Mark S Smith Apps

Kitty Koochie Koo 0.05
Mark S Smith
A challenging Match 3 adventure with theKitties of Wonkadocious - the Land where your Pets go when theysleep.The Kitties in Wonkadocious (with the help of the Princess Maui)won the Great Battle for the Sky. This gave them exclusive accessto the Clouds in order to travel from Place to Place.But some of the Kitties need your help! They are still too timidto jump high enough to catch a Cloud.Help Rocky, Pearl, Skraggle Butt and others to practice jumpinghigher and higher and catch their first Cloud.
PuppyTown 1.0
Mark S Smith
The naught Kitties accidentally set all ofthehouses in PuppyTown on fire! Poncho needs your help!Set your speed and Jump! You can make a standing jump, or takearunning jump. But you must jump and Bump the Kitties out ofthetrees, and then collect the water they are hiding. But becareful,there are many hazards along the way.Help Poncho collect enough water so he can help his friendsputout the fires the only way a Puppy can, one fire at atime...