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Signal to the Stars
Young alien explorer Signal has been strandedon Earth! Solve 120 mind-bending puzzles and overcome lots ofquirky obstacles to help him return to his mothership by sending aSignal to the Stars!Help Signal write a giant SOS message visible from space, bycovering Earth’s fields in intricate crop circles. Figure out howto draw a single, continuous line of alien patterns to fill eachfield, without crossing your path or bumping into any trees, whiledealing with a variety of weird and wonderful obstacles thatcomplicate your path.Beam up numbered abductees in the right order and take them to yourleader, dematerialize trees to fly through them, use your tractorbeam to lift lazy cows out of your way, and stay out of sight ofangry farmers trying to protect their crops from your alienartwork.Can you overcome all these challenges and help Signal gethome?Features:• 120 puzzles to solve across 4 different environments• Fill each field with crop circles to send your SOS signal• Face quirky obstacles, from lazy cows to angry farmers• Use the hint system for a helping hand if you get stuckLike us at to keep up to datewith all the latest news and features!
The Game of Life 2.2.7
Marmalade Game Studio
MAKE CHOICES, GET PAID, OR LOSE IT ALL! Attend college, accept ajob and play minigames in this interactive app that is fun for thewhole family. Watch as board piece characters come to life and maketheir way through the various stages of life on this spectacular,3D animated reworking of the familiar physical board. PLAYMULTIPLAYER MODE ONLINE! The Game of Life features a new, uniqueand much-anticipated multiplayer mode. Online matchmaking lets youplay in a whole new way online. Match and play against other onlineplayers as you all spin and race in the direction of the lastyellow tile of life’s road. THIS GAME FEATURES: • ONLINEMULTIPLAYER - Match with other players and race to the final yellowsquare • LOCAL PLAY - Play with up to three friends on one device •FAST MODE - A new, shorter game mode where you will be faced with adifferent victory condition! • MINIGAMES - Put your skills to thetest and compete head-to-head in a variety of minigames • CHAT -Send players expressive emoticons during online matches THE GAME OFLIFE is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2016Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.
SCRABBLE Word Companion 1.0.0
The official companion app for themulti-touch,multi-user version of SCRABBLE for All-in-One PC'swith Intel inside® enables players to connect to the game vialocal wifi connectionand browse and rearrange their letter tilesdiscretely without usingthe Hot Corners feature on the main gameboardUse your mobile device as a tile rackBrowse useful SCRABBLE strategy tips to improve yourperformanceand become a SCRABBLE Master!Useful stats on the current game in play at your fingertips
MONOPOLY - Classic Board Game 1.6.7
Marmalade Game Studio
We at Marmalade Game Studio are proud to bring this classic boardgame to mobile! Buy, sell and scheme your way to riches whereveryou are. Play face-to-face with your friends and family withintegrated multiplayer video chat! It’s the Hasbro MONOPOLY boardgame with no ads online and offline! Monopoly with video chat!MONOPOLY now includes multiplayer video chat. Create a free,private account, add your friends, start a game from your groupchats and move automatically to video chat when it begins.“Monopoly on mobile includes cross-platform online multiplayer,which means you can open up a lobby, have your friends join, andall play together in perfect harmony. Beautiful, right?” DaveAubrey - PocketGamer This is a fully immersive board gameexperience with amazing graphics and animations. The whole classicgame is available with no ads, so you get the fun of the MONOPOLYboard game without distractions. POPULAR FEATURES One of thegreatest board games Play the Hasbro classic MONOPOLY game byyourself, with family and friends or players around the world onyour mobile or tablet! Multiplayer video chat in-game If you wantto chat while you play, create an account, add friends, start gamesfrom your group chats and move automatically to video when youbegin. The video chat feature is optional and you can easily optout. Full, ad-free game Play the complete classic game with nopay-to-win or ad pop-ups Optional season pass Seek out additionalboards, including Atlantic City, Paris, La Belle Epoque, SnowdropValley and Cherry Blossom Tokyo with the optional MONOPOLY SeasonPass! House rules Play with your favourite house rules! Quick modeFinish the board game faster than ever! Single player Play againstour challenging AI - no need for family and friends! Offlinemultiplayer No internet? No problem! Pass a single device betweenup to 4 players, wifi-free! Online multiplayer Distance doesn’tinterrupt play when you connect with fans around the world orinvite