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Dots drops 2.2
The maker of Dots: The Manhattan Shufflebrings you Dots drops.Dots drops is a puzzle game about connecting dots and more.There is a Timed mode, the more dots you connect the more timeyou might have to hit high scores.There is a Moves mode, in which you only have a given set of movesto hit high scores.Dots drops is a fun puzzle game to pass time
Fun World Flags Quiz 2.5
Fun World Flags Quiz is addictive, quick andeasy to play, arguably the best Flags quiz game. All you have to dois touch the right flag, that`s it!Learn the flags of 196 countries with this logo quiz game.Fun World Flags Quiz is very easy to play: you are given thecountry name and you must select the right flag from all the movingflags. The faster you guess the right flag, the higher your score.But guess the wrong flag and you get penalize.After completing each world flags quiz you get a grading andpercentage accuracy, as well as a score.How well do you know national flags? How well do you know theflags of the world?Learning flags is good for the education of kids & children,and World Flags Quiz makes it easy and enjoyable!One nice feature is the easy quiz mode for toddlers that don`t readyet. They just need to match the flag!
Easy Text Notes 2.3
Easy Text Notes is a very quick and quite simply the easiest way totake quick notes. There is nothing easier out there. -Just takenotes, it will auto-save for you. -Browse through your notes easily& quickly. No extra, no complication, pure simplicity.
Word Search Puzzle 2015 1.8
Word Search Puzzle 2015 has about 228 word search puzzles(perlanguage) to solve and lots of words to search and find. How toplay: - Listen to the spoken word - Find the right letters to spellthe words - Green hints you that you are correct, red is wrong. -Faster is always better - Fewer mistakes is always better - Get agrade (A+, A,... to F) based on Accuracy. - Enable the easy mode tosee the spoken word beforehand Word Search Spelling Puzzle is a funway for your kids or any learner to master spelling the most commonwords. This game is fun and enjoyable for anyone. For morechallenging word selection, stay tuned for the next installment.
2048 twisted 2.4
Just get 2048, twisted and reloaded in a way you will love! Thegame play is simple and straight forward, you`ll get it right away.Merge adjacent tiles to get the next one, All you gotta to do is:just get 128 just get 256 just get 512 just get 1024 just get 2048just get 4096 just get 8192 Collect 256, 512, 1024, and 2048, 4096and 8192 ( if ever possible), and see where you stand world wide
Math Blitz 1.4
Mathematics has never been this beautiful. Enjoy this cool mathpuzzle of sums and divisions. Split and merge numbers to make agiven value. How to play: Two set of numbers are given to you: -The first set is are the values you must get to. - The second setis the numbers you must work with to get to those values. You canmerge numbers, split numbers, drag numbers to get to a given value.To add numbers is easy, just drag and merge a number with another.To divide a number is just as easy, just click and hold on a numberthen simultaneously click any where else, this will split thenumber in two integers ( as even as it can be). The are 3 modes: -Timed : the more solution you find the longer the time you have -100 moves : you only have that exact number of moves - Endless :this is the Zen mode, no time, no move count, just relax, practiceand exercise your splitting and merging skills endlessly.
USA 50 States Flags 3.0
This game has two mini games: 1 - Clear 100 flags by Swiping one ormultiple adjacent identical flags with each move. The more flagsyou clear with one swipe the more points you get. 2 - Memorize andmatching pairs of identical flags. Your score drops slowly as timegoes by so be fast. The faster you are, the higher the score youcan achieve. Adjust the volume to hear and learn about the 50 USAstates names and flags.
Freaking Scratch Logo Quiz 1.2
Scratch this freaking logo quiz. There are more than 100 logos toscratch and figure out. A very fast paced quiz.
Define the word 3.0
Fun and addictive.Given a definition, find the correct word. Agreat way to build your vocabulary while having fun at the sametime. Define the word is aimed at building your vocabulary in a funway. this game has lots of common SAT and GRE words for you tolearn. There are over 1300+ words and definition to learn and havefun with Enjoy!
Frenzy Fruits 1.6
Catching frenzy fruits is not as easy as itlooks.Swing and tilt your device around to catch all is simple, challenging, fun & addictive!
