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Expenses Recorder 1.5
Function:- Store data of your daily expenses- Calculate total of all your expenses that stored- Calculate total of all your expenses that stored per month- Calculate total of all your expenses that stored per month percategory- Back up your stored data to your storage- Import from back up file (.csv) to this App- Plan monthly expenses each category for next month- Compare planned expenses with real expensesNote:This app is the next update of Expense Recorder (link: can export your data from the previous app and import to thisapp.
Mini Saboteur 1.7
================================= MAINDESCRIPTION ==================================In Mini Saboteur, user will play with 4 AI computers.At the beginning of the game, each player will be given aCharacter Card which are 'Miner' and 'Saboteur' randomly.There will be 3 Miners and 2 Saboteurs among 5 players.The main idea is for Miners to create paths from starting pointto the gold which is hidden among 3 doors.Meanwhile, Saboteurs have to prevent Miners from reaching theirgoal.================================ WINNING CONDITION==================================For Miners :- Complete the paths between starting point to the gold.For Saboteurs :- No card left in the deck and each player have no card left,Miners still haven't completed their goal.- Reveal the gold using Miners' paths.=================================== HOW TO PLAY====================================1. Each player will be given 5 cards to start with (from 71cards deck).2. User will start the first round.3. Each round, players will decide to choose one card to play orpass and then take one card from the deck (if any).4. The Game ends when the gold is revealed or there is no card leftin the deck and players' hand.=================================== CARD'S INFO=====================================Action Cards :- MOVE, create a path connected to starting point or existingpaths.- END ROAD, create a dead end path connected to starting point orexisting paths.- DESTROY ROAD, remove one existing path (except startingpoint).- MAP, reveal one of the doors only to oneself.Support Cards :- PLAYER BLOCK, block one player (except oneself), prevent themfrom using Action Card.- PLAYER UNBLOCK, remove 'Blocked' status from one player.====================================================================================