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MeetNumber: To-do List & Tasks, Meetings Scheduler 1.61
In a busy and fast-paced life, having a scheduling tool to remindus of important events and tasks is a must. At its core it is asimple schedule maker that can schedule meetings, tasks, events,reminders in a glance and via messages! Be it personal or for agroup, MeetNumber is the tool that will help you organize importantmeetings, or save you from forgetting important events and simpletasks or todos. Its goal is to make you much more organized andproductive in the easy way! # TURNS YOUR CONTACT BOOK INTO ANORGANIZER In simple words, MeetNumber turns your contact book intoa scheduler and organizer. All you need to do is select a contact/sfrom your phone book, determine the name, date and describe theevent and MeetNumber will send SMS or Texts if they are not onplatform. In a few taps you can easily schedule a meeting or a taskwith any of your contact, send invitation for an event or even senda reminder. # GROUPS MeetNumber lets users create closed groups fororganizing tasks or todos ex: family lists, gardening lists, kidslists etc. All members of the created group will be able to see thetask list and can act upon them. Group admin can easily track taskcompletion via notifications and chat. # LIGHT AND SIMPLEMeetNumber makes the scheduling process extremely simple. There areno clunky animations, complicated features nor unneeded visualeffects. Everything in this scheduling and business/personalorganizer is dead-simple. The app is fast and light as well, makingit extremely easy for users to use it for their own needs. #MEETNUMBER USES Besides being a scheduling tool, it is also greatfamily planner and family organizer app that can help you planevents, activities and meetings with your family or family members.It can also be a great reminder app to add reminders. Below aresome uses of MeetNumber where it can be helpful: 1. A young familygive timely medications to their child by reminding them of thedosage (pill reminder) and timing of their 5 day anti bioticcourse. 2. A wife, by reminding her husband of that importantgrocery task list to get while coming back from office. 3. A familyplan and invite their friends to the birthday party of theirdaughter, who is turning 1 this month. 4. A personal trainerschedule his clients slots and remind them to hit the gym on time(and remind them of his fee due too. 5. A dance teacher co-ordinateher 30 students by scheduling their classes # MEETNUMBER FEATURES -free for everyone - easy scheduling features - ability to add greatdetail into every scheduled event - send anyevent/meeting/task/To-do info to any of your contacts - intuitiveand clean UI - light and smooth - all-in-one reminder, schedulingand organizer tool - meetings, personal tasks and group tasks -todo groups------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MeetNumber is a scheduling and meeting organizer app built to justremember and remind you of events, tasks, dates and times. We hopeit will be loved and used for what it does. Please share MeetNumberwith friends and family and give it a chance to make a differencein your lives. Love Life, Love MeetNumber.
MeeKhata - Send Payment Due SMS Reminders. 1.13
Do you keep spending time going over your pending invoices or moneydues from customers? Calling your customer frequently for paymentgive out a sense of desperation which is a bad feeling to livewith. You can now easily and systematically remind your customer oftheir pending dues and at the same time not feel guilty aboutpestering them. MeeKhata sends out professional SMS payment duereminders automatically for you. When your customers ask, you cannicely say, it was the App doing the reminding and they would rightaway understand and pay your dues! How to use the app: In summary: 1. Enter customername and phone number (optional). 2. Enter payment due amount (cashout) or due paid (cash in) amount per customer. Each customer getsan SMS immediately with their payment due amount. 3. Easily see howmuch money is due across customers at one place. Every Sunday 9:00am, app sends payment due SMS reminder to customers to pay the dueamount on your behalf. Did you find an innovative way of using thisapp? Please share with us as we would love to know about your way.SMS Formats: 1. When You Add A New Customer In Meekhata " hasopened a Meekhata account for you. Meekhata helps business andcustomers remember their due & paid amounts and seebill/invoice copies. Download to see your khata transactions with "2. When You Add A Due Transaction In Meekhata Against Your Customer"Dear Customer, your due balance is Rs. to . Please ignore thismessage, if you have already paid." 3. When Your Customer ReturnsMoney (Paid Transaction) "Dear Customer, you have paid Rs. to . Duebalance remaining from you is Rs. . Thank you." 4. Weekly DueReminders For Due Balances (Sunday 9:00 AM) " requests you to paythe due amount of Rs.. Please ignore if already paid. Thank you."5. When You Send Manual Reminder To Your Customer " requests you topay the due amount of Rs.. Please ignore if already paid" TeamMeeKhata