Marlín Sarmiento Apps

NEOliq • Neonatal Parenteral Nutrition 2.1
NEOliq helps the neonatal staff to prepare neonatal parenteralnutrition solutions in a fast and automated way, saving a lot oftime in the process, time that can be destined to other activities.App features: • Glucose, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium,phosphorus • Lipids, amino acids • Eleven editable components,let's you add whatever you want to the mixture • Subtract from themixture other fluids added throughout the day • Choose from ninedifferent dextrose concentrations to prepare your dextrose mixture• Osmolarity • Estimated energy requirement (Schofield) • Stressfactor • Calculate by calories • Choose from calories/day andcalories/kg • Enteral calories • Non proteic calories • Nitrogenbalance • Nitrogen grams • Non proteic calories/Nitrogen ratio •Standalone Dextrose Mixer tool let's you make dextrose mixturesusing GIR or dextrose concentration • Save component's defaultrequirements • Save editable component's name, concentration, unitsand requirement • Edit the amount of calories given by eachcomponent, for the most accurate results • Edit the mOsm/g ofdextrose and aminoacids for an accurate osmolarity result
Dextrose Mixer 1.1
Do you need to prepare a certain volume of a glucose solution withaspecific concentration but do not know what solutions to mix?Thenthis app can be helpful to you. Enter the volume of dextrosein mLthat you need, its specific concentration, and then pressMIX. Theapp will show you the possible combinations using thefollowingdextrose presentations available in the market: - D5% -D10% - D15%- D20% - D25% - D30% - D40% - D50% - D70% Choose thetwo that youhave on hand, or choose one to mix it with distilledwater. Then theapp will show you the exact mL you need for eachsolution to preparethe new mixture, as well as the grams ofdextrose that each onecontributes. Any suggestions forimprovements is well received.