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Soccer Fantasy Challenge 2016 1.01
Soccer fantasy challenge is aggressive andaddictive football game. There are two major modes of play, quickplay and tournament. Quick play give you option to play against anyteam while in tournament your matches are scheduled as pertournament strategy. You can set the time interval of game playaccording to your need. There is also an option to controlsensitivity level of game. Easy, medium and difficult set thecontrol as you wishes.Simply install the soccer fantasy challenge and enjoy for free.Dough opponent players, rush to the ball and shoot for goal. Carrythe ball carefully as opponent players are very sharp and active insnatching ball. Rule the ground and do not miss any free kick orcorner,these chances are rare and lead your team to win.Top FeaturesBest 3D graphics and players animation.Two level play i.e friendly and tournament.More then ten International teams.Smooth controls and attractive interface.Three mode of sensitivity i.e Easy, Medium and Hard.Very easy to change the interval of game play.Free to install and play.
Helicopter Train Counter 1.2.1
Experience the best shooting action pack game. A train loaded withwar weapons is hijacked by enemy soldiers, you have given a job toshoot the enemy soldier and free the train from there dangerouscriminal plans. As train is moving to shoot the enemy soldier youalso need to keep moving with them, for your assistance in thislife critical mission you choose to go with armed helicopter withdouble barrel machine gun, bazooka and other military sharpshooting weapons. There are different waves of clash with enemysoldier during the game. The best feature in the game is you do nothave extra burden to guide your assistant pilot regarding speed anddirection for perfect shoot. Helicopter is controlled by the MegaGames Studio. To clear each mission you need to control your nervesand give enemy soldier a perfect shot. There will be defiantly highresistance from enemy soldiers. Bear the resistance and show yourarmy war challenge skills. Experience the thrill of heli gunner andassassinate the enemy with your sniper or bazooka.Top GameFeatures:- Best First Person Shooting game- Helicopter speed anddirection controlled by default- Fast Moving Train with stunninggraphics and sounds- Unlimited ammunition- Smooth Controls withoptimized AI-Free to install and play with minimal advertisements.
Fury Jungle Hunter 1.0
Fury animal hunter is best hunting and shooting game in animalshunting category. Presenting the master piece of hunting for ourfans who love hunting but unfortunately do not afford huntingexpense or do not have enough free time or any otherproblem.Visiting jungle is full of risk, as it is home of wildbeast. Keeping all the fear and other jungle problems we choosehelicopter for hunting, move the helicopter towards target and givea perfect shoot to wild animals who are attacking innocent jungleanimals. Jungle animals are killing each other in different waves,your target is to kill the wild attacking animals and rescue theinnocent animals.Wild animals include wolf,bear and lion whileinnocent animals are in large number i.e sheep, zebra, stag, cowetc. Fury animals hunter gives a feel of air hunting. Hold yourfavorite hunting gun enjoy the cool breeze and aim the target forperfect shot.This hunting season enjoy the thrill of fury animalshunter and share with your hunting lover friends.It is free toinstall we are not offering any in-app purchase. We are planning toadd more animals and guns to make fury animal hunter a best animalhunting, so stay tune and enjoy the ever best stunning jungleanimals hunting games. Happy Jungle Air hunting rescue. We areagainst wild animals hunting but this game is just for funpurpose.★ ★ ★ FEATURES ★ ★ ★- Best animal hunting game.- Best gameplay with efficient gun controls. - Hunting experience fromhelicopter.- Hunting among more then ten animals.- Multipleenvironments i.e jungle and snow.- Keep hunting the wild animalsand unlock more waves.- Quality graphics with beautifulenvironments and sound.- Free to install and play with minimaladvertisements.★ ★ ★ HOW TO PLAY ★ ★ ★- Select environment andpress the forward button.- Swipe your finger to navigate and getthe target.- Tap on right lower button to shot.- To zoom tap theright upper icon.- Hunt down the target animals to unlock more wildanimals.
Commando Combat Challenge 1
Commando combat challenge is action pack best FPS game for actionand shooting lovers. You are lone commando on special mission, yourremote military camp has been occupied by enemy soldiers last week.Higher official of your military nominate you for clearing the areafrom enemy soldiers. Say yes to this mission, take challenge andgive enemy soldiers a perfect defeat. This is a best chance to showenemy soldiers that your military is a best force on ground. Youare equip with latest army weapon having unlimited ammunition. Becare full enemy soldiers are large in number in the area. Findenemy soldiers and shoot them before they shoot you. Remember thischallenge will continue until last enemy.Game Features:☀ Best FPScommando challenging game.☀ Ten different challenging combatlevel.☀ Smooth game controls and AI.☀ Best gun with zoom option foraccurate shot.☀ Free to install and play with minimaladvertisements.
