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Colmic and Herakles News 1.8
Matteo Bambi
Finally available the new application to be always up to date onthe latest news of Colmic and Herakles. Exclusive news, events,exhibitions, new products and everything related to Colmic andHerakles, with the opportunity to comment the published news. Ifyou want to be updated, you cannot give up Colmic and HeraklesNews!Last v.1.2 Features:Rela time push notification availablenow!Follow us under TV Program to discovery Colmic and HeraklesWorldGeolocalization: find now the nearest Colmic and HeraklesPoint of Sale! Features:Colmic and Herakles News v.1.0* Latest newsof Colmic and Herakles* Offline Storage of news* Pull to refresh*User comments submission and publishing* Search with keywords*English and Italian Translation* Contact form