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eMedQue - MBBS University Questions Bank 11
eMedQue app is developed in especial favour of medical students toaid them in their university theory exam preparation. This is thefirst app of this kind for assisting students who undergo anextremely tense situation during exam preparation. It is invariablya tradition of every medical college student to cumulate theprevious years’ questions for a better and an organised studyschedule. How do these questions help? Medical science is vast,extensive and boundless. Every student should have a detailedreading of the suggested book for a genuine understanding of thespecific subject. However, when the qualifying exams are nearing,these questions help them to carefully revise the most crucialtopics often repeated. In this app, one can undoubtedly find last30 years collection of university questions from 1990 to 2019(Feb).All subject questions are properly sorted into chapter-wise andalso one can know how many times each question was repeated. Theusers enjoy the freedom to sort and filter the questions as pertheir need. There is, in addition, a specially planned performancedesk for the students to assess their progress individually bygraphical representation. This specific app is now launched forTamilnadu Dr.M.G.R.Medical University MBBS Questions (First Year,Second Year, Prefinal Year & Final Year). We are meticulouslyworking to revise the app in the upcoming months with questionsfrom other Universities. Please share this app with your friendsand fellow colleagues so that everyone can attain its maximumbenefit. Kindly encourage us in ameliorating our work by givingyour valuable feedback and appropriate suggestions. .