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app.meditasyon 3.6.11
A meditation app that touches your soul… Meditopia is the leadingapp that helps you to get calm, reduce stress, sleep well, love,find peace and start a deep discovery within yourself. You cancreate a space for yourself in life and discover the happinesswithin. You can listen to 250+ meditation sessions with top qualityaudio in both English and Spanish. You can learn to meditate,listen music to relax with nature sounds, use the timer to meditateand focus on different topics with specialized programs. Topicsare: Welcome Foundations 1-2 Body Awareness Release stress Sleepwell Acceptance Self-confidence Compassion Gratitude Start Nowwhich includes on the go meditations: Morning Sleep Small BreakWalking Relaxation Loneliness After work Pain Tension reliefTransportation In addition to meditation sessions, you can useTimer option to meditate without guidance with different backgroundmusic options. Also, you can favorite your best meditations,download and listen to them OFFLINE! Our aim is to spreadmeditation all around the world and make meditation affordable!Therefore Meditopia COSTS FAR LESS THAN OTHER APPS!