Sharp Sniffing Dog Simulator 1.0
Sharp sniffing dog is a best police dog simulation game. Helloplayer the security of airport is now in your control you have anexperienced German shepherd dog who is best in his job. Dangerouscriminals, terrorist and drug smugglers are trying to carry drugs,bomb and other explosive materials via airport. Get ready to startthis highly challenging and addictive game with sharp sniffingpolice dog. Use radar to check the position of smugglers, chasethese dangerous criminals and catch them before they escapeairport, keep in mind that criminals are aware of what a sharpsniffing dog does, they will try to run fast after sighting you.These cop dogs are professional and well trained for this purpose,now this cop dog is under you control lets see how smart and sharpyou are in catching robbers, smugglers and terrorists. You have aspecified time in each level to catch the criminals, manage timeand catch your target in specified time to play more thrillinglevels. We believe this is a best police dog simulation game in thecategory and more thrilling then other cops dog sniffing simulationgames.Objective of game is simple yet entertaining. Your mission isto chase the smugglers, sniff out ammunition and help fellow policeofficers. Use your six senses in order to keep airport and citysecure. It is a battle of robbers and cops, help cop and catch thedangerous weapons and robbers around you.Top Features:- More thenten challenging and thrilling levels.- Best graphics with bestenvironment and sounds.- Well train brave police dogs Germanshepherd.- Smooth and easy game play with minimal advertisements.
Terrorist Combat Attack 1.1
Terrorist combat attack is a best FPS action packed shooting gamefrom mega games studio. A densely populated city has been occupiedby a group of terrorist for there dangerous aims, you an ex armycommando on special mission to clear this city from dangerousterrorist equipped with modern army war weapons. This is going tobe a very challenging combat attack between you and terrorists,search them using digital radar, follow there movement and shootthem down with your perfect and accurate shot. During thischallenging combat you can show your army commando fighting skills.Keep changing your position as terrorist are well aware about yourpresence. Cheat them by moving and give them an exemplary headshot.Become a pride of your nation by clearing city from dangerousglobal terrorists. Game Features:☀ Best FPS terrorist killing andchallenging game.☀ Twenty different challenging levels.☀ More thenfive different auto loaded modern guns.☀ Best 3D city environmentand quality sounds.☀ Smooth game play and perfect enemy AI.☀ Freeto install and play with minimal advertisements.
Wild Dragons Hunting Era 1.01
Mega Games Studios presenting wild dragon hunting era the bestdragons hunting and shooting game. It will take you in a deepforest where wild dragons are in large number, these dragons arevery dangerous and life killer. You have to pass this forest byclearing all levels of wild dragon hunting era.It's highlyaddictive and challenging game for shooting and hunting lovers.Survive as maximum as you can and shoot like a master pro dragonhunter. Added two different beautiful realistic 3D environments foruser engagement. You can kill dragons in jungle and snowenvironment. Simple game play with smooth controls make dragonhunting a master piece.It's a best chance for those who wish tofeel the power in dragons fire flames and how they attack theirtarget . Beware of these wild killing dragons their behavior ofthrowing fire flames is very intense they will burn you in a fewseconds. This is a pure dragon hunting game, you have to shoot thewild attacking dragons for your survival in this deep forest. holdyour breath and control your nerves as you have a best sniper gunwith you, keep confident and hit a perfect shot, these might angrydragons take two shot to get hunted. We are planing to add moreenvironments and dragons upon the likeness of users.TopFeatures:Best FPS dragon hunting simulation game.Attractive 3Dgraphics and thrilling forest and snow environment.Best animationof throwing fire flames.Smooth controls and with best backgroundmusic.Twelve different thrilling levels game play.Include multipledragons species of distinct attacking nature. Best sniper gun withaim and zoom feature.No internet connectivity required toplay.Completely free game with minimal advertisements.