friends and family to a private game! HOW TO PLAY Chooseyour player mode Play this classic Hasbro board game in a varietyof online and offline player modes. Put your skills to the testagainst our challenging AI opponents in single player mode. Competewith friends and family wherever you are in online multiplayer.Play WiFi-free when you pass one device around a group of playersin pass&play mode. Select your rules If you’re one of the manywho’ve never read the rules, you can still play exactly how youlike! Add cash to Free Parking, or pay M400 for landing directly onGO! Stick to the classic rule book, get a fixed selection of themost popular house rules, or customise your rules to suit your ownpreferences! Choose your piece Choose from the modern and classicplayer pieces! Enter the board Experience the thrill of bankruptingyour family and friends and becoming the wealthiest property mogulon the board! It’s just as you remember, plus fun animations and anAI banker who’s on everyone’s side! Build your property empire Takeinvestment risks, bid for properties in auctions, make your wayaround the board and BUY real estate, COLLECT rent and BUILD hotelsto become a property tycoon. About Marmalade Game Studio MarmaladeGame Studio makes quality multiplayer board games. Play anywhere onyour mobile! Enjoy tabletop games with your friends and family. Itdoesn’t matter of you’re together or apart. You can find the funwith people you know or players around the world. Our games aread-free, family friendly fun. For quality time, look for theMarmalade Game Studio logo.
THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations 0.1.4
Marmalade Game Studio
Visit Volcano Island, make memories and have a great time! Go onavacation, collect souvenirs and take pictures in thisenjoyableboard game for the whole family. Travel around the islandandcompete with family and friends in activities, such as scubadivingand building sand sculptures. The player with the most andhappiestmemories wins! Save your memories in your scrapbook andmakedifferent choices to complete your collection. Based on theclassicboard game The Game of Life! Just like the original, spinthe wheeland follow your fate as you go on your dream vacation.Familieshave enjoyed The Game of Life for more than 40 years. Thisgamefeatures local Multiplayer and a safe online multiplayer!SinglePlayer - Travel solo and compete with the computer.OfflineMultiplayer - pass and play on one device with up to 3players.Private Online Multiplayer - Invite family and friends toplayonline Online Multiplayer - Challenge up to 4 other playersonline.Choose from a fantastic cast of characters! Pick your ownuniquepeg and choose between the adventurous backpacker, thesurferfamily, the travelling sisters, and many more! Once you’reready toroll, select your ride and dash around the island in ascooter,sports car, motorcycle or bus. Includes pass-and-play mode!PlayTHE GAME OF LIFE Vacations game with up to three friends ononedevice or play online with friends and family for someclassicboard game fun. More exotic destinations are coming soon!THE GAMEOF LIFE is a trademark of Hasbro and is used withpermission. ©2019 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved
Marmalade Game Studio
You sank my battleship! The official version of the classicHasbroboard game of naval combat is now on mobile! Challengeotherplayers in Classic Mode or in the all-new Commanders Mode -afast-paced, strategic and tactical variation. Play withuniquenaval commanders and use resources to activate powerfulspecialabilities that will secure you a win as you wage war on thehighseas. BATTLESHIP features: CLASSIC MODE - Faithful conversionofthe classic board game - Head-to-head combat - Sink youropponent’sfleet before they sink yours - Call your shot and fire!COMMANDERSMODE - BATTLESHIP with a twist! - A brand new, moretacticalvariation of the game - 3 new core abilities that shake upthestrategic possibilities each turn - Unique special abilitiesforeach Commander - New ship shapes to improve gameplay and thefunfactor COMMANDERS - Battle with commanders from throughout theagesFLEETS - Each commander’s fleets feature unique and authenticartfor each of the many warships! Watch as they come together inanepic clash of civilizations! ARENAS - Deploy your fleet toeverycorner of the world and battle in epic arenas inspiredbyhistorical naval battles! MISSIONS AND RANKS - Complete missionstoearn medals, rank up and become the ultimate commander ofthefleet! SINGLE PLAYER - Battle against AI Commanders and raiseyourgame before heading into multiplayer! MULTIPLAYER - Take on aworldof commanders all battling to have the last fleet standingandprove that you have what it takes to conquer the oceans! Join usinBATTLESHIP now, and set sail for adventure, battle andglory!BATTLESHIP is a trademark of Hasbro and is used withpermission. ©2018 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.
