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Piwik Mobile 2 Beta 2.3.0
Are you interested in testing our newest features, bug fixes andperformance improvements before they make it to our next version?Wehave been testing as much as we could. Now is your time toexperiment and help us to track down any bugs, or even suggestusability improvements. Start using it and send us any feedback. Wecan improve Piwik Mobile much better with your help!Have you founda bug? Issue a bug at you have anyfeedback for us? Email us at mobile@piwik.orgThis version maycontain bugs, if you are interested in a more stable versioninstall "Piwik Mobile 2" instead.
Matomo Mobile (formerly Piwik Mobile) will help you access all ofyour analytics on the go, quickly and beautifully. We want toimprove the app so please send your bug reports and suggestions.Matomo (formerly Piwik) is a downloadable, open source (GPLlicensed) real time web analytics software program. It provides youwith detailed reports on your website visitors: the search enginesand keywords they used, the language they speak, your popularpages... and so much more. You can access these reports by usingthis official Matomo Mobile App. This app is sponsored byInnoCraft, the company of the makers of Matomo. InnoCraft are theMatomo experts. Read this if you usebasic auth: Do youhave a bug to report or a feature request? Please contact or Features: * Providesthe same functionality and same look and feel as Matomo * View yourcustom Matomo dashboards * Available in more than 50 languages! *Manage multiple Matomo accounts * 'All Websites' dashboard * Chooseany Date/Period * Choose any metric * View graphs and sparklines *View any available report, even reports generated by custom plugins* Follow Visitors in Real Time or in Visitor Log * Works withinstallations having thousands of websites * Refresh reports easyRequirements: * Matomo/Piwik 2.0 or later * Android 6+ * Some iconsin Visitor screen possibly won't work if you use HTTPS with aninvalid certificate Matomo Mobile is available for free and aproject made by the community. You can participate in the MatomoMobile App or Matomo. Please contact us: