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Mafia Hunter - Sharp Shooter 1.1
Mafia Hunter- The SharpshooterMafia Hunter will Hunt the last standing Mafia shooter in theCity!The city has been victim to the recent gang-wars. The governmentand people have lost hope in the law enforcing authorities. TheMafia Carter is growing day by day, destroying the economy of thecountry and lives of the resident. Now this Mafia is lookingforward to get hold of the entire country and establish their roleon the citizens.You are an ex CIA agent and an expert in counter terrorism. Youare the last hope for the government and the citizens. You have allkinds of weapons available with you to defeat the Mafia Cartels.It's your responsibility to bring peace to the city. Use yourweapons and vehicles to fight against the opposing forces. You arethe last Hope!This game has multiple levels, make full use of your weapons andvehicles. You have access to helicopters, tanks, machine guns andmuch more.Mafia Hunter- The Sharpshooter includes the followingfeatures:- Unlimited shooting and killing- Guns, Rocket Launcher, Gernades, Tanks- Killing the Mafia Cartel- Driving different vehicles like tanks, trucks, jetpack,helicopter and fighter jet- Great and Realistic Sound Effects- Multi Level game with different and interesting game play- Rockets, Bazooka and grenades to use for attacksWe hope that you are going to love this shooter game. Please don'tforget to rate and review the game if you like it.