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MindMeister - Mind Mapping 4.3.9
MindMeister for Android lets you create, edit and share your mindmaps on your Android phone or tablet and synchronize them with theaward-winning free online MindMeister service, either alone orcollaboratively with others.*** is the premiercollaborative mind mapping site with close to 5 million users***Feature highlights:✔ Create and edit graphical mind maps✔Seamlessly sync maps and folders with your free online account✔Share maps directly from the device✔ Multi-touch support for drag& drop, zoom, pan ✔ Add icons, colors, styles, boundaries andmap themes✔ Edit and view notes, links and tasks on ideas✔ Drawconnections between topics✔ Export as RTF, PDF and image✔ Export asMindManager, Freemind, MS Word and MS PowerPoint (requires paidMindMeister account)✔ Manage Favorites✔ Browse Public Maps✔ Playmap-based presentations on deviceAdditional features interface:✔ Unlimited undo / redo✔ Import fromMindManager, Freemind, Mind and text filesPLEASE NOTE: MindMeisterfor Android automatically backs up all your mobile maps with service and therefore asks you to create a freeaccount when launching the app for the first time. You can howeveralso use the demo mode to test the app before signing up.Automaticsynchronization with the service ensures thatyour data is safe in the cloud and allows you to continue workingon your ideas in the award-winning and full-featured web interface,on your own or together with friends.MindMeister is continuallyimproving the app and actively looking for your feedback. Pleasesend your ideas, suggestions, and comments [email protected]"MindMeister is a beautifully simplemind-mapping tool. Using the application is totally intuitive, asit has no mess or clutter from fancy frills." Kate Russell, BBCNews
(deprecated) MeisterTask 1.1
This version of MeisterTask for Android isoutdated. Please download the new, native app now for fast andpowerful task management–even offline! one of the best apps of 2015 in the Google Chrome Store,MeisterTask lets you create visual, Kanban-style project boards,invite your team members and collaborate with them in real-time.The dashboard offers a quick overview of all your active projects,open tasks and notifications from your team members. MeisterTask’sproject boards are completely customizable, so you can adapt themto perfectly fit your team’s needs. Section actions let youautomate your workflow to ensure you work consistently and get moredone together. MeisterTask for Android is the free companion app toMeisterTask’s online version and ensures you stay on top of yourto-dos no matter where you are!FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS:- Create an unlimited number of projects and invite others tocollaborate with you- Dashboard with quick access to all your tasks- Notifications keep you up to date on what’s happening in yourteam- Real-time communication across all devices- Customizable project boards that support agile workflows(software sprints, Kanban boards etc.)- Automate your workflow with Section Actions- Activity stream in projects and tasks- Commenting and liking on tasks- Upload attachments from Dropbox or Google Drive- Add checklists, descriptions, due dates and tags to yourtasks- ‘Watch’ tasks to follow your team members’ progress- Time tracking with editable time slipsMeisterTask’s FREE BASIC plan has everything you need to getproductive alone or with friends, including unlimited projects,unlimited tasks, and two integrations of your choice. For powerusers MeisterTask offers a PRO plan for $9 per month that adds anextra efficiency boost: Set up section actions directly in the iOSapp to automate your entire workflow; configure an unlimited numberof integrations to connect the task manager with more than 500other software tools, such as Slack, GitHub and Zendesk, to namejust a few. Adding integrations is quick and painless usingMeisterTask’s web app.
MeisterTask - Task Management 1.8.4
MeisterTask is an intuitive multi-platform task management toolcreated by the collaboration experts behind the award-winningonline tool MindMeister. With its beautiful interface, this appmakes task management not only efficient, but even ENJOYABLE. ►INSTANT OVERVIEW The dashboard provides an instant overview of allyour active projects, open tasks and notifications from your teammembers - all the information you need to start into a productiveday. ► CUSTOMIZABLE PROJECTS MeisterTask’s versatile project boardsare completely CUSTOMIZABLE, so you can adapt them to reflect yourindividual workflow, whether it’s a Kanban board, a softwaresprint, or a sales funnel. ► WORK ANYWHERE You can access yourprojects and work online at The web app offersadditional power features for teams, such as STATISTICS &REPORTS. With its FREE mobile app for Android you stay on top ofyour to-dos wherever you are, even without an internet connection!>> One of the FASTEST GROWING new apps of 2016, finds Zapier<< ► FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS - Create an UNLIMITED number ofprojects and invite others to collaborate with you - REAL-TIMEcommunication across all devices - Work both online and OFFLINE (nointernet connection required) - Customizable project boards thatsupport agile workflows (KANBAN, SCRUM, FUNNELS…) DASHBOARD: -Focus widget shows all your tasks that are due, overdue or markedas important at a glance - Trending Tasks widget shows which tasksare currently getting the most attention from your team -Notifications keep you up to date on what’s happening in your teamTASKS: - Add checklists, descriptions, due dates and tags to yourtasks - Leave comments and likes - Upload attachments directly fromCamera, Gallery, or Documents on device - See the complete historyof a task in its activity stream POWER FEATURES: - Benefit frompowerful integrations with Slack, GitHub, Zendesk, Dropbox, GoogleDrive etc. - Create practical automations to work more efficiently(setup via web version) NOTE: MeisterTask asks you to register fora FREE account as it syncs all your tasks and projects securelywith the cloud app at