Rectify this word 2.0
A fine word puzzle game where the objective is to correct thespelling of words. you correct the spelling of a word by removingone or two letters from that word, depending on the mode. in modeone, you have to remove one letter to correct the word. in modetwo, you have to remove two letters to correct the word. in puzzlemode, you have 20 words to correct per puzzle, and you need toremove one letter to correct each word.
Fruit race 1.3
An addictive real time multiplayer likeneverbefore!Compete real time, against random opponent across the world.Raceto correct the fruits.The aim of the game is to remove the wrong fruit.Each list of fruit should not have duplicate fruits. So there isonefruit that you should remove quickly.It is quite addictive. Enjoy!
Bounce that ball 1.2
Two can bounce that ball. Let it ball bounce, let it bounce. it isso much fun How to play: Touch the screen for a small ball to dropand start to play. Control the two bigger balls with two fingers.Bounce the smaller ball of the bigger ball pad. to gain point youmust alternate between ball pad when bouncing How good a jugglerare you? Let it bounce and find out!
Quick Words 2.1
you are given four letters or five letters.youmust make a word quick as time runs out.Enjoy leader-board and achievements.
Correct the word 2.2
Remove the wrong letters to correct the word quickly! you are givenabout 1 minutes to correct as many words as you can. -every timeyou correct a word you gain a bit of time. -words positioned lowergives you more points, so to gain the most point you should correctfirst the word at the bottom if you know it. 1, 2 or 3 wrongletters is inserted in each word depending on the difficultylevel(Easy, Meduim, Hard) Enjoy a fun game and good learning toolfor your kids.
Chronic bubble shooter 2.1
Chronic bubble shooter is an exciting game ofprecision & strategy. With an arcade & puzzle flavor.The aim of the game is to destroy the squares by shootingbubbles.They are bubbles of three different colors. You must match thecolors and mind your bubbles count.You start with a given number of bubbles for each of 3 fire a bubble to target a given square, if a bubble hit asquare of the same color it will destroy it and carry on. Howeverif a bubble hit a square of a different color it will foreverdisappear within that square. your bubbles count goes up and downdepending on whether you hit a target or not. The more target youhit, the more bubbles you get.You are victorious when your bubbles have destroyed all squares.You fail when you are left with bubbles of colors that do not matchthe existing squares, because you cannot destroy a square with abubbles of a different color.Chronic bubble shooter will test your precision & strategyin a fun way. Enjoy!
Boxes: The Manhattan Shuffle 1.9
From the maker of Dots: The Manhattan Shuffle:Collect the boxes by connecting the boxes.Beware the Manhattan Shuffle, that is how you get more time.This time around you are not connecting dots, you areconnectingboxes, and collecting bigger boxes.The game play is simple and classic. The objective is to getasmany purple boxes as possible. You start off with only 30seconds.You gain time by collecting more purples boxes.You also gain time by making long connection. It is up to youtoapply the best strategy to get the maximum number of boxes underacertain time.
Two Can drive those cars 1.1
Two Can drive those cars
Clumsy pilot at war 1.8
Welcome on board Clumsy pilot. Your mission is clear: Destroy everysingle enemy planes. The controls are simple: Tap left to shoot andright to fly. But don`t overshoot. You fly clumsy, swing up anddown, each tap taking your plan up. The motion is very clumsymaking hard to aim, but fun at the same time. You shoot one or toobullets at a time depending on how you tap. Enjoy!
196 Countries Flags 1.2
Let your kids learn about the countriesandflags of the world with this fun game.Connect and clear multiple flags by swiping across.
Impulsive Color Swap 2.2
The most beautiful color matching puzzle game awaits you. Drag thetiles and match at least 4 similar colors to pop, crush and clearthem. You have to drag tiles, swap them around, and group identicaltiles to clear them. They are different game modes: set time, andset number of moves, arcade and strategy. Addictive color matchingpuzzle game. Compare your score with yoru friends on the variousleaderboards the game has. The game has various achievements, andlots more to come Enjoy!