Battle Grid Companion 0.0.6
Call your shot and fire with the official BATTLESHIP companionapp.The companion app connects directly to BATTLESHIP onNintendoSwitch™ and acts as a controller. This app doesn’t includethe fullgame. Play the official version of the classic Hasbro boardgamewith your friends and family around the big screen with thelocalmultiplayer mode for BATTLESHIP on Nintendo Switch™. Findyourfriend’s ships on the battlefield and sink their fleet beforetheyeliminate yours. Use the companion app as your game controllertodeploy your ships and keep your grid hidden. Fire shots andwatchyour hits land on the big screen. It’s easy to get started.LaunchBATTLESHIP on Nintendo Switch™. Select Play with Friends fromthemain menu and choose Local. Open the official companion appandenter the lobby code shown on the Nintendo Switch™ screentoconnect the app to your Nintendo Switch™. - Use the companionappas your personal controller in the faithful conversion oftheclassic board game. - Pick your commander. The commander’sfleetsfeature unique and authentic art for each of the manywarships. -Hide your ships on the grid in arenas inspired byhistorical navalbattles. - On your turn call your shot and fire! -Use specialabilities in Commanders Mode to shake up thestrategicpossibilities each turn. - Watch your opponent’s shipssink on thebig screen. Play your favourite tactical board game withyourfriends and family now! BATTLESHIP is a trademark of Hasbro andisused with permission. © 2019 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.
THE GAME OF LIFE 2 - More choices, more freedom! 0.1.13
Marmalade Game Studio
For 60 years THE GAME OF LIFE board game has shown us how to winatgrowing up. Now, THE GAME OF LIFE 2 digital board gameintroducesup-to-date life choices and new crossroads to thetraditional mix!Will you be a Video Blogger or an Engineer? Whatroads will yourfriends and family take? Play to find out on mobileand tablet!Customise your peg, hop in your eco car and race yourfriends andfamily through THE GAME OF LIFE 2 game. With a thousandnew ways tolive, and money no longer the only path to success, whatlife willyou choose? In this mobile board game you find yourhappiness,whether that means money and fame, or academic fulfilmentand adozen cats! Become a Pop Star with 5 dogs and a pool house, oraBrain Surgeon with multiple PhDs, a spouse and 3 kids. Youchoose!Features - A CONTEMPORARY SEQUEL TO HASBRO’S CLASSIC BOARDGAME -THE GAME OF LIFE 2 drives the original from yesterday totoday - AFULL, AD-FREE GAME - Don’t worry about flashy adverts,in-gamecurrency or pay-to-win limits! You can enjoy the completegame in asafe environment for kids and adults both online andoffline -OPTIONAL SEASON PASS - Seek out additional boards,including‘Fairytale Kingdom’, with the optional GAME OF LIFE 2Season Passto unlock new additional themes and outfit choices! -SINGLE PLAYER- There’s no such thing as playing alone when you takeon ourchallenging AI - ONLINE MULTIPLAYER - Distance doesn’tinterruptplay when you connect with fans around the world or invitefriendsand family to a private game - PASS & PLAY - Nointernet? Noproblem! Simply pass a single device between up to 4players for anoffline wifi-free experience How to play CHOOSE andCUSTOMISE yourcharacter! A life journey calls for one jaw-droppingoutfit!Customise your pink, blue or brand newly available purplepeg witha style all of their own. START at the beginning! Teen lifeon theboard might seem daunting, but there’s no pressure! THE GAMEOFLIFE 2 game starts when big decisions really begin, and thechoicesjust keep coming! Choose your LIFE PATH! Your life is inyourhands! Get married, earn qualifications, gain fame and adoptpets.In THE GAME OF LIFE 2 digital board game the road has manytwistsand turns, and crossroads can now grant second chances - soit’snever too late to get married or earn that degree! MoneyvsHappiness, RETIRE your way! Are you in it for the millions orthegood times? THE GAME OF LIFE 2 game is about so much morethanmoney. Gain attributes for happiness, wealth and knowledge, andthefinal score will sum up your achievements! Earn REWARDS toUNLOCKnew items! Unlock new characters, outfits and vehicles byplayingthe game and earning rewards! Collect 60 happiness points,travel100 spaces, collect $5000; each accomplishment unlocks apuzzlepiece. When you collect 6 puzzle pieces you can unlock abonusitem, and there are eight to unlock in each world!EXPLOREmarvellous worlds with THE GAME OF LIFE 2 Season Pass! Whenyou’redone finding success in the classic cityscapes, there aremoreworlds to explore as part of the Season Pass! Take anenchantedquest through the Fairytale Kingdom, become a MonsterHerder in theHaunted Hills, discover the magic of Frozen Lands,live the life ofyour dinosaur-loving dreams in Age of Giants and goon a foreverholiday in Sandy Shores! THE GAME OF LIFE 2 Season Passincludes 5additional worlds… ...with more worlds coming soon!
