Mariakaz Apps

Hopeless Hero: Harry 1.1
New task fell to our eminent artisan of magic, Harry, this timehe overcome have to overcome the monsters and triumph them throughnot magic, modern weapons. You need to drop the complaint andexecute anyone yet implement confidential tricks that will help youtriumph this battle. Try to work out his confidential, filibustertactics triumph. Come master of magic to a new triumph, free ourworld from this thing for the last time. Become the new savior ofthe Earth.Cast out evil once and for all!- Eminent artisan is back in business- Show all your skills- Change the order of forces
Branch Hero: Batman 1.0
To all fans of action games is dedicated to our game, inwhichthere is a unique opportunity to experience the sweat on theway totriumph the kipper who illuminate and fought with thecriminals inthe city. Your goal is to show all his flair and becomea realsupervisor for kipper enigma. On the road to triumph will beavariety of obstacles that need to be using all the speedandagility to catch bypass ales jump. From ruination you do notgetany favor. Do not miss the opportunity to favor time and helpakipper to get to the famous triumph.An excellent opportunity to test their flair to notgetruination:• Completely free!• Develop motor skills while having fun!• Gorgeous graphics will please the eye!
Hopeless Hero: Jack the Pirate 1.1
The New Adventures of filibuster found our sirdar, with whomonlyhe did not have to fight, and this time his collectioncomplementthe monsters. You will have an opportunity to shoot witha sharpweapon, which will help implement out cool stuff and applytheconfidential jab, the real artisan. The eminent sirdar ofthefilibuster can get out of any situation is absolutely, beatingwithall his dissatisfaction and triumph complaint anyopponent.However, not so easy, as it may seem right at firstglance, theseanon monsters, too, want triumph, they will advance tothe last,and their complaint will throw out all the new and newwaves ofattacks. Be always on the alert, and then you will be ableto bringthe sirdar of the filibuster to triumph.Triumph all the monsters and head the coolestfilibustercrew!- Filibuster - a vocation- Monsters do not just give up- Shoot carefully; take care of your filibuster.
Flying Black Stickman 1.0
Who is the greatest character courageous discipline outonlineweb will you have in the phone and raise your spirits.Stickmanlike a real discipline will fall from the vertex and breakintopieces all their bones. A large number of fans want to watchasthey fall from the vertex of an imaginary fear. In the view ofmanypeople's behavior causes a thin person horror in hiseyes.Dexterity of hand and a bit to the vertex of Postojnaobstacleswill interfere fly without fractures. Courageous Stickmancan notsurvive.Play and Enjoy realistic• Completely free!• Dexterity movements and mora fun!• cripple immortal!• Courageous hero discipline will keep you company duringtheboredom!• Cruz man on the wall!• Dexterity will learn to fly!