Tricky puzzle 3.4
A tricky and unusual picture puzzle game like never before. Thereover 100 picture puzzles to solve, and it is not going to be easy,but it will be a lot of fun - 3x3 picture puzzles are not as easyas they seem. - 4x4 picture puzzles are incredibly difficult tosolve, attempt them at your own risks.
Gravity Shift 1.2
Avoid Obstacle by bouncing up and down,defyinggravity endlesly.This is a fun an addictive game. You jump above obstacles,flipgravity upside down to avoid obstacles, and try to go as far asyoucan, while collecting as many stars as you can to get abetterscore.Have fun.
Connect Math 1.4
A fun game of addition and substraction
App search manager 1.0
Save and organize your android can record your search keyword relating to can record keywords relating to your favorite can easily manage your Google play store searchandkeywords.
Double Tap 2.2
This is tap the tiles on steroids. Try this addictive evolved gamewhich tests your reflexes and exercise your brain. Do tap the whitetiles only, no where else. Use your right and left hand to tap onlythe white tile quickly and accurately. Enjoy beautiful piano music.If you have played don`t tap the white tile, or don`t step thewhite tile, you will love this game. Now instead of using onefinger to tap the tiles, you should use two fingers to play well.It will stress test you. This game exercises your hand-eyecoordination and develop your brain, besides being fun andchallenging. I have added modes now from easy, medium to hard. Canyou score more than 100 points at the hard level? Enjoy thisaddictive casual game.
Animals Quiz 1.0
A fun quiz to learn about animals. More than 200 animals to learnabout: aardvark, alligator, alpaca, anteater, antelope, ape,armadillo, baboon, badger, bald eagle, bandicoot, basset hound,bat, beagle, beaver, bison, black bear, blackbird, blue jay, boar,bosotn terrier, boxer, buffalo, bull, bulldog, bunny, burro, camel,canary, capybara, chameleon, cheetah, chicken, chihuahua,chimpanzee, chinchilla, chipmunk, civet, cobra, cocker spaniel,condor, cougar, cow, coyote, crab, crocodile, crow, cuckoo,cuttlefish, dachshund, deer, dingo, doberman, dolphin, donkey,dormouse, dove, duck, duckbill, eagle, egret, elephant, elk,ermine, ferret, finch, fox, frog, gazelle, gecko, german shepherd,gila monster, giraffe, gnu, goat, golden retriever, goldfish,goose, gopher, gorilla, ground hog, guinea pig, gull, hamster,hare, hedgehog, heron, hippopotamus, hog, horse, hummingbird,hyena, iguana, impala, jackal, jaguar, jellyfish, kangaroo,kangaroo rat, killer whale, kingfisher, kinkajou, kiwi, koala,komodo dragon, labrador retriever, lamb, lemur, leopard, lion,lizard, llama, lobster, lovebird, lynx, mandrill, mantis, marmoset,marten, mink, mole, mongoose, monkey, moose, mountain goat, mouse,mule, musk ox, muskrat, mustang, mynah bird, newt, ocelot, octopus,okapi, opossum, orangutan, oriole, osprey, otter, owl, ox, panda,panther, parakeet, parrot, peccary, pelican, penguin, pheasant,pig, pigeon, platypus, polar bear, pomeranian, pony, poodle,porcupine, porpoise, prairie dog, proghorn, puffer fish, pug, puma,quail, rabbit, raccoon, ram, rat, raven, reindeer, rhinoceros,roadrunner, roebuck, rottweiler, saint bernard, salamander, salmon,sand dollar, scallop, scorpion, sea turtle, seal, shark, sheep,shih tzu, shrew, shrike, shrimp, skunk, sloth, spider, squid,squirrel, squirrel monkey, starfish, steer, stingray, swan, tapir,tarantula, tarsier, tasmanian devil, tasmanian tiger, tern, thornydevil, tiger, toad, toucan, tuna, turkey, turtle, turtoise, walrus,warthog, weasel, welsh terrier, whale, wildcat, wolf, wolverine,wombat, woodchuck, woodpecker, yak, zebra, zebra shark, zebu,zonkey
Money: Coins and Banknotes 2.2
Become a virtual millionaire.Accumulate virtual wealth counting coins and banknotes fast.The game is simple & fun. You have 1 minutes tocountcorrectly money.Your final score goes toward building your virtual bank!You press the green button to start. You type in the total sumofthe coins and banknotes you see and then press OK to submityouranswer.This current version features USA dollar currencydenominations,coins and banknotes.Note: this is not real money, but it is a lot of fun.
Color pop 1.3
pop multiple colors for high scores it is easy, fun and addictive.choose one of four modes: - 1 minute to pop colors. - 2 minutes topop colors. - 20 moves to pop colors. - 40 moves to pop colors. Howto play: you tap the colored tile and any neighboring tiles of thesame color will pop and be cleared off the board. You cannot cleara single tile. You must clear two or more adjacent tiles. it is agreat board game. Tiles have five different colors.
United States Quiz 2.0
Locate a state in The United States of America. This quiz is fun,challenging and educational. It will test your knowledge of theUnited Sates geography. Play and have fun with the USA states. Theyare a couple of modes: - In one mode, you are given a map with astate highlighted, and you are given in writing 4 options to choosefrom. You must choose the correct state that match the statehighlighted in the map. - In another mode, you are given a state inwriting and 4 optional maps with a state highlight on each map. Youmust choose the correct map that match the state given in writing.Enjoy The USA, The United States of America Map quiz.
Agile Touch 2.7
a nice casual game of agility and precision. How to play: touch thescreen to move around. collect diamonds and avoid spiky balls. thiscasual game is easy and fun!
Word race 1.6
Welcome to the most addictive real time multiplayer race. Competereal time, against up to 9 opponent. Race to correct words fastest.The aim of the game is to correct 50 words as fast as you can. Eachword as one wrong letter added to it. You correct the word byremoving that letter. You compete real time against 1 to 9 overopponents. It is quite addictive. Enjoy!
Find Words. Word Search. 1.8
Yet another fun word search game. Find words in this maze. You aregiven a word to find. You must find that word by by connecting thecorrect letters. Search and find as many words as you can Be fast,you are timed. Have fun
Connect Compete : Multiplayer 1.4
Connecting dots has never been this sweet.Playsolo or compete online with friends or random players accrosstheworld.Connect Compete is a fun multi player game for every one.The Manhattan shuffle has evolved. Compete in this excitingmultiplayer mode.Play for fun and check the achievements and leader-board.
Math Arithmetic Puzzle 2.4
Good tool to practice your math arithmeticandimprove your brain power.Math arithmetic puzzle is about addition, subtraction,divisionand multiplication.You have to add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers to getaresult.How many math calculations can you solve in 1 minutes?Each math question is tailored to yield a result between 0 and9inclusive. the math questions begin simple then growincreasinglycomplexMath Arithmetic is a good brain exercise and learning toolnotonly for kids but also for everyone.This game will help you improve your mental mathcalculationskills, and have fun at the same time.
The Matrix of colors 2.4
The Matrix of colors has you. Over 400+ puzzles to solve. TheMatrix of colors want you to match the color pattern and solve 400+Swipe up, down, left or right to match the colors patterns. Morepuzzles to come
Fruit Matrix 1.7
Welcome to Fruit matrix, the ultimate matrix of fruits, anaddictive fruit puzzle game unlike others. It is a fun 6 by 7matrix of fruits. Swipe vertically and horizontally to move fruitsaround, group 4 or more fruits to pop them. A fun puzzle game, easyto learn but with a pinch of difficulty keeping it challenging toachieve high scores. Features: - Colorful fruits. - Easy to learn,hard to master. - 4 modes: 1 minute, 2 minute, 25 moves, 50 movesl- 2 Themes: black, rainbow. So join in this exciting fruit puzzlegame! The matrix of fruits wants you!
100 tiles 3.0
Tap the tiles fast. match the colors. How many tiles can you tap in3 seconds. if you can tap more than 100 tiles in 30 seconds you arean elite taper. This game has two modes: 30 second and 1 minutes.Tap the wrong tile and you lose points, so be fast but accurate. -16 achievements to obtain. - 2 leaderboards.