Clue 2.8.7
Marmalade Game Studio
Clue is the classic mystery game! Now you can play thebelovedHasbro family board game on the go. WHO, with WHAT weaponandWHERE? Download the official app and crack the case! JoinMissScarlet, Colonel Mustard, Mrs Peacock, Mr Green, Dr OrchidandProfessor Plum on a night of murder and mystery in TudorMansion.Mr. Boddy has been murdered! But who did it? With whatweapon? Inwhich room? Roll the die to move around the mansion andaskquestions: “I suggest it was Miss Scarlet, with the Rope, intheStudy!” Use the innovative logic-assisted virtual Clue Sheettotake notes and eliminate red herrings. Make brilliantdeductionsand solve the crime first!
Monopoly Sudoku - Complete puzzles & own it all! 0.1.41
Marmalade Game Studio
Learn Sudoku in minutes with MR. MONOPOLY! It’s not maths,it’slogic, and it’s easier than you think. With in-game hints,you’llbe mastering the techniques and playing your friends andfamily inno time. Solve the grid in the fastest time to win! It’sthe funbrain teaser puzzle you’ll never want to put down! Take adeepbreath and count to 9 in the brain teaser puzzle that’s goodforyour mind and your pulse. Every row and box needs toincludenumbers from 1 to 9. It’s that simple! Find your way tothesolution and celebrate your wins. Playing matches withfriends,family members or distant opponents makes success all thesweeter!When you’re ready, enter in exciting Championship Seasonsand seeyour name on the leaderboards! The twist on the MONOPOLYgamere-imagines the MONOPOLY board. Collect dice rolls everydayandmove along the board to unlock ‘reward multipliers’,tokens,avatars and improve your level. It’s pure, multiplayerpuzzle fun!Features - One of the greatest brain teaser puzzlesmeets one ofthe greatest board games - Play Sudoku with MONOPOLYgame flair,for a unique combined experience - Multiplayer modes -Play solo inpractice mode, challenge a friend or family member toahead-to-head match, or challenge players from all over the world-Ad-free and no in-game transactions - Unlimited access toallfeatures with no further payment or interruptions -Enterchampionships - Earn your number 1 spot on the MONOPOLYSudokuleaderboards! - Read-up on expert techniques - Learn the tipsandtricks in the Sudoku School - Collect dice rolls to move alongtheboard - Collect dice rolls everyday and move along the boardtounlock ‘reward multipliers’, tokens, avatars and improve yourlevelHow to play PLAY MULTIPLAYER Learning Sudoku is even more funwhenyou’re playing with others! Choose your mode and challengefriends,family members or online opponents to a friendly match!It’s thateasy to turn your successes into wins! LEARN THE SKILLSWithin-game hints you’ll be solving grids in minutes andchallengingyour friends to matches super-fast! If you want to learnthetechniques, you can read up on the tips and tricks tosolvingSudoku grids in the Sudoku School. Following auto-notes isjust thebeginning! BECOME A CHAMPION Shine a spotlight on yourpuzzleskills when you enter friendly Championship Seasons. Playyour wayto the top of the leaderboards and see your name in lights!KNOWTHE MONOPOLY GAME? LEARN SUDOKU! There’s a bit more to thisgamethan taking your turn and buying properties! Completemultiplayergrids to increase your hotel level. Collect dice rollseveryday andmove along the board! AN AD-FREE, PREMIUM EXPERIENCEMONOPOLYSudoku is an ad-free app. When you buy the game you canenjoyunlimited access to puzzles, Championship Seasons andmultiplayermodes. There’s no further cost and no further hassle!UNLOCK NEWTOKENS AND AVATARS Be recognised by your worthyopponents! Collectdice rolls everyday and move along the board tounlock ‘rewardmultipliers’, tokens, avatars and improve your level!
