MapQuest Apps

Commute: Live Traffic Alerts 1.0.4
Commute is the simplest app for informationabout your daily drive. Commute proactively monitors the roadconditions along your route and alerts you to travel times andincidents so you know what to expect on your way to and from work.• Enter some basic information about your commute and we’llnotify you 15 minutes prior to your scheduled departure with ourinformative notifications.• If you’re commuting outside of your scheduled times or want toget a read on your route, you can check current conditions anytimeby simply opening the app. It’s that easy!• When your commute forecast looks grim or you have extra stopsto make, Commute links directly to the MapQuest app for a morerobust navigation experience. The MapQuest navigation app will helpyou find alternate routes, get voice-guided directions, or simplyfind a coffee shop along the way.Download the simplest app for your daily commute!Have feedback for our development team? Contact us at:
MapQuest Gas Prices 1.2
Find cheap gas near you using MapQuest's FREE, easy-to-use GasPrices app!Our Android app automatically detects your location and shows youthe best prices nearby­ in your neighborhood, along your commute,or on a weekend road trip.- Find the cheapest gas price in your area- Prices frequently updated- Sort gas stations based on lowest price or distance fromyou- Add stations as Favorites, and check which one has the lowestprice in an instant!- Supports many fuel types: Regular, Mid-Grade, Premium, Diesel,and even E-85- Launch the MapQuest Navigation app to get voice-guided directionsto a stationStay on top of pricing swings and make your fuel dollars go furtherwith MapQuest Gas Prices!