Maxim Cedaroff Apps

Creative Clock Widget 1.2
Creative Clock Widget it's a new viewonandroid AnalogClock. With Creative Clock Widget you cantransformyour home screen into a masterpiece of art.Features:- 39 different clock style- 27 wallpapersAll wallpapers not included to this app, but you can freelydownloadthemfrom here- here - here -actually you can create your own wallpaper the only limit isyourimagination.How to add a widget:Step 1: Make a Long-press on any available space on yourhomescreen.Step 2: Touch the Widgets option from the menu that pops up.Step 3: Select the Creative Clock Widget.Step 4: Position the widget on the screen.Video- to use it:Video-
Idea Generator 1.1
You want create an incrediblelife-changingproduct? Or you want create a new game and become amillionaire?Maybe you try to find idea for a new art print butnothing comes toyour mind?Then don't wait! Use this simple app that generate random imagesandstimulate your imagination with infinite + images with thingsaroundus, do brainstorming techniques on each images combinationand soonyou find idea that change the world.Good Luck!
Hip Hop Drum Pads Experience - Make Beats & Music 33
Hip Hop Experience is #1 Hip Hop Drum Pads app with real hip hopunderground flavor. It"s fun to use and the internal samples aremore than enough to start with. So, if you want to learn art ofbeat making or you just like creating beats by finger drumming, youmust have this free MPC app in your bedroom studio. Features: -1000 chopped samples - 300 drum loops - 200 one shots - You canupload your own samples - Instrumental Beats - Presets **For betterexperience use headphones or sound system**