Cluesheet Companion 2.8.1
Keep your Clue Sheet hidden with the Official LocalMultiplayerCompanion app. This app requires you to have Cluedo: TheClassicMystery Game on Nintendo Switch™ or Steam®. A grand mansion… adastardly murder … a gathering of suspicious characters.PlayHasbro’s beloved board game together with family and friends onthebig screen with the local multiplayer mode for Nintendo Switch™andSteam®! Use the official Companion app as your game controllerandpersonal Clue sheet for local multiplayer games. Takenotes,eliminate red herrings and make brilliant deductions. Gatheryourdetectives in the same room and play together, but keep yournotessecret. It’s easy to get started. Launch Cluedo: TheClassicMystery Game on Nintendo Switch or Steam®. Select Play withFriendsfrom the main menu and Host a Local Game. Open the Companionappand enter the passcode to join the lobby. You can connect up to6smartphones as controllers to play together. Use the Companionappas your personal controller for local multiplayer games. Pickyourcharacter, choose from Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, MrsPeacock,Mr Green, Dr Orchid, Professor Plum, and many more. On yourturnroll the dice to move around the mansion and ask questions:“Isuggest it was Miss Scarlett, with the Rope, in the Study!” Usetheinnovative logic-assisted virtual Clue Sheet that allowsforadvanced note-taking. Watch everyone’s actions play out on thebigscreen. This app supports local multiplayer only, it’snotcompatible with the single player mode. Time to crack thecase!Follow Marmalade to discover more official Hasbro digitalboardgames!
Jigsaw Video Party - play together 1.2.0
"From the award-winning creators of the best-selling mobilegames:MONOPOLY, THE GAME OF LIFE 2 and CLUE, comes a brandnewmultiplayer jigsaw puzzle game! Jigsaw Video Party is a brandnewsocial mobile experience. Chat to your friends in appandseamlessly transition to video when you start a game! Chillonlinewith your family, wherever they are, or relax and completejigsawpuzzles offline on your own. It’s the ultimate, social puzzleapp!Choose from 500 amazing pictures. Decide how many pieces youwantyour puzzle to be, from 48 to 432. It’s ad-free quality timewithamazing art by our in-house artists and original relaxingmusic.Jigsaw Video Party with Bubble Jigsaw Video Party comes withasecure social platform called Bubble. Create a free, privateBubbleaccount, add your friends, group chat and move automaticallytovideo chat when you start a puzzle. It’s that easy. FeaturesVideochat and play together with a new jigsaw puzzle mobile game!Relaxon your own, or with your friends and family. Rebuild a rangeofamazing pictures and paintings. It's ad-free quality time. JointheJigsaw Video Party Get together with friends and video chatonlinewhile you complete jigsaw puzzles! You can see what piecesyourfriends are moving in real time! Chat with your friends UseBubbletext and video to catch up with your friends and familywhereverthey are! With Bubble, you can move easily from text andvideo chatbefore, during and after your puzzle party! Start puzzlesdirectlyfrom your chats Switch between multiple chat groups andstartpuzzle parties in each, directly from inside the chat itself!Don’tworry about ads Jigsaw Video Party is 100% ad-free. It’s acalm,minimalist, friendly, high quality app. Relax with solo playFindmoments of calm. Relax and complete jigsaws on your own!Enjoyflexibility in every picture Choose from 5 differentdifficultylevels! Choose any image and change the number of pieces,from48-432! Assemble high quality images Start with a teaserselectionof images, then choose from 10 amazing themed puzzlepacks. Eachincludes 50 incredible works of art and photography,plus anoriginal work of art by one of our in-house artists! Listento anoriginal soundtrack All Marmalade Games featureoriginalsoundtracks by the award winning composer, ChristopherWillis.Enjoy his calming melodies as you puzzle the pieces intoplace, orcomplete puzzles in silence, it’s up to you!"