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Artemis is an Archery performance and monitoring app for both the(semi)professional archer and the trainer/coach. Created by thecurrent Head coach of the compound team of the Netherlands. Artemisis used at World Championships and other international events,Olympic training centers and Regional training centers since 2012by National teams and members of National teams from theNetherlands, Italy, Canada, Belgium, Austria. Artemis users includetop-archers and coaches like; Sjef van den Berg, Peter Elzinga,Mike Schloesser, Wietse van Alten, Emiel Custers, Ron van der Hoff,Mitch Dielemans, Irina Markovic, Martine Couwenberg, Inge vanCaspel, Thomas van Eil, Inge Enthoven, and many others! WithArtemis you can record your score and plot your arrows, but it cando much, much more. Archery is a game of statistics, and this appcan help you with the statistical analysis to become a betterarcher. For recurve or compound, target or field, archer ortrainer/coach, Artemis offers the tools to improve your or yourathletes' performance. ArtemisLite is free!! Upgrading to Premiumwill unleash all analysis potential and an upgrade to Coached isperfect for the close cooperation between athletes and coaches orfor National Teams. It is developed by Marcel van Apeldoorn; aformer international archer, aerospace researcher, softwaredeveloper, and head coach of the Compound Team of the Netherlands.Artemis has been tested in many international events; Worldcups,European and World Championships. With Artemis, you can; Recordyour setups - Use different bows, sights, setups, quivers withdifferent arrows - Save different tuning parameters for each setup,compound or recurve Match and round creation - Create custommatches, any number of ends with any number of arrows - Use QR tagsto create and share your rounds/matches - Many target faces(World-Archery, Field, GNAS, IFAA, IBO, NFAA, etc) Record yourmatches and training sessions - Full screen, intuitive and fast,different ways to record your scores. - Indicate the scoring valuefor correct placement - Easy positioning of shots when misplaced -Record shot ratings (to filter out the obvious bad shots) - Recordshot timing - Identify which arrow was shot During matches, Artemiscan advice you on; - Sight adjustement. The app will detect trendsin movement of groups and will very accurately advice in sightadjustements - Arrow consistency. The app will alert you when anarrow starts hitting outside the group, so you can replace it witha different arrow - Review your color coded scorecard with lots ofextra information - Review your grouping and the trend of yourgrouping - Review the individual arrow performances/grouping Aftermatch performance analysis - Plot your scores in time - Plot youraverage scoring - Plot your volumes per week or month - Makescatter plots of shot timing vs accuracy achieved (gives inindication of how important shot timing is for you) - Comparealmost anything; build your own filters to compare differentarchers, bows, setups, different quivers, or individual arrows -Compare shots on different target faces shot on different distanceswith each other - Compare different archers, bows, arrows on asingle target face or on a so-called 4-view (4 target faces at thesame time) And many more - Share your results on facebook or emailyour coach with end-by-end face plots and scorecards - No internetaccess required - Keep your data private, or share it with yourcoach - Backup and restore your database (on the device itself oron Google Drive) - Import someone else's database - Show yourmatches on a world map It's not a simple score keeping app, youneed to put in the effort but once you do, Artemis will play animportant role in becoming a better archer!
Arrows 1.3
Application for the compound or recurve target archer who likes tohave an arrow database and spine selection table (for a widevarriety of arrrowshafts) available anywhere. The database containslots of usefull information about a.o. spine, weight, diameter ofdifferent manufacturers and shafts including 2015 range of Easton,Carbon Express, Gold Tip, Sky Art and Cartel (Doo Sung), CarbonTech and Victory. The Bow Setup part will advice on the best spineand arrow to use based on your selection of arrow shafts and bowsetup.