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Fruit Candy Blast Match 3 Game: Sweet Cookie Mania 2.0.57
Try to play candy puzzle match 3 games free. Swap cakes, blastfruit candy jam, splash jelly bombs, sweet cookie crush in matchinggame fever story 2020! Rush to download Fruit Candy Blast Match 3:Sweet Cookie Mania game with all new swap candy mania NOW and jointo the candy fever 2020 in this popular cookie match 3 game! Forall of the people who are already fans of online candy games andpuzzle matching games for adults, get ready to fall in love withthis fruit candy game, available now for free! Fruit candy blastsmashing game is a wonderful puzzle, which offers you an amazingcandy sweet story. Join the adventure in candy jelly blast games2020 and you will never be able to live without it again. Exploretons of levels, and collapse all of the sweets on your way:candies, cakes, lollipops, cookies, marshmallows and much moredesserts. Collect coins and lovely prizes and be ready for match 3cookie games free with bonuses. It doesn’t even need a clicker,this fruit puzzle crush game saga speaks for itself! What shouldyou do: ● Swipe candy. Match 3 or more candies of the same type tocookie crush them and win points; ● Make special combinations andcreate a blast; ● Improve your experience and tap to crush as manyfruit match candies as possible; ● Unlock the unique pancakeboosters to win the cookie blast mania game much more easily andcollect more points; ● Enjoy the amazing bright levels withincredible color! Game Features: ● Beautiful graphics of with anamazing color, because of which you won’t be able to differ thechocolates and gummy in the cake swap mania free game from thoseyou have in the kitchen; ● Every level is different andinteresting, you will never get bored; ● Candy magic is the bestfree match 3 game saga with story to play offline for adults.Awesome fruit game free download and don't need wifi; Do thefollowing combinations to create a massive sugar smash and cookiecrush: ● Matching 3 sweets of one type and color creates a popwhich removes them from the board; ● Get 4 identically candiestogether to fruit splash and get a striped treat of the same color,which breaks a full line; ● Match 5 treats in L or T shape toreceive a candy bomb of the same color that will explode not onlyall the candies around, but also jam and jelly; ● Match 5 sweets inblocks to get a special colorful rainbow candy bomb lollipop, whichwill cause a massive BOOM and bursts all of the items of one color;● Switch 2 special fruit candy jam treats to create the greatestexplosion. Join the incredible adventure in garden of candy blastfrenzy mania, travel through the lollipop wonderland, exploreunbelievable places and enjoy tons of wondrous levels, which aregoing to catch your attention with its bright colors, interestingpuzzles, great prizes and bonuses. Pop and crush candies, collectpoints and coins, it is not only easy, but you’ll also will be somuch crazy fun! Unlock the boosters which will help you to winlevels much more easily. Candy yummy is one off the most populargames of 2020 for women, men and girls: everyone will beinterested! This jam jelly crush game is not only much fun, butalso most wanted games for your attention and fine motor skill.Don’t wait much more and rush to join this interesting andaddictive fruit splash puzzle mania. But be careful: the awesomelook of our chocolate pastry and cream cakes may cause a wish toeat every food and drink any juice that you’ll be able to find inyour kitchen! Finishing the candy smash levels with solving puzzlesand get the incredible helpful bonuses and power-ups. Download thisawesome and fun cookie match 3 game, win levels, collect coins anditems. Get sweet fruit candy game right now for FREE. Fruit popcrush game is incredibly addicting and you will not be able toleave this puzzle magic anymore! "Rainbows" Kevin MacLeod Licensed:
Candy Story Match 3: Cookie Smash Puzzle 2.0.17
It is time to have some fun with cookie crush puzzle! Play CandyStory Match 3 Cookie Smash Puzzle now for free with unlimited lives– swap fruits, join the sweet candy smashing mania and enjoyanywhere and anytime you want! We created this captivating gameabout matching colorful items for you – a fan of puzzles who can’tovercome the candy fever for playing in popping different pieceswhile the free time. Candy Story Match 3 is the free game to trainand evaluate your reaction, memory, and intellect with more than700 of challenging levels which only become harder to walk through.You can test your skills of color matching and quickness, andcompare it with friends! Are you ready to enter the Candy StoryMatch 3 frenzy apps? This application is the perfect fit for thosegamers who look for something sweet entering the kitchen – fruitsor juice, cake, gummy, jam, chocolate, sugar or marshmallow to namea few. All of this you can find in the Candy Story – and even more.Our game ups the level of the popular format of crazy-interestingclickers with lots of additional aspects like time limits andside-goals! There are 3 different types of levels in the game. Ingeneral, swiping fresh tempting desserts left and right, up anddown seems to be easy – jelly to jelly, cupcake to cupcake (and notto confuse them with regular cakes!) etc. But when the time isrunning out and every level is so different from the previous ones(with own goals and cells positions) it is getting reallyinteresting and fun – do the free download and try it out now! Wealso support multiple languages and constantly work on new gamelevels. In the most basic (but this is not easy too!) you just needto line 3 or more pieces of sweets together – to pop them, tap on,hold, drag to switch and boom! The other 2 modes can’t be calledtrivial at all – not just swapping, but very creative challenges.We bet there is a good chance that you haven’t seen anything likethis ever! The second variation – waffle cones in the background.To win the challenge, you need to burst them all with colorfulbombs – lollipops, cream, and cookies crushing all around! Ithappens when 3 or more of any candy blast in front of the waffle tobreak the similar amount in according blocks! The third type oflevels – filling the field with the chocolate! Interested now? Thisvariation of challenges is the hardest – can you come up with theidea how to splash the screen yourself? All the levels can includethe side-goal to collect a given amount of food within a period oftime, so you better be quick! Get the Candy Story Match 3 CookieSmash Puzzle for free now! This candy puzzle is available in bothoffline and online. To get the ultimate experience – play withfriends, challenge each other and see who wins in this rush – thisis much more fun! Explore new bright and interesting universes,crush sweets to taste all the colors and flavors! Animatedcharacters like squirrel, panda and much more will adore everyonefrom kids to their grandparents! "Puzzle Game 2 Looping", "HypnoticPuzzle 2" Music by Eric Matyas