Menshow Apps

Spider Parker Jelly Jump 1.0
A fascinating journey reporter spider mutant in our applicationof the unique labyrinth of the top. You will enjoy superhero nerdman who uses his abilities for all occasions, what would be thesavior of others. But this time he will not really done by thetask, he would have to jump up and up, avoiding different obstaclesand jumping all the obstacles! You will help the reporter spider touse all his skill, the great thing this mutantsuperhero nerd, whichcan overcome any obstacle using their abilities savior. Startaction in the great spider reporter spider jump, which he can usehis ability to spit cobwebs on the wall, and tighten up, closer tothe victory that would pass this height, and start a newlevel!The most exciting jumping up waiting for you!- Start with a small jump, finished super powers;- Use all your skill and dexterity;- Complicate their own game, breaking through the wall
Robot Cop Jelly Jump 1.0
In our game good robot cop will jump on stalks up dodgingobstacles. This canakin, machine or human is not clear, it will beterminatorand a cyborg with a complex mechanism of understanding.He owns an excellent servant of good intellect, fast run and humanboldness. Do not let him fall feel underfoot by using yourreflexes! This is a great simulator jumping from the robotcopmachine with canakinhumanheart! He terminatorcyborg thatmechanism is afraid of nothing. So wonderful to play for the robotcopcanakin with the body of the machine and the humanheart!Use your skills that would hold up the robot!- Jump above all;- Get out of the various obstacles in its path;- Jump only solid objects;- Collect various coins on the road to the height!
Branch Hero: Freddy 1.0
Freddie - is an anti-hero movieof horror stories, he brought thenightmare of their appearance and stuporfor all people. All thefear and horror brings Freddie thrillers and mysterystill makes mefeel painand feel creepyall over my body. Every night, he is indarkness, and the darkness of night delivered thepainof the peoplealone his name forced to beanxietyand toscreammost courageouspeople. The panic that has created this monster, his death andblood all shocked humanity, but today you have to manage it in aterrible maze. You will have to go through to the end, no screamingor yelling will not help here, to go to the end.Forget about your nightmares and manage this monster!- Manic on your chain- Take him to the finish line- Through the pain to victory.
Branch Hero: Jack Pirate 1.0
Today, you have a new problem, you need to bring the seawolftothe finish, the rights of its difficulties of browse throughtheentire maze. This time, buccaneerdoes not need its seaship andthecrew ofbanditwho had just got used to it and go to boardthesmallships and then squander their piasters on the island rum.Thedifficulty fell to the captain of bandit; he will have togothroughthis adventure. Whenever the maze will rotate,becareful,because you can lose not only his three-cornered hat withabandage, but the whole buccaneercompletely. Run sword, swordinhand, and fight with all the difficulties, because at thefinishawaits hoardand gold, which the envy of everybandit.Pick your treasure and leave their labelon the finishline!- Fly all the way like a parrot- Caramba brothers’bandits- Be careful, because you fell even hook to save.
Talking Putin 2: Mother Russia 1.0
"Putin says 2 - this is an opportunity totalkwith the president in an informal setting at any timeconvenientfor you. All the joys of life as the president's hand.This appwill entertain your famous gags by Vladimir. It's kind ofastraight line with the president, which lasts for three hours,andas you wish. On it you will finally be able to ask himquestionsand to express their wishes. In addition, you will findaconfrontation with Navalny, which ended for the infamousbloggerand chatterbox prison, and will be able to drive for acouple ofanother president. The one Barack Obama. The Talking Putinapp onthe tablet, especially for you will tell VladimirVladimirovich,where he keeps his money and how to decide theaffairs ofstate.- How Putin in the role of fortuneteller guesses on camomile- Converge in a fierce battle with the DC Comics hero-Batman.- Flip a coin- Podozhzhёt money have fallen from the sky- To play with you in the ""Guess the box in which themoney""- New fun dancing and much more."