetmatch fruit game. Fruit shoot girl gulel is an arcade game in thegreen park environment. There are different levels with a uniquearrangement of the objects. Just throw down all of them to theground to clear the burst level. Different new arrangements offruits will give you an arcade feeling of fruit hitting with applesin every new level. This new slingshot knockdown game has manyunique and interesting levels; where you can shoot all the fruitsby using your logical and aiming skills to complete a level. Thisnew fruit bubble shooter game is one of the best fruit free games.Shoot and destroy these all beautiful sweet fruits by using yourslingshot shooter skills. Slingshot apple shooter is an excitinggame 2017. Use a catapult to shoot all the fruits, which is makingthis fruit gulel wala game more special. The physics which is usedin this slingshot gulel games are very accurate and interesting.Hit the pop fruits through the catapult with apple to crazy knockdown the fruits. If you can knock down all the fruits throughcatapult by using apples then the level will complete otherwiselevel will fail. This real fruit shoot game is about to splashknock down the fruits by slingshot. This is a level mode game.These fruits games are required shooting, killing and falling downskills. This bubble fruit shooter adventure game is different fromother boring type slingshot balls games. If you like splash knockdown ball games; then you will find all the best features of fruitshooter in this splash fruit knocking down the game. In this newfruit shoot game; you need to fall down the many fruits by hitthrough apples. Free slingshot knocks down 3d are very interestinglevel based game in the lake view environment. Every level of thisslingshot fruit game has a different type of difficulty. This fruitwar knock down play is a very simple arcade dots falling down fruitgame. This is the best description of amazing features of thisfruit knock down game. This real can knockdown shooting game issuitable for all ages. If you complete the first splash level thenthe next level will automatically unlock. Initially, first levelunlocked and remaining levels are locked. In each level, there is acertain number of apples to throw is a limited time. If you willfinish the apples and all fruits will not throw then level willfail. Pull the gulel, throw the crazy apples and knocking down allangry fruits with different shots. Just set your aim and shoot thetargets to fall down the fruits from their location. You can falldown saga fruits in different levels by playing this knock downangry catapult game. You will not only get the experience of takingslingshots but also can knocking down angry fruits. Mao apps simstudio gives you a new style of shooting with gulel. Now, what areyou waiting for? Come and join this game! Have fun! Good luck!Knock Down Slingshot Games Feature: Easy and simple touch controlMany different and interesting levels Accurate physics actionpacked game Limited apples to candy knock down the fruits No timelimit Simple and beautiful graphics Realistic sounds and musiceffects Missions and challenge mode Easy to play and hard to becomea shooter master Unlock the levels by using your fruit knock downskills It’s totally free to play. So get it now from Google playstore for your android devices. Quickly download this interestinggame 2017.
Ludo Board Game Free New 1.0
Ludo Board Game Free NewPlay ludo game with real players with chat and emotionsexperience.Recall your childhood by playing real ludo classic gamewithfriends and family.This classic ludo multiplayer games are played between 2 to4players and you have the option of playing the game againstthecomputer, against your friends or even against people fromaroundthe world. Each player move can only be made based on thenumberdecided by casting a six sided die and each token can onlymove outof their home by casting a six in this ludo star gameonline.Laadhuu is most popular and entertaining game for all theages.This new Ludo emperor 3d game is now available on Google playstorefor you to play. Play this ludo star game online with yourfriends,family or a random player across the world by logging intoGoogleplay games and Facebook. You can see your total win scoresand yourrank on global leader boards in this online ludo stargame.This amazing dice board ludo game is of two, three and fourplayerscombination. Each player will take one color from brightyellow,green, red and blue. This online ludo game is different fromtheother real Ludo games free 3d. You can also send your messagetoyour opponents while playing the free super Ludo match inthisonline ludo game. You got classic Ludo dice and neo Ludoboards. Wesure that when you play this amazing game you will happyand demandmore versions of this ludoo star game. The royal ludoboard, dieand token are a timeless design in this free Bing ludo 3dgame HD.This ludoo Bing game gives you the best ludo experience andrealfeelings. This ludoo online game is one of the best newludobadshah games 2017. The objective of this ludo queen new games3dgame is straight forward and each player has four tokens.Thesketch marks and crystal clear tokens will make us the feel ofsameold touch ludo board. There are several achievements to unlockinthe kingdom of Ludo. In the history of Ludo hacking new games2017this ludo prince new 2017 is most popular. The pachisi Ludoboardis of the square shape and supports up to 4 players. You canassignthe colors to all players and quietly watch each inthismultiplayer gold ludo party game. These new games ludoprincess2017 are required exciting and amazing skills. You haveoptions toinvite your friends and join Mr. Ludo match by yourFacebook. Thesetokens will make a full turn of the Ludo board andthen make it tothe finish line. This multiplayer gold ludo battlegame is sure tokeep you glue to your phone. Hit other player’stokens and reachthe goal before the others do.The competition factor of this ludo classic free game is uppedbythe fact that while moving if another player’s token lands onthesame square as your token. Whoever gets all four tokens to theendfirst is the winner. This ludo lord new version 2017 game isbetterthan the boring type ludo games free 3d.After completing the Ludo star 2017 level you could permute tothenext ludo mania level. Then your token will automatically besentback home and you will need to dice roll a six again. Now, whatareyou waiting for? Come and join this ludo board game free newgame.Have fun! Good luck!Ludo Board Game Free New Features:Consecutive three rolls of dice brings 6 then coin out if allcoinsare in the yardAll the rules are optional so you can play bothinternationalversionCreate private table and invite friends and familyIt’s totally free to play.So get it now from Google play store for your androiddevices.Quickly download Ludo Board Game Free New interestinggame2017.
Dentist Doctor Surgery Free Game 1.2
Life is small so smile if you don't have to go to dentist fordental surgery.Dental surgery simulator game designed for yourteeth health.Doctor provides you an opportunity to become a realdentist helping his patients with modern time simulated surgery.The modern era of simulated surgery has started with different realtime operations and surgeries which can be performed just for thesake of fun like other professional dentist games and bonesoperation games as well. You can consider yourself a real surgeondoctor.Select a character to start playing with. Spin the wheel ofdental problems to select one from. You can spin it again to findthe desired one to cure. There are different patient and may sharedifferent tooth problems. So master all of them to become the bestdoctor in the city hospital. Each level of this dentist surgerygame is difficult from previous simulated dentist game.You have apatient who was playing outside and knocked his tooth and now it ishalf broken and crying in severe pain. Grab the dental chair forhim, lay the sick down gently and grab your dentist tools to have aquick dental examination. The patient has bad tooth ache and acouple of other teeth have cracks and cavity holes in them. Firstgently apply numbing potion and clean the teeth. Moreover, look fortooth plague in teeth, find it and extract with tissue pliers. Takethe electric filler drill to fill up the teeth cavities and cracksin the teeth. Now it’s time to extract the effected tooth withanother dentist equipment, grab the tooth extractor forceps toextract the lose tooth and replace it with an artificial tooth.Thisis an orthodontist game of real time fun as being a professionalphysician surgeon doctor. Do fun things with professional dentistinstruments in your own operation theater.It is a very goodeducational game has the best dentist surgery simulation on playstore to make you a good orthodontic doctor.This dental game is asimple dental procedure undergoes by following dental operationsteps like a real orthodontist. At the end of procedure, look forinfections by examining tooth gums. Kill the germs withantibacterial solution. Apply dentist cream where necessary torelief pain. In addition to, there are also some other toothproblems require your expertise as a dental surgeon expert. Dentistproblems can be caused by consuming junk food like ice cream andcandies. Operate patient with modern day surgery techniques and usedental tools like a real surgeon. Be a real life savior physiciandoctor in your own dentist hospital and treat your patient withcare. Features:Knock off the germs wandering in the mouthFill upthe teeth cracks using filling drillClean up the teeth with variouscleaning toolsSuck out the remains of food particles with tinyvacuumExtract rotten tooth and replace with new onesPut dentalbraces to align DE shaped teeth.
