Medicine Information System Apps

Medinfo Pak 2.0
Medinfo Pak provides offline free of cost information aboutmedicine brands and generic drugs, with updated prices andavailable packing. In addition it also gives combination drugsdetail. The design of the app is simple to understand with fullfeatures. Main features includes: * Search by brand name or genericname * Brand search shows available forms, alternate brand andincluded drugs * Information about multi drugs. * Generic drugssearch * Favorites list for brands and drugs * Recently searchedbrands and drugs * Easy to understand simple design. Information isavailable with minimum clicks. Just swipe left or right to seedesired page for information about a brand or drugs The search boxgives you suggestions to make it easy for you to select what youare looking for. Medinfo Pak also provides information about multidrugs for all popular brands. Mark your favorite brand or drug foreasy access. Our app includes update list of brands and drugsavailable in the market, with updated prices. This app is usefulfor all in general, but people who are related to medicalprofession can benefit more. This app provides information only, westrongly discourage using this app for any medical treatment.Please visit your physician for any medical treatment. Yourfeedback can help you improve.