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Pre-PG Prep: NEET-PG AIIMS PGI - MCQs, Test Series 1.0.01
Pre-PG Prep is The App of Choice for PG Medical Entrance. The NEETPG Preparation App with free daily NEET PG Test Series and freeaccess to 90,000+ NEET PG MCQs, also covering NEET SS, NEET MDS,AIIMS PG, PGI, JIPMER, DNB CET, FMGE, and USMLE. Pre-PG focuses onNBE administered tests, but provides questions relevant for othertests too. With Pre-PG Prep, you can practice from 90,000+ MCQsfrom tests including NBE-administered NEET PG, NEET SS, NEET MDS,DNB CET, and FMGE; and other tests including AIIMS PG, PGI, JIPMER,and USMLE. Prepare for NEET 2018, NEET 2019. Find out where youstand with FREE NEET PG Test Series including subject-wise, mini,and full mock tests. Use Pre-PG Prep’s daily revision focusing onyour weaknesses to build your NEET PG concepts. It is the perfectcomplement to classroom coaching courses such as DAMS, Dr. Bhatia,IAMS, DIAMS, TMCAA, and MedPG. Pre-PG Prep will help you preparefor all NEET, AIIMS, PGI, and JIPMER subjects. Our vast MCQ bank ofimage-based questions for medical PG exam will prepare you betterfor the new NEET PG, NEET SS, and AIIMS PG exam patterns. Plusprepare for unique PGI and JIPMER patterns. We also have questionsfocused towards DNB CET and FMGE. Free Daily NEET Test Series:Pre-PG Prep has free daily test series in line with NEET PGpattern. We don't intend to substitute medical entrance examcourses such as DAMS and Dr. Bhatia, but believe you need topractice test taking more regularly Unlimited Practice: Pre-PG Prepprovides unlimited practice questions. Questions provided in NEETPG and NEET SS as well as other patterns including AIIMS, PGI,JIPMER, DNB CET, and FMGE PrepDNA: PrepDNA is your unique level ofpreparation, which acts as a guide to your goal, and which areasyou need to focus on to get there. It acts as your personal digitalcoach, that is always guiding you on what to study next RegularRevision: Want to go a level deeper to develop your NEET PG, NEETSS, AIIMS, PGI, JIPMER, DNB CET, and FMGE concepts? Pre-PG Prep hasdaily revision and deep revision features that will give youquestions you got wrong earlier to help you develop yourfundamental concepts. Build Concepts: With daily revision and deeprevision features available in Pre-PG Prep, you can focus on yourweaknesses and master NEET PG concepts and AIIMS PG concepts. Ourexplanations are written by top users of the app and selected byuser votes Rich Question Bank: With 90,000+ questions withexplained solutions in Pre-PG Prep, you can set aside yourguidebooks & DAMS books Image-Based Questions: Pre-PG Prepgives you access to thousands of image based questions for medicalPG exam that will help you with AIIMS PG, NEET PG preparationUnlimited Adaptive Tests: With Pre-PG Prep, you can take unlimitedtests that you can customize by subject, number of questions, andtime. Take tests that simulate real exams Discussion Board: PostNEET doubts including Image Based questions for medical PG exam inPre-PG Prep; Ask and answer doubts; interact with the community;discuss NEET PG, NEET SS, AIIMS, PGI, JIPMER, DNB CET, and FMGEdoubts Flashcards: Flashcards help you recall hard-to-rememberfacts. We have assembled high-yield facts that will help you crackeasy and medium questions that you can't afford to get wrongComplement what you learn in coaching classes such as DAMS (DelhiAcademy of Medical Sciences), Dr. Bhatia, IAMS, DIAMS, TMCAA, andMedPG. Be regular and know where you stand with our free Daily NEETTest Series. Good luck with your NEET 2018, NEET 2019, AIIMS,JIPMER, PGI, DNB CET, FMGE Preparation!
DARWIN for NEET, AIIMS, and JIMPER Preparation 1.0
DARWIN give you free access to over 30 years of MCQs fromNEET,AIIMS,, and other top medical entrance tests. Prepare forFree.Forever. WHAT YOU WILL GET RIGHT AWAY • Free MCQ Practicewith15,000+ questions Practice MCQs from 20 years of NEET,AIIMS,JIPMER, and other regional tests • Detailed explanations foreachquestion to strengthen your concepts • Performance analyticsaftereach practice session to identify weaknesses that requiremorepractice and preparation • Daily Revision of mistakes in lastthreedays to help you strengthen your concepts WHAT YOU WILL GETSOON •Free daily tests with daily ranks and analysis • QuestionDNA–question difficulty analysis • PrepDNA – Finding your weaktopics,and other insights • EffortDNA – The amount and direction ofeffortyou put in • Discussion Forum – Discuss questions with theDarwincommunity • Free MCQ practice with over 50,000 MCQs We builtDARWINbased on fundamental research into effective testpreparation. Thethree pillars of test preparation success: 1.Discover and focus onyour weakest areas DARWIN recognizes conceptsyou are weak at andmakes you focus on MCQs related to these topics.2. Continuouslychallenge yourself with the right MCQs The theory ofdeliberatepractice is the heart of DARWIN’s architecture. To learnbetter,you need to practice a large number of relevant high-qualityMCQs,get continuous feedback loop on mistakes you make, and makechangesto learn from your mistakes 3. Regularly revise yourmistakes toimprove retention All of us have a “forgetting curve”and forgetinformation if they don’t attempt to retain it. The bestway tocombat it is through spaced repetition, and DARWIN enablesitthrough regular revision.