Monuments Quiz 1.3
A Quiz about the wonders of the world. Come explore the monumentsof the world: The Statue of Liberty in New York, USA. The GreatChinese Wall in China. Vinson Massif in Antarctic. Sydney OperaHouse. Tokyo Tower. London Eye. St Peter's Basilica in VaticanCity. Arc De Triomphe. Willis Tower. Brooklyn Bridge. BuckinghamPalace. The White House. The Taj Mahal in Agra, India, TimesSquare, Machu Picchu in Peru, Big Ben in London, The Burj al ArabHotel in Dubai, Tower of Pisa, Italy, Christ the Redeemer in Rio deJaneiro, Lascaux in France, Loch Ness in Scotland, Mecca in SaudiArabia, Mont St. Michel in France, Blue Domed Church in Santorini,Greece, Bran Castle in Transylvania, Romania, Agia Sophia inIstanbul, Turkey, Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, Acropolis ofAthens, Greece, Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain, Uluru in theNorthern Territory, Australia, Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, MountFuji in Japan, Stonehenge in the English county of Wiltshire, MountEden crater in New Zealand, St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow,Russia, Easter Island in the Polynesian Triangle, Pacific Ocean,Capitol Hill in Washington DC, Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, NiagaraFalls at the border of Ontario ( Canada ) and New York ( USA ),Angkor Wat at Cambodia, Manneken Pis in Brussels, Mount Everest onthe border of Tibet and Nepal, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota,Victoria Falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe, The Eiffel Tower inParis, France, The Grand Canyon in Arizona, Nevado Mismi in Peru,The Great Buddha of Kamakura in Japan, Petra in Jordan, TreviFountain in Rome, Italy, Auschwitz in Poland, Cape of Good Hope inSouth Africa, North Cape in Norway, Chichen Itza in Mexico,Inukshuk in Canada, The Great Sphinx at Giza, Egypt, Table Mountainin Cape Town, South Africa, Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco,California, Sydney Opera House in Australia, Parc Guell inBarcelona, Spain, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Forbidden City inBeijing, Iguazu Falls on the border of Brazil and Argentina, TheColosseum in Rome, Italy, Twyfelfontein in Namibia, Tower Bridge inLondon, The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, The Blue Mosque in Istanbul,The Sphinx in Bucegi, Romania, Millau Bridge in France, LuxorTemple in Egypt, Dom in Berlin, Faisal Mosque in Islamabad,Pakistan, Kremlin in Moscow, The Empire State Building in New York,Hermitage in Saint Petersburg, Newgrange in Ireland, The LittleMermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark, Waterloo in Belgium, Carnac inFrance, Tilicho Lake in Nepal, Temple of Besakih in Bali,Indonesia, Pompeii in Italy, The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, KonarkSun Temple in India, Abu Simbel in Egypt, Middle of the Earth inEcuador, The Prophet's Mosque in Medina, Neptune and the Palace ofVersailles in France, Jin Mao and SWFC in Shanghai, Sacre Coeur inParis, France, American Cemetery in Normandy, Potala Palace inLlasa, Tibet, Skellig Michael near the coast of Ireland, AngelFalls in Venezuela, The Louvre in Paris, France, Atomium inBrussels, White Cliffs of Dover in Great Britain, Minaret of Jam inAfghanistan, Windmills at Kinderdijk, Holland, Golden Temple ofAmritsar in India, The Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, Romania,Rock of Gibraltar, Lotus Temple in New Delhi, India, Half Dome atYosemite Valley in California, CN Tower in Canada, Hollywood Signin Los Angeles, Ephesus in Turkey, Twelve Apostles in Australia,Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy
Raining dots 1.6
It's raining dots. Catch them all to save the day. It's rainingcubes too. Difficult to catch these owns You got to tilt yourdevice to catch the raining dots. They fall fast, they fallrandomly, they bounce high. Catch them all for fun. Catch them allto show your skills. You only have 20 seconds to start with, butthe more dots you catch the more time you are given. That is, forevery dot you catch you gain about an extra second. So be flawlessand play to infinity.