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Free CBT Quiz 0.1
Test how knowledgeable you are with these quizzes. Take a free CBTQuiz to prepare for exams or for fun. It is 100% Free and willremain free.This App makes you feel like you are writing anexamination, but in a fun way so you can try over and over againuntil you are perfect.Features:• Community to discuss eachquestion• Funny report card that gives encouragement• Works on alldevices• Fast andeffective_____________________________________This App is built byMasterweb Business Solutions and can be offered to schools for freewhen needed_____________________________________Find more at Find company details at and its questions are copyright protected. Copy with writtenpermission only! And we are really friendly!
RoadPad 0.1
RoadPad will help you find operators of taxi/cab or bus service(road), train service (rail), shipping or ferry service (water),and flight or freight service (air) from where you are to where youwant to go. Use RoadPad to get linked to wherever you need to go.RoadPad offers free information on routes for residents andvisitors of a city, and is a notepad for commuters to keep track oftheir favourite routes and transport services that help them moveeveryday. The philosophy behind RoadPad is that a route existsbetween every two points on earth, and we shall help connectcommuters to the operators that can help them get there through thebest possible means. While creating value for commuters andtravellers, we also create value for travel agencies and transportcompanies.
Random Number Generator Engine 0.1
This is a game where you ask this software to generate any numberof digits a number of times. Example, generate a 12 Digit numbertwice. You could try to guess what it will generate to make it agame. You could use your percentage accuracy to judge whateverevent you are judging this against.You could want numbers for usein lotto or lottery, this will also help. How about Try your Luckgames, Numbers for use in PIN to be printed in cards, or just wannaguess, be our friend.Please never use this wrongly. Example, usingit to generate MTN, Glo, Etisalat, Airtel, DSTV, Startimes, NECO orWAEC Scratch card PIN for use or for sale. It is a crime!
QR Code Converter URL Shortenr 0.1
Why you need a short link or url? Some urls are too long to beremembered, but you can easily remember a shortened url which isless than 16 characters, including the domain name It takes lessspace to print short url on products, and services And the worst,in marketing a website, some might avoid clicking on a link thatalready says what the page has. But short url creates surprises andincreases the curiosity of users who would like to find out whatthey point to. Why we need your email? Before you can shorten alink, you should type in a valid email so that whenever you returnhere and input the email, every link you have shortened willappear. We do not use your email for marketing. We might send youdetails of how to track your shortened url and its QR code once.Why QR Code? QR code is now found on TVs, Malls, Newspapers, andeverywhere. The scanners come with all smartphones. If you get theQRcode version of your link, you will not need to mention it toanyone. The smartphone will scan and open the web addressautomatically. What you gain by using our app to shorten links? Ifyou shorten a link here, you will get free Click Analytics. Noinstallation or registration needed. Before you advertise a link,shorten the url, give the short version to your publisher alongsidethe link to track progress of clicks. We show you details of eachclick and the analytics is public. This means that you and thepublisher can know exactly how many clicks came from thepublisher's website. Many more goodies on the way!
Help Spread Video Network 0.1
This is the only place on the Internet where you are sure to findthe hottest videos on the planet... and even beyond. Help Spreadwhatever you find here for the sake of laughter and good living.Research has shown that consuming good media is related to good andhealthy living
Annual Post 0.1
In this world of Social media, people post and share a lot ofthings everyday. But imagine where people can only post once a day,once a week or once a month, people would attach more importance towhat they share online. Posting once a year would seem like a newyear resolution, agenda or mission for the year - that's whatAnnual Post is all about.On Annual Post, you can only make a singlepost a year. Since this kind of post tends to be mission-driven,there would be need for fans tracking the post to get updates.Every Annual Post can get a single Update per month. ThroughComments and Likes, people can offer support and suggestions.Besides posting your own Annual Post, you can get inspirations fromwhat others are posting.Annual Post is an on-going project.Currently, whatever is posted here is shared on our Facebook andTwitter pages. If you need to follow us for updates on our project,we would appreciate.Our lines are open to suggestions, criticisms,bug reports, partnership requests including financial and humanresources that can make Annual Post better. Please connect to us byemailing contact(at)
Real Life Citizen 0.1
Real Life Citizen is a real time online strategy game you can playfor free. Team up with other players and take over government atany level. Strategize and compete against other players to becomethe richest in town. Play Well. Amass Wealth. Exert Control. BecomeInfluential.