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Mekami - Your gaming life
Mekami is a new app for gamers where you can add the video gamesyou play. Doing that, you will be able to view your "diary" whereyou can go to see all the games you have played. Mekami also letsyou find new games based on your preferences, add games to the list"My list", follow gamers to see what they play and much more! Checkout the feed where you can see what the community is playing. Innext updates you will be able to follow your favourites youtubers,influencers, journalists and also your friends!Browse between morethan 40k games from all the platforms you can imagine includingretro consoles. PC, PS4, Xbox one, Switch, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U,Wii, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Dreamcast, Game Gear... Mekamilearns what you like so we can show you the best gamingrecommendations. Search and like or dislike all the games you haveplayed. Grand Theft Auto V? Pokemon? Minecraft? League of Legends?Call of Duty? Also retro games like Final Fantasy VI, ChronnoTrigger or tetris!. All of them are here. Install Mekami now andhelp us create your next favorite gaming app.NOTE: The app iscurrently on BETA so we are continuously improving it and addingnew features. To be able to create an app about video games youreally love, we would love to receive feedback from you so do nothesitate to send us any kind of comment that can improve the app.Thanks!