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The Amazing Flashlight 1.8
Maximum Media
Turn your cell phone to a LEDflashlightinstantlyClean design, battery percentage, and network statusWith this app, you can do:+ Find Your Keys in the Dark+ Read a Real Book at Night+ Light the Way When Camping and Hiking+ Make Yourself Visible on Roadside at Night+ Light Your Room During a Power Outage+ Repair Your Car or Change a Puppets+ Check on the Little Ones
Desteroids - مدمر النيازك 1.1
Maximum Media
Avoid the asteroids at all cost, Activate the missile anddestroyall the asteroids Challenge your friends and reach a newhighscore.
QR Contact Saver (free) 1.3
Maximum Media
Just scan the QR code and save it to your contacts. QR ContactSaverallow you to save a contact as simple as blinking scan thecode andsave it, That's it. QR Contact Saver can create contactsas QR Codeso you can share it with friends and family with easeandsimplicity. you can save the generated image to your device andevenshare it with WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat. We build QRContactSaver to skip the hassle of saving a contact to yourdevice, we knowit's a troublesome and annoying But now the processis fast andsimple. Try QR Contact Saver and share it with friendsand family.
حساب كروت الشحن - Hesab Kroot El Shahn (Free) 1.8.6
Maximum Media
برنامج حساب كروت الشحن - بعد ارتفاع اسعار و تغيير قيمة كروتالشحناصبح حساب شحن رصيد الموبايل صعب و مزعج هذا التطبيق يسهل عليكهذهالعملية و يجعلها ابسط واجهة البرنامج بسيطة و سهل التعامل معهامساحةالبرنامج صغيرة و لا تأخذ مساحة من جهازك