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Gnome Nations 5.13.15
Major features of the game:• Colorful and real graphics.• Diversity of unique buildings and resources.• Funny monsters.• One world, one map, you can build city with your neighbors, evenwith five of them.• You can occupy territories and all players pay you atribute.• Entertaining plot: you can get rich by growing pumpkins andopening chain of casinos or you can make bombs and sell them to theother players at the market, it is also very profitable.• Organize a gang, ally with friends and rob neighbors.• Market where players can sell resources in prices they can fixthemselves. People make millions in this way.• If you just want to relax, you can build the most beautiful citywith peaceful gnomes.One of the main features of the strategy is that developmentprocess of the game never stops. Constantly giving new resources,buildings and thematic gifts to our players makes our game one ofthe most developing and promising online projects at the presenttime.How to playPlaying the game is very simple. First you have to enter the game,then choose available place on the map and start building your owncity. In initial stage you can start with simple buildings. Later,after gaining a lot of money, you can move to Castle orFortress.AboutGame offers you a unique opportunity to disconnect with reality andconnect with fabulous World of Gnomes where every character is areal player. Unlike other online strategy games with strict rulesand regulation, Gnome land gives you advantage to gain reputationand fame within a short period of time and become a ruler of GnomeCity who can establish development direction of Gnome CityWorld.Beware of MonstersAlong with peaceful and hardworking Gnomes, this fairyland is alsoinhabited by various monsters such as Gingerbread Man in helmet,Dragon, Santa with bazooka and others. Protect your city from theevil monsters and at the same time you can haunt them and getvaluable resources which will be useful to you in the constructionof your city.How to get resourcesBesides hunting monsters, there are some other opportunities to getvaluable resources, for example: to manufacture or grow byyourself, to buy with game currency, to find a treasure or stealfrom other players.Do you like gambling?If you like gambling, you can build a Casino or an Auction House.You can play with your friends and neighbors and win coins and evenmagic rubies.How to go to the next level?If you want to go to the next level, you have to gain enough gamefame. How to do it? Simple answer – just play! You have to dovarious actions, grow mushrooms and turnips, look for treasures,bomb and rob other cities, and you can easily go to the next levelof the game.How to increase your reputation in the chat?If you are popular and you have a lot of friends, they will praiseyou and it will give you reputation. Don’t forget to praise yourfriends in return. And if you argue a lot and make enemies, theycan dilute your reputation. It all depends on you!What do you have to do in the next stage?In process of accumulating fame and reputation, you will see newvarious opportunities. You can try yourself as a robber or apeaceful manufacturer, a police officer or a king; you can developeconomy, make a business with other players, join gangs or organizeyour own ones, rejoice each other with lovely gifts and occupy newterritories. Anyway, you will not get bored. In this virtual worldyou are only limited by your own fantasy. We will not reveal allsecrets. Join us right now and you will see. Welcome to the Worldof Gnomes!