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Pocket History Ancient Egypt 3.0.3
Matthew David
MAD Learning's "Pocket History Ancient Egypt"is a digital book you can use to increase your knowledge andunderstanding of the Ancient Egyptian Empire that lead the worldfor 6,000 years.The book covers the following:~ Historical Timeline of major periods~ Daily life~ What did the Egyptians eat?~ Gods they believed in~ Burial Customs~ Commerce and business~ Military campaigns...also, use the Hieroglyphics translator to convert any wordinto symbolic Hieroglyphs.
To Quote Shakespeare 3.6.1
Matthew David
William Shakespeare is widely considered themost influential playwright in English history. For this reason,Shakespeare is more frequently quoted than any other author.Collected here are his most famous quotes from all of his plays.New release! We have added 21 of Shakespeare's most beloved poemsincluding:~ A Fairy Song~ A Lover's Complaint~ Carpe Diem~ Dirge of the Three Queens~ Full fathom five~ It was a lover and his lass~ Love~ Bridal Song~ Fairy Land II-IV
MAD Words Lite 1.0
Matthew David
Get the top three levels of our popularWordSearch Game for free. If you like the game, you purchase thefullMAD Words for just 99cents!!
MAD Words - Word Search Game 1.0
Matthew David
MAD Words is a classic Word Search game,butwith infinite game layouts. You have a choice of 8differentcategories of words. Each time you play the game thescreen willre-scamble the placement of the words and change whichwords areplaced on the screen. The object of the game is to findall of thewords.