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Holaa! Caller ID & Call Block
Holaa! is a free Caller ID application whichlets you know the caller’s name, photo and their location during anincoming call. Holaa! also helps you block spam calls from peskyspammers or other unwanted callers.Holaa! never uploads your phonebook to make it searchable orpublic.Holaa! Features:- CALLER ID: Identify the caller with their name, photograph,location and email ID.- HOODLE: Besides being a caller ID, Holaa is also a fun app whereyou can get Hoodle Score based on your calling patterns, Favoritesbased on people you like to call, and Nirvana Time based on theduration you stay away from calls.- BLOCK CALLERS: Block spam calls from spammers andtelemarketers.- SMART SEARCH: Identify name, photo, location & email ID ofthe person, to whom a phone number belongs to. All your searcheswithin Smart Search are stored so that you can go back and quicklysearch phone numbers again- ENRICHED PHONEBOOK: Synchronize your Facebook & Googleaccounts with your phonebook, and visually enhance it by fetchingthe latest photos- MERGING CONTACT INFO: Holaa! regularly provides additionalinformation about your contacts which you can add to your phonebookby using the ‘Merge’ feature- CONTACT CARD: Every contact of yours has a contact card withinHolaa! where you can see the Name, photograph, email ID, Location,and your activity history with the contact- ACTIVITY ANALYSER: Keeps you informed on the duration for whichyou have spoken to a particular contact- MISSED CALL ALERTS: If you have missed call(s), Holaa! providesyou with a dashboard for taking necessary action - Call, SMS, Blockor Add Contact- OFFLINE SUPPORT: It provides you offline support for unknowncontacts that have already called you. This means, even if youdon’t have Internet connection Holaa! will still work fine.For more useful information visit us at:http://www.holaa.meFor Privacy: Terms of Use: queries contact: