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Bible Memory: Remember Me 5.5.6
Bible Memory: Remember Me is a highly effective Bible study andScripture memorization app that will help you and your children tomemorize Bible memory verses with ease. It is ideal for memorizingBible memory passages, favourite poems, literary quotes, speeches,and vocabulary. Using the tabbed interface, it's easy to manageScripture memory verses between the New, Due, and Knowntabs.Remember Me comes with an array of features to help with yourBible memorization. Use your text-to-speech option to have theBible verses read to you. Use the flashcard feature to study. Setdaily reminders, and take randomly generated Bible quizzes. Add anddelete Bible study verses from the queue easily, and watch as yourKnown tab fills with God's Word hidden in your heart.Multiple Biblestudy methods:● Word puzzles● Fill in the gaps● Scripture typer●First letter and placeholder methods● Line by line Bible versepractice● Randomly generated quizzes● Verbatim Bible memorypracticeIntelligent review system:● Spaced repetition algorithm●Bible flashcards● Score chartsAudio features:● Record your reviews●Listen to Bible memory verses(Install IVONA or SVOX for highquality voice)Get organized:● Enter Bible verses on web browser●Retrieve Bible scriptures from online Bibles● Share public Bibleverse collections● Sync with multiple devices● Set daily reminders●Flashcard widget for your home screen● Integrates well withYouVersion Bible, OliveTree Study Bible and other BibleappsSuitable for all ages:● Entertaining activities for children●Adjust font size individually and other accessibility features●Multiple accounts for the whole family● Recommended by homeschooleducatorsMemorize Scripture from an array of Bibles and Bible versecollections● More than 30 English Bible translations, incl. NIV,ESV Catholic New Jerusalem etc.● Ancient original text versions:Greek New Testament, Latin Vulgate, Hebrew● Share Awana, Bible Beeand Navigators Scriptures on our website● Numerous modern languages(afrikaans bybel الكتاب المقدس العربية danske bibel hrvatskabiblija magyar biblia alkitab indonesia bibbia italiana македонскиБиблијата nederlandse bijbel biblie română српски библија)How tomemorize Scripture? The best answer is the Bible memory appRemember Me.Keywords: memorize Bible Scripture memory versememorization