Extinct Dinosaur Hunting 1.01
Extinct dinosaurs hunting challenge is a best dino hunting,shooting and killing game. Mega games studio presenting the mightyand extinct wild attacking dinosaurs in there game for dinosaursand animals hunting lovers. If you are crazy for hunting gamesinstall, play and share extinct dinosaurs hunting. It's a challengeof survival and sharp shooting skills. Survive as long as you canand shoot as perfect like a master hunter. There are eight levelsin this game with two different beautiful realistic environments.You can hunt dino in jungle and snow environment. It's a bestchance for those who wish to do extinct dinosaur hunting in jungleor snow 3D environment. Dinosaurs are of different types and naturein different levels, they rush towards you with eager of eatingyou.Try to shoot the wild angry mighty dinosaurs as you fire theywill run towards you and try to kill you. It will reflect yourhunting skills set. You are with your favorite sniper gun in thischallenging game. The best thing is you have unlimited ammunitionso don't worry about it and fire a perfect shot.Game Features:BestFPS dino hunting simulation game for android.Eye catching 3Dgraphics and thrilling jungle.Smooth controls and with Artificialintelligence.Eight different challenging and best levels gameplay.Include multiple dino species of distinct killing nature. Bestsniper gun with aim and zoom feature for accurate targetshooting.Do not require internet to play this dinocombat.Completely free game with minimal 3rd party advertisements.
Sea Hunting Adventure 0.3
Play as an underwater hunter in a massive deep blue sea and killhungry sharks, crocodiles, whale, alligators, orca, octopus andother dangerous sea animals with ultimate underwater special guns.The calm blues are extremely dangerous and your mission to savedivers civilians from violent hungry sharks, crocodiles, whale andalligators. You will have to use all your skills for survive atthis deep blue sea, especially angry crocodiles and sharks arecrazy and attacking on human. This is a game for the fishingenthusiasts. Epic crocodiles challenge and explore the underwatersea life at Paradise Island. Unleash your skills for shooting asunderwater gun shooting. Don't let the crocodile, sharks, whale,orca, octopus, sea turtle escape. It is time to load out yourweapons and get your shooting skills to show marksman aim withsilencer weapon, assault suppressor rifles and sniper gun.There isnothing more thrilling than underwater hunting the sharks,crocodiles, whale, alligators, orca and octopus with a silencerrifle. So keep in mind blue whale & sharks are sea kings. LetInstall! Play! And Get yourself indulge in awesome underwatershooting game you ever played.Game Features: ★ HD and 3D Graphicsdepicting underwater environment.★ FPS - Real life underwater huntexperience.★ Realistic underwater sea sound effects★Mission againstsharks, crocodiles, whale, alligators, orca and octopus★ Eachmission has 10 levels.★ 100 % free gameplay.Let the shoot begin!
Shark Sniper Adventure 0.1
You have played the underwater shark hunting games or you everplayed hungry shark or sniper shark games? Now the surprising gameflavour game which is helicopter shark sniping game, the you mustfeel a very close to reality by playing this free sea sniperadventure game.Game missions:Jet-Ski Riders having fun with fulljoy on sunny day, suddenly, hungry shark attack. All attackingsharks are very crazy sharks. As a professional sniper you calledfor this mission, with helicopter special polite as companion tocontrol your helicopter and guide you to kill all of the crazysharks and giant octopus to save the Jet-Ski rider and complete themissions & game levels. Use advanced weapons like the, Beretta,UMP, 9MM, and the AK-47 rifle. You have a limited time basedmissions, you must use Special High Power Bullets to kill crazysharks and octopus. Go on a seafaring adventure, grab your gun, usethat one eye, and aim down the sights. This is unlike any adventurein a sea. It is a dangerous place in deep sea, now its time toprove that you have the best sniper skills Shark Sniper adventureis a simple, challenging, adventuring and very interesting game. Inthis game, you have two different types of sniping modes.1) Hungryshark sniping2) Giant octopus SnipingYou can see some amazingunderwater effects by hunting sharks and become a shark hunter andbecome a skilled hunter, by shooting, these flesh hungry sharks andoctopus. Download this shark hunting game for free, to have somefun by hunting sharks and octopus. Shark hunting Adventure is oneof the best hunting games. Game key features of shark snipinghunting:*** Easy and smooth controls to enhance your shootingexperience*** Stunning graphics depicting ocean environment.***Missions to save Jet-Ski riders from crazy sharks and dangerousoctopus*** Aim the targets using zooming lenses.|*** Shark underwater effects.Download this top shooting game 2017 for free andhunt down the crazy sharks to become a hunter.