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Galton Board Simulation 1.121
An interactive physics simulation of GaltonBoard.Thanks to advanced physics engine you are able to check thebehaviour of a small metal ball, dropped from the top of the GaltonDesk, bouncing on the nails. Application offers many adjustableautomatization features, and can also show your experiment resultsin clear column graph.And what is the formal definition of Galton Board?"The bean machine, also known as the quincunx or Galton box, isa device invented by Sir Francis Galton[1] to demonstrate thecentral limit theorem, in particular that the normal distributionis approximate to the binomial distribution.The machine consists of a vertical board with interleaved rowsof pins. Balls are dropped from the top, and bounce left and rightas they hit the pins. Eventually, they are collected intoone-ball-wide bins at the bottom. The height of ball columns in thebins approximates a bell curve." - From Wikipedia, the freeencyclopedia
BadBubbles 1.04
One of the most original and addictive gameonGoogle Play.Help GoodBubble to kill all BadBubbles approaching by tappingthem!Gain high level to unlock and upgrade powerfull skills.Choosebetween powerfull axe and fast accurate sword. CollectTalents toupgrade your abilities.It is something between rpg, tower defence and arcade games.GoodBubble or Bad Bubble? it's up to you!Why should you try Bad Bubbles?Completely Free!Without Any Adds!No Compulsory Payments!There is no game like this in whole Google Play!Requirements:CPU 1ghz or better.Please note that even though the game has been tested onmanySmartphones, it may not work with every one.