Doctor Face Surgery Game: Clinic Simulation 1.2
Your dream has come true, become aprofessional surgeon real doctor in your own city hospitalsimulator. This funny game gives you the unlimited time of funplaying and doing your job as a professional doctor games. Treatyour patients having facial injuries any type of facial skin cancerand all skin diseases in this super bone surgery hospital doctorgame. There are many patients and they require to have plasticsurgery to get their pretty looks back using real face surgerysimulation games. A few of them had broken their facial bones in aroad car accident. Some have injured their selves in any outdoor orindoor activity. You can use real medical tools and surgicalinstruments in this cosmetic surgery simulation game. You can alsostitch wounds and perform operations in your real operation theatersimulator. Your patients will be brought in an ambulance. Treatwell your wounded patients and you will be awarded extra points inthis real ER surgery simulator.Ready your real operation theater you have your first injuredpatient in wrap face: real surgery hospital Perform an X-Ray scan.Being a face surgeon doctor, you can replace broken bones byobserving the X-Ray scan report. It looks your patient may havesome broken facial bones. Your patient is a professional fighter inboxing. He has some wounds and scars on the forehead and a brokennose. Become an expert doctor surgeon in rhinoplasty to treat noseinjury in doctor games. Lay him down on the stretcher and take himto your real operation theater room in face surgery doctor games.Put on your surgery uniform and gloves in this throat surgeryoperation game. Sterilize your plastic surgery equipment in thesterilizer machine in real plastic surgery games: face surgery Giveyour injured patient anesthesia and apply the oxygen mask. Grabyour antiseptic liquid and soak cotton in it in this plasticsurgeon game. Apply this cotton and clean wounds and scars. Grabyour bone hammer and strike the nose gently a few times in thisfacial surgery sim. Apply bandage on nose and dressing of scars isalso important in modern doctor game. Shift your patient in thegeneral ward to stabilize and take good care of him. Play more tounlock next surgery levels same as in cosmetic surgery simulationdoctor games.You have another patient who has severe burn injuries on the facedoctor games. You may have to perform a plastic face surgery inface plastic surgery clinic: doctor hospital games Your patientalso needs chin and face contouring in this face doctor game. Takehim to the burn unit of your town hospital and give him anestheticmedicine via an oxygen mask. Bring him to the operation room andexamine like other free surgery games. Take the marker and mark thearea of his arm to take a piece of skin. Like other free doctorgames cut out the skin and apply antiseptic liquid in i am facesurgeon doctor Now apply injection to burn scar and facial damagearea in this real surgery simulation game. Do the same marking andremoving procedure with surgery knife in this facial operationsurgery simulation. Apply the piece of skin and stitch it all theway to the damaged facial skin. Take your server injured burntpatient to the Intensive Care Unit ICU of your private clinicsimulator, and take good care of your patient. Make him get wellsoon and heal him fast. Enjoy the fun of being an ER surgeonspecialist doctor in this funny doctor games.Doctor Face Surgery Game: Clinic Simulation Features:Use real operation theaterRealistic 3D graphicsUse relevant surgery toolsEasy to get used toMultiple facial surgery operationsUser hi tech machines and laser treatmentIf you have no wifi, you can play face beauty: surgery simulation,absolutely free.So quickly download this interesting doctor surgery games: modernface surgery game of 2017 offered by Gaming world from Google PlayStore on your android smart phones.
Real Fruit Crash Candy Blasting Game 1.0
Real Fruit Crash Candy Blasting Game:Start the party with squashy fruits of amazing candy land world.Ifyou are a lover of fruit splashing games you will like thisamazingfree game. Plotting the story line and game play of our realstarsfruits game, the classic controls and high definitiongraphicsalong with the perfectly ripened colorful fruits is a charmof thisgame. This stars fruits splashing game will make you cravefor morefun of real dragon fruits cutting style.Hit the play button from the real fruits matchings game’s menuandstart the mouth watering marvelous adventures. You will begivenwith a chart of fruits in this fruit game. You just have toswipeand drag the tasty fruits and try to make combination of atleastthree fruits in this fresh fruits slicing game in a row orcolumn.This combination will squash and crush the fruits to makespecialdelightful fruit cocktail mission and will add plenty ofscores inyour score account. The fun thing in this puzzle game is,the morefruits you pop in a row will award you bonus points aswell. Theplayer has to crush the silver background tiles as themissionobjectives of this real fruit matching game. Keep in mind,if youpop more than 4 same fruits in a row or column of thisfruitslicing mania game, a random fruit of same kind will becrushed andpopped. Moreover, you will also see some relics infruits and thesefruits will be different from the rest in thiscrush game. Try tocrush them as well to achieve high score. Thiswill help youcompleting the milestone. Carry the fun of this fruitsmatchinggame until the time bar runs out. Play more to beat yourprevioushigh score and continue the fun of this game offered by MaoAppssim Studio.Real Fruit Crash Candy Blasting Game Features:Different delicious colorful fruits.Match to win technique.Mouthwatering game background and graphics.Make combinations of three fruits to move on.Combination of four or more fruits will make special dessert.Colorful and adventurous themes.So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and download thisbeautifulgame on your android smart phone via Google Play Store andstartthe fun in your fingers.
Pizza Making Master Chef Game 1.0
Pizza Making Master Chef Game:Welcome chef, your kitchen is ready to make pizza.Make delicious spicy pizza and become the world’s number onepizzabaker kitchen chef. We will give you full control and accesstomake your own recipe and share with friends playing games.Nowlet’s go through the gameplay of this make a pizza: new freegame.First, the player has to make a dough in this pizza maker new:howto cook game. You need water, flour, salt and sugar accordingtotaste like other my pizza: recipe game for girls. Now mix alltheingredients well with the spoon until it forms a tough tastyspicypizza dough. When it forms the shape of ready to bake pizzabaseadd a few drops of olive oil and let it be for some time.There are different type of spices and chilies to choose inthispizza maker new: how to cook game. Make the spices baseaccordingto taste. Pour some water in the bowl and add salt, blackpepperpowder, red pepper powder and some chili souses in the samebowl inthis make a pizza: new free game. Stir and mix well alltheingredients to make a thick paste. Make everything like achefworking in its kitchen. Apply all the chili paste on thepizzadough. Now cut some onions and choose your favorite cheesefrom amouthwatering large variety. Spread the mozzarella andcheddarcheese on the pre baked pizza according to taste.If you like you can add meat pieces from chicken meat, beefandmutton cabinet in this delicious pizza recipe: pizza gamesfree.Pour and spread vegetables, mushrooms and tomatoes as well.Nowyour pizza is ready to be backed in this delicious pizzarecipe:pizza game free. Put the pizza in the oven, turn on theheatingbutton and set the timer. Wait for the bell to ring andafter that,your yummy pizza is ready to serve. Bring out yourdelicious pizzaand choose slices in this new pizza chef: expertcooking game.Garnish your pizza with anything you want fromeverythingavailable. The heavy and tasty your menu is, the betterscore youwill earn like other pizza dough recipe: tasty kitchengames. Serveyour customers with delicious fresh baked making master chef game Features:Realistic and hd graphicsSalty and delicious ingredientsDifferent types and flavorsMultiples goals and many challenging levelsCreate high score to get a bonusTasty and spicy featuresSimple and smooth control to make pizzaFull time user control on gameplay.If you have no Wi-Fi, you can play yummy pizza recipe cookinggameabsolutely free.So quickly download this adventurous pizza making master chefgameof 2017 offered by Mao Apps Sim Studio from Google Play Storeonyour android smart phones.
Sky Rail Coaster Adventure Park Free Game 1.0
Sky Rail Coaster Adventure ParkFreeGame:Play the most unique and advanced park traintransportinggame.Welcome to the world of awesomeness, with a roller coasterwaitingfor you. The natural view and heart stopping tracks willtake youto an unforgettable ride. The ride is more safe andenjoyable inthis roller coaster game. Because the visitors will beriding theroller coaster trains running down the tracks. This trainrollercoaster is a very simple game with classic controls. Chooseyourfavorite roller coaster sky train among other in thisattractiontheme park game. You can explore a whole new world inthis rollercoaster 3d sim game.You have to rank your park up to attract more people inrollercoaster games free. That’s how more income will be generatedinthis crazy sky train rider amazing game. The controls areverysimple and handy for every player. You just have to controlthespeed of roller coaster and traction on turns. The rest willbeautomated for you in this roller train game. The visitorshavestarted coming and they are waiting for amazing trainrollercoaster rider. Play and complete different challenges inthiscoaster train game. The more people love your ride the morepointsyou will get. Compete with your friends to beat the highestscoreand extract more fun in this roller coaster super trainadventuregame.In addition to, the track followed in this ride roller coastertrainamazing game, is full of thrilling bumps and jumps. Therollercoaster train makes barrel rolls on the height of track.Also speedup while climbing up on the steep tracks in this amazingtrain rideroller coaster game. Spring pass is the most frighteningbut mostenjoyable part of track. The train coaster go like adriller in veryfast speed. Moreover, the parallel loops will awardyou more pointsin this roller coaster fun game. The real beauty ofthis extremeroller coaster park adventure game is seen when theroller coastersemerge from the amazing tunnel. Give it a try ifyou are a real funseeker and rail coaster adventure park free game Features:Realistic 3D Graphics.Highest tracks to enjoy more.Different old classic trains as roller coasters.Smooth and easy addictive controls.Realistic 3D gaming experience.Realistic in game sounds.Different extreme impossible tracks to test your skills.If you have no WIFI, you can play sky rail coaster adventureparkfree game absolutely free.So quickly download this interesting amazing train drivingrollercoaster tracks game of 2017 offered by MAO APPS SIM STUDIOfromGoogle Play Store on your android smart phones.
Fashion Cute Nail Design Polish Games 1.0
Fashion Cute Nail Design Polish Games:Become a professional makeup artist and make your models lookmorebeautiful.The fashion trends are changing and everyone wants to lookmorebeautiful. A new saloon is now open in the city hall square.Thereare different services the saloon provides to its customers.Thebest among is their nail paint. The artist have to show itsamazingskills in this real saloon makeup game. You can become arealmakeup artist by playing more. The key to win this …fancymakeovernail polish- art games is to practice your nail paintmakeup a lot.You will learn different things which are important toget familiarwith in this makeup spa game.It is the practice that can develop your basics to become amaster.You have to learn different designs to start your girl realsaloongame. Start your make up nails polishing and master yourartist’sskills. When you are done with your nail polish designpractice,then you can start the real play. The first thing you haveto do isto buy some new nail paints for make-up. There aredifferentamazing stuff to try on your clients hand in this modelartist girlgame. It is a dream come true to become pro makeupsaloon artist.Here comes your first client, offer her the chair andlet her sitcomfortably. Select the nail cut style that would suitperfectly onyour client. Choose the nail paint color toapply.The real deal is to make your client look more beautiful inthisreal make-up nails game. Moreover, you can also add glittersandnail stones as well in this beautiful princess game. Thecontrolsof this girls nail polish game are amazingly easy. Theglamour willhelp you earn more points in this girl real parlorgame. You haveto use your practiced designs in this girl naildesign makeoverfashion games. In addition to, some innovation canhelp as well inprofessional manners. Use your skills to make yourclient look likea beautiful cute nail design polish games Features:Realistic 3D graphicsBeautiful nail polish colorsCustomizable designsSmooth tap and drag controlsMultiple colors and accessoriesMake your client more beautifulInteresting gameplayIf you have no wifi, you still can play fashion cute naildesignpolish games absolutely free.So quickly download this interesting fashion girl beauty designnailgames of 2017 offered by Mao Apps Sim Studio from Google PlayStoreon your android smart phones.
Wedding Dress Designing Ideas: Tailor Game 1.1
wedding dress designing ideas; tailor game:Your boutique is thebest in the master dress designing games.The fashion show isstarting next month. It is a perfect opportunity for you toparticipate in this fashion design game. There are differentrenowned outfit designer tycoons coming from around the world. Theonce in a life time token is in your hand to start your career as adress designer.Models will love to wear your dresses in thiswedding dress star game. So start your work and make some verybeautiful dresses that can make you famous. Make your model looklike a real princess in this make up dress designing game. You needto make your products to full fill needs of new fashion designingtrends. The gameplay of this dressing design game is veryinteresting. All you have to do is to come up with innovativedesigns of dresses. There is huge stuff to try with your new ideasin this wedding dress designing game. You will be provided withclothes and all necessary tools as well. You need to practice yourdress designing skills to become master outfit designer.Afterperfecting your dress making skills, you can make adorable dressesfor the fashion week. Select the clothes stuff and color. First youhave to take the order for dress in this dressing saloon game.Select the required top for your customer. The top should be ofbeautiful color that suits the customer. You can also add patternsand prints as well in this celebrity dress star game. The color ofdress and design should look attractive. The beautiful accessoriescan also make your designed dress look more beautiful.There isdifferent amazing stuff to try on your clients dress in this modelbarbie game. The controls are very easy and players of all ages canenjoy playing this dress making Game. You have to tap on thedesired top or pants. After selecting your client’s shirt designs,you have to tap on required color. Keep in mind, you have to followthe requirements of your client’s order. When you are done with thedress stitching, the customer will pay you in this fashion designergame. Use earned money to modify and expand your designing range inthis celebrity dress designing game.Your innovative ideas will helpyou make your client look like a new fashion dress designer .Bestof Fashion dress designer game key Features:Realistic 3DgraphicsBeautiful dress colorsCustomizable designsSmooth tap anddrag controlsMultiple colors and accessoriesMake your dresses morebeautifulInteresting game playIf you have no wifi, you still canplay dress design game absolutely free.So quickly download thisinteresting black Friday dress design shop game of 2017 offered byMao Apps Sim Studiofrom Google Play Store on your android smartphones.
Rolling Puzzle ball 1.0
Welcome to a brand new mind puzzle game of 2018. Mao Apps SimStudio proudly presents an amazing puzzle game. Do you like thegame class as below? Catch The Jerry has all the sections.-Slidejoy Puzzles Use your brain to make the puzzle logic.- PuzzleGames solve puzzle to Catch Jerry.- Sliding Puzzles The alteringlogic games won’t let you get bored at any moment.- Twisty PuzzlesThe tremendous puzzle roller cat and mouse.- Brain Teasers sharpenyour mind by completing different - Challenging Levels There is atimer clock.- Physics Puzzler with high IQ level Physics-basedpuzzle game.- Match 3,4 or 5 Puzzles Easy to match, hard tomaster.- Active mind Practices Train you brain to accomplished.-Family Puzzle Games Find out, who the best man with high IQ level.-Maze Puzzle Games Sharpen your mind by completing differentchallenging levels. - Hexa Puzzles Hundreds of mind bobbling jigsawmissions are waiting for you. - Challenging Puzzles Entertain youduring your free time.Feel free, keep you playing itThe controls ofmind logic game are also very easy. Just tap and drag to move yourtile to next position according to your mind logic. After allsettled, the cat will catch the mouse point and logical mind puzzlewill be solved. FEATURES • SLIDING PUZZLE players of every age canplay jigsaw game with an ease.• EASY CONTROL Smooth and easy toplay• NO LIMITATIONS Enjoy at your own time and pace.• NO PROBLEMSPuzzles you can solve offline.• MORE VARIETIES Arcade, Time Trialsmode to challenge & Classic mode to qualify.• TONS OF LEVELSYou can enjoy the different modes and hundreds of missions• RESTARTHave a Miscalculation? Don't worry, just restart• HINTS Hints areavailable to solve the puzzles• OPTIMIZED Support both PHONES &TABLETS
Multi Car Wash Game : Design Game 1.0
Multi Car Wash : Design GameRepair, replace and repaint yourvehicle for a better look with car wash game.Become a mechanic andpractice with repairing game.Make your own auto shop and wash tomake them look like new.Welcome to a car wash designing game of2018. Imagine you have a beautiful car. Then you have to spend alot of money for it to look new. The last option for you to go tomechanic. The one who knows its cars very well in this tiny carshop game.Variety of Cars and levelsHere, you have different freetrucks available to make them look like new. The first thing is toselect your favorite little vehicle from a collection. It will soonbe delivered to your smart car pit shop. Now it is up to you howyou make it more beautiful. After you complete the missions, youcan move to next free car in the pit shop. You have sports, luxuryand other road cars in this mini game. FEATURES Missions andstagesThe missions are much full of fun than any other tiny carshop games. Each town car undergoes several procedures in yourmechanic shop. When you complete one, you can unlock the nextmechanic shop mission.Car WasherThe very first one is a car wash& designing mission. You have to shower with water and applywasher with a sponge. Then cleanse it again with water and gentlyrub with a towel.Car RepairThe next stage of real car designer isto provide services for the body. Search for the scratches andother dents on the body in your racing car shop. You can use a gastorch to repair any cuts and body damage as a super mechanic.However, you have to use a hammer to repair dents in yourshop.Change Wheels and Repair ChassisThen, change the wheels andinstall new ones as you are a super car mechanic. Blow air withpressure machine up to a certain limit.Car RefuelingNow you canproceed for refueling and car tuning. Hold the fuel pipe and openthe lid over the fuel tank. Fully fill the tank of petrol. Thenopen up the hood and add in the mobile oil.TuningThe mini carsimulator’s engine oil is in a container in the tiny car shop.Slowly put it in the place. After completion, you are ready to goright off from your shop.Best of Luck…!If you have no wifi, you canplay absolutely free.So quickly download this interesting game of2018 offered by Mao Apps Sim Studio available on Google Play Storeon your android smart phones.
Spiral Jump Tower 2.0
Spiral Jump TowerMao Apps Sim Studio proudly presents a mindblowing free helix tower jumping game of 2018.Switch your mode to aspiral network of maze and find your way out in the depths ofmuddled colors. The rich graphics and cool colors will definitelymesmerize your nerve of fun.So brace yourself as the rich andthrilling gameplay is enough to electrify your ride of joy andentertainment. All fun seekers are warmly welcomed to play andrefresh your mind with cool game of spiral jump tower. The amazinglabyrinth free color hop game comes with surprisingly awesomegraphics. It’s like, your childhood dream is a colorful reality.The spinning tower brings bright adventures to you sitting is thecomfort zone. So relax and let your fingers work playing helixtower jumping.The game comes with multiple full of fun dodginggameplay modes. You will find it more entertaining with too manyfree puzzle game’s concepts included.Spinning TowerThere is a towerwith colorful platforms.Color BallThe colored ball is your pall inthe game. You have to play amazing ball puzzle game on a spinningtower. The exceptional gameplay will make your experience veryamazing.Puzzle WebThere is a small outlet in the platform of ballgame. You have to jump through the vortex.Avoid Hitting ColorTileThe dodging and rolling game has multiple modes. You need toavoid hitting colored tiles. If you accidentally hit any of these,your ball rolling game will be over.Rolling ball Help the ballrollout of the jigsaw tower.Enhance IQ Turn the spiral color tomake scores jumping and finding perfect fit through outlet.ClassicBrain Challenge Make high scores by ball hop.Best Maze Escape Helpyour color ball escape color tower and land free.The gameplay offree puzzle games very addictive. Help color ball dodge same colortiles in the vortex. Each time when you jump down the spiral colortower, your score will increase.Free Run ModeThe endless fun ofvortex color hop game will bring hurricane of joy right inside yourandroid device. Just tap and play with color vortex. You need toswipe your finger either side of screen to roll the colored vortex.The ball will jump on throughout the color game. There is no timelimit in free run mode. In addition, the color of ball and avoidingtiles will also change, as you jump through 4 or more ramps atonce.Colorful GraphicsThe spiral color game features distinctiveand catchy colored theme. The background comes with beautifulspectating colors. Moreover, the ball and tile colors also changewith time and gameplay of free color hop game.Level ModeThe levelmode of spiral color game gives you a task to attain specificscore. Here, you have to sit tight and reach the last ramp tocomplete the mission.Best of Luck…!If you have no wifi, you canplay best puzzle game absolutely free.So quickly download thisinteresting ball in vortex game of 2018 offered by Mao Apps SimStudio available on Google Play Store on your android smart phones.
Toy Arena Car Parking 1.0
Missing your days of childhood? We bring your golden days back withyour favorite toy cars. The track replicates the thoughts of a kidin its study room surrounded with books. A spark just turnseverything into playhouse in its mind. The young boy take its carand drives where ever he wants. So enjoy yourself driving car justlike a kid and have fun ride on track of your imaginations. If youhave no WIFI, you can play parking game with toy car absolutelyfree. Quickly download this new toy game of 2018 on your androiddevices.