Marecek Apps

GeoPets 6.3
Creature designs by smiley-fakemon GeoPets - the first geolocationbased augmented reality monster battling adventure. Find Pets allaround you. Capture them and complete quests or just battle otherplayers. Switch between the virtual world and the real world. Tradewith your friends. This game was released in 2015 and pleaseunderstand that this game has completely different gameplay thanGO. You get Crystals to bond Pets in the game for FREE and YOUdecide how many crystals you get every hour. If you have questionsabout anything please let me know on
VR Forest 1.1
Enjoy a moment in a small virual forest.Intended for latest generation devices. Free and add free,pleaseenjoy.If you find time, please message me on me know what you think about